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Fund allotments place operational obligation authority at the lowest level to increase effective management. What level are funds allotted?
_________ are requested to provide funds in addition to amounts already appropriated for the ongoing budget year?
Which branch of government executes laws?
The second resolution allows Congress to set ceilings for budget authority (debt) and floors for revenue (taxes), this is due NLT?
September 15
True or false? The operational chain of command runs from the President to the SECDEF to the commanders of the Unified Combatant Commands.
The first concurrent resolution (from Congressional Budget Office) must be adopted NLT?
April 15
Which branch of government implements laws?
Executive Branch
Military departments (Army, Navy and Air Force) are responsible for organizing, training, supplying, and equipping forces for assignment to the?
Unified Combatant Commands
Funds obligated, but not yet outlayed are?
Unliquidated obligations
What is the term used when a resolution passes from one house to another?
In the Federal budget process, which organizations actually prepare budget estimates?
Federal Agencies
What term is used to describe a subdivision of an apportionment?
What is the authority for annual mandatory expenditures found in a permanent statutes?
Direct (Mandatory) Spending
This IMB issued document can change funding for individual programs, reduce or increase overall funding for the Agency or direct additional funding be added to specific programs within existing agency funding levels. Can be appealed to the President by t
The OMB Passback
What agency issues apportionments?
OMB (Office of Management and Budget)
What is the largest single source of Federal government tax revenues?
Individual Income Tax
The Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller/CFO is the principal advisor to the SECDEF on financial matters to include?
- Resource allocation- Financial management and accounting- Budget formulation and execution
Transfers occur between appropriations and require what?
Statutory authority from the Armed services and appropriations committees
By law, statutory members of the National Security Council (NSC) are?
PresidentVice PresidentSecretary of DefenseSecretary of State
What is the name of the committee that attempts to resove differences between House and Senate versions of a bill?
Conference Committee
Define a full time permanent?
A position normally filed on a permanent basis and having a regular schedule.
Who acts as resource consultant and advisor to Secretary of Defense, as well as manager and arbiter of the Defense resource management process?
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) AKA Chief Financial Officer (Defense)
Which act redesignated the National Military Establishment as the Department of Defense?
The National Security Act Amendment of 1949 (10 USC 111)
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) is the principal advisor to the?
President, National Security Council and SECDEF
What is reprogramming of funds?
A shift of funds from one purpose to another within the same appropriation
What is the last phase of the budget process?
Performance Review and Audit - Congress thru GAO audits - DoD internal controls
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