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Terms Definitions
______________________ specifies alternative text that appears in place of an image for text-only browsers or for browsers that have been set to download images manually.
The ______________________ attribute defines the style of a clicked link.
The ______________________ displaying at the bottom of the Web page provides hyperlinks for contact information and sometimes includes navigational controls.
The Dreamweaver ______________________ is an integrated environment in which the Document window and panels are integrated into one larger application window.
A(n) ______________________ is a combination of an event and an action.
In templates, Dreamweaver supports _____ different types of regions
______________________ is an extension of HTML that enables a Web page to respond to user input without sending a request to the Web server.
The ______________________ option on the Wrap pop-up menu limits word wrap to the text area.
The ______________________ box provides options that allow you to apply a font size to a single character or to an entire page of text.
Text size
Dreamweaver provides two form-related behaviors: the Validate Form and Set Text of Text Field.
Four different methods are available through the AP Elements panel to change the z-index for an element and set which element appears in front of or behind another element
The Make Nested Template command creates a template whose design and editable regions are not based on another template.
Dreamweaver provides six methods to create a template.
The check boxes within the ______________________ attribute in the CSS Style Definition dialog box provide options to add an underline, an overline, or a line through text, or to make text blink.
access key
The ____ accessibility attribute selects the form object in the browser using a keyboard shortcut.
The ____ attribute determines whether the background image is fixed at its original position or scrolls along with the content.
The code for ____________________ maps is stored as part of the Web page HTML code.
Web browsers currently support three bitmap image file types.
A(n) ______________________ lets the content developer show or hide content on a page-by-page basis.
optional region
The BG Color property specifies a background image for an element.
A(n) ______________________ is a set of interactive buttons that the Web site visitor uses as links to other Web pages or Web sites or other frames
nav bar
The auto option of the Overflow property specifies that a browser should add scroll bars to a given element whether or not they are needed.
A visual representation of a frameset is displayed in the upper-left corner of the Property inspector.
The Delete CSS Rule button requires users to select an external style sheet
Dragging the element marker into a table cell on a Web page can cause display problems in some browsers.
A(n) ____ provides an alternative to separately creating similar-type pages on your Web site.
A stencil is a type of template.
The Edit Style Sheet button allows users to edit any of the styles in a document.
The Word Spacing attribute among the block style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box is not displayed in the Document window.
____ is the default action selected through the Behaviors panel.
On the AP Elements panel, nested elements are displayed as indented names connected to parent elements.
____ gives Web page developers the capability of precisely positioning objects on a Web page.
Character codes for causing a browser to show special characters generally are called character ______________________.
You use relative links for external links.
In Standard mode, the None option prevents the header tags and from being added to the table.
A(n) ______________________ is a style you can create and name, and for which you can specify all the attributes you want the style to include.
custom style
An image that displays when a visitor has not clicked or interacted with an element in the Dreamweaver navigation bar is in the ______________________ state.
AP elements can hold images and other elements, but no other kinds of objects
Anything you can put in an HTML document, you also can put in an AP element.
A Web server interprets the code or map data for ____________________ maps.
A template can have, and usually does contain, multiple ______________________ regions.
A nested element does not have to touch the parent element
A(n) ____________________ is a single style sheet that is used to create uniform formatting and contains no HTML code.
external style sheet
Among the type style properties in the CSS Rule Definition dialog box, the attribute that specifies the font family for the style is called Case.
Adobe fireworks
In Dreamweaver, ____ is the default image editor.
The home page generally links to just one or two other pages within a Web site
____ is a hotspot tool available in Dreamweaver.
With DHTML, you can ____.
all of the above
The ____ button reverses the last undo action.
The browse for file method of creating a relative link is accomplished through the Select File dialog box.
The body of a Web page contains informational content about the site.
When a browser collects data, the data is sent to a(n) ____ server specified in the HTML form.
Using frames, a Web page is divided into multiple, scrollable regions, or ____.
A nested element is also called a ____.
child element
An editable region can be any part of a page.
Web page designers can use ____ to apply formatting options quickly and easily to text in a Web page.
HTML styles
No Wrap
If ____ is enabled, table cells widen to accommodate all data as it is typed or pasted into a cell.
A(n) ____ region is a section in a document that is set to repeat.
You can use the AP Elements panel to prevent overlaps, change the visibility of elements, nest or stack elements, and select one or more elements.
A named anchor lets users link to a specific location within a document.
Jump menus are useful when you have a limited amount of space because they occupy only a single line of vertical space in the form.
A hotspot is an image that has one or more image maps placed on top of it
A style ____ is a file that contains a collection of rules or styles specifying how a specific object is formatted.
The ____ button on the CSS Styles panel opens the Link External Style Sheet dialog box.
Attach Style Sheet
When you open a site, a list of pages and ____ within the site displays.
Should you still use HTML-based formatting?
No. recommend using CSS-based formatting.
Inserting text in a form is as simple as positioning the insertion point and then typing.
(as simple as)
To display a default text value in a field, type the default text in the Init val text box.
(To display a default text)
How do you apply an existing CSS class to a page element?
One method is to select the element and then choose the desired style from the Class menu in the Property inspector.
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