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Terms Definitions
45-65 mph
Red Light
Stop-remained stopped
Rural Interstate Speed Limits
Change of address
10 days
Acceleration results in weight transfer
Suburban business and
residential districts speed limit
35 mph
a device that measures distance traveled by a vehicle; its gauge
percent of crashes with male drivers
keep motorists and passengers from being thrown from the vehicle in a
collision. If a motorist/passenger is held in place, any injury may be less severe.
Solid Line
don't pass (yellow), don't change lanes (white)
At an uncontrolled intersection where you can't see cross traffic until you are just about to enter the intersection, the speed is:
15 mph
includes anyone who is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle
in winter weather
reduce speed, increase following distance
Blind spots?
areas where a motorist/driver cannot see behind his/her vehicle (on both sides) through the mirror
cars parking near a crosswalk must park no closer than ___ feet to the crosswalk
the ability to hear or listen to sounds
your eyes gather almost __% of ALL driving information you receive about the driving environment
When pulling into traffic, the following is a crucial consideration
visibility, time, space
the number of pictures your eyes flash to your brain each second
one week
a motorist who changes adress must report to the MVC within _________ (in state)
A driver may pass another vehicle by driving on the shoulder of the road. (T/F)
A vehicle with an automatic transmission will only start in _ or _
park or neutral.
Intermediate license
1st 6 months: no passengers under 20 (unless immediate); Remaining 6 months: 3 max; no driving btwn 5-1 am; traffic infraction
What are examples of Revocation?
Reckless Homicide (1)
Aggravated DUI (2)
DUI (3)
Auto Theft (4)
Fraudulent ID (5)
Drag or Street racing (6)
A choice
is the selection between two or more possible options
how many times more likely is a driver on a cell phone likely to crash?
car seat
NEVER put a _________ in the front seat or where there is an airbag.
Traffic Signs are
to regualte, to warn, & to guide
When you are licensed, you will be sharing the roads with how many other licensed drivers?
194 million.
perpendicular parking
parking so that a vehicle forms a 90- degree angle with a curb or line
side crashes
keep a tight grip on the wheel and prepare to turn fast to control the vehicle
shared left turn
used in many cities to help drivers make safe left turns in the middle of the block
It's a red equilateral triangle that tells you the road you're on joins with another road ahead. Slow down or stop to yield the right-of-way to vehicles on that road.
Describe the "Yield" sign
crowned road
road that is higher in the center than the edges
to process information properly, you must
indentify hazards, predict points of conflict, decide how to avoid the conflict, execute the correct action
Over-Driving- your- Headlights
driving to fast at night that a driver is unable to stop within a range of headlights
A fluorescent orange triangle with retroflective borders.
Describe the emblem which identifies vehicles which travel at speeds of 25 mph or less
You see a signal person at a road construction site ahead. You should obey his or her instructions: Only if you see orange cones on the road ahead. Unless they conflict with existing signs, signals, or laws. At all times.
At all times.
Any name change must be reported to Division of Motor Veicle Service with in what time period
2 weeks to change it
Turn wheels to the right
In what direction should you turn your wheels when parking uphill without a curb?
how to parallel park
• Stop even with the car ahead. Turn the wheel sharp right and back slowly toward the car behind. • When clear of the car ahead, turn the wheel sharp left and back slowly to the car behind. • Turn the wheel sharp right and pull toward the curb in the center of the parking space.
during the first __to__minutes of rainfall, the roadway is at its slickest because....
10 to 15 minutes because the rain mixes with oil and dirt on the road and creates a slippery film, reducing tires' ability to grip the road
When you are making a left or right turn, when do you turn your wheels?
When you begin the turn
Some expressway entrances come in from the left instead of the usual right, this can present special problems because
left lanes are usually reserved for higher speed limits
In a crash, what's the fourth thing you do?
exchange: name and adress, phone #, License plate #, and Driver's License #.
When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights:
Stop within 50 feet but not less than 15 feet of the nearest rail
sidewalk to sidewalk, signs, roadway markings, and traffic signals, roadway conditions, roadway users, intersections and driveways
5 things to look for while driving in the city
when passing a large truck or bus it is important to remember.
There are several blink spots (No Zone)
1) Fine up to $500, 20-40 hrs, license suspended for 120 days, and/or confinement of up to 180 days. 2) fine up to $500, 40-60 hrs, and maybe AA course. 3) $500-$2000, 40-60 hrs, and/or confinement up to 180 days.
What are the penalties for minors (persons under the age of 21) convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
4 places you should never park your vehicle
1) closer than 15 feet to a fire hydrant 2) closer than 20 ft to a sidewalk 3) on the sidewalk 4) on any railroad tracks
An advisory speed sign; it has an arrow turning with a small sign with the speed limit under it. Describe the sign that tells you to watch for cross traffic ahead? It's a black cross in a yellow diamond.
What kind of sign warns you that the highest safe speed for the turn ahead is 25 mph
What happens if the air bags are not in proper operating condition?
You could have a car accident and your air bag may not deflate.
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