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Computer network
Terms Definitions
Who is tier 4?
Employing logistic support assets effectively. Is which of the Seven principles of Naval Logistics?
What are the Fleet SINOCs?
Safenet is used for what?
bulk encryption
How many commands fall under CYBERFOR?
Define C4ISR
Command, control, and surveillance encompasses the gathering, processing, and distribution of information.
Define OPSEC
Systematic proven process that identifies, controls, and protects generally sensitive but classified information about a mission.
Which NOC provides services to afloat units within the Pacific ocean AOR?
How many deployable METOC teams are there?
NCDOC'S Mission?
To coordinate, monitor, and oversee the defense of Navy computer networks and systems and to be responsible for accomplishing Computer Network Defense missions as assigned by Commander, U.S. Tenth Fleet and Commander, Joint Task Force - Global Network Operation.
What number system uses "0-9" and "A-F" to represent a numerical value?
What is SF-701 used for?
Daily check sheet
What does FOT stand for?
follow on terminal
Type of routers the navy mostly uses?
Used to create tickets and track existing tickets 
What layers are in the TCP/IP Model?
Network Access
What does P.A.R. stand for? 
First Call Resolution 
Discuss risk management
Process that provides risk identification, analysis, mitigation planning, mitigation plan implementation, and tracking to ensure identification and handling of risks.
Define PSP
Personnel Security Program is to authorize initial and continued access to classified information and/or initial and continued assignment to sensitive duties
Who administers broadcast?
BCA - Broadcast Control Authority
How many steps are there in the planning process for OPSEC?
Who was the first commander and chief?
Esek Hopkins
What is the measurement and recording of subsurface water temperature at various depths?
bathythermograph observation
What satellite provides high-volume data and video information products to military tactical terminals?
Global Broadcast Service (GBS)
What is WGS?
Wideband Global Satcom will provide DoD wideband communications coverage supporting tactical and fixed users.
Define the following acronyms:
National Stock Number
Cognizance of Navy Material
Allowance Parts List
Allowance Equipage List
Not Carried 
Not in Stock
Selected Item Management
Identify who has overall authority of, and controls access to, a SCIF
What is PSAX?
Lucent PSAX 2300 ATM switches interconnecting the HSGR. 
Used to remote into the foreground of the customer’s machine to assist with troubleshooting
Define POTS.
Plain Old Telephone Service refers to the standard telephone service that most homes use.
What ship was attacked in the Six-Day War between Israel and several Arab nations?
USS Liberty
What command supports the development and integration of Joint, Interagency, and multinational capabilities? Where is it located?
Joint Forces Command
Norfolk, VA
Define a concurrent report
Provide a record of significant performance in an additional duty or temporary additional duty.
What command responds to crises and promotes cooperation among nations?
MacDill, FL AFB
What is the study of methods of obtaining the meaning of encrypted information, without access to the secret information work center is normally required to do so?
Crypto analysis
What is the average height of a geosynchronous orbit?
19300 nm
Who can authorize a class B vehicle to travel over 100 miles?
What is the purple code?
Electromagnetic cipher used to identify the most secure diplomatic cryptographic material
What was the first flight that landed a man on the moon?
Apollo 11
What is a NAVCOMPT 2276?
Request document for contractual procurement
Define Wavelength
is the distance in space occupied by one cycle of a radio wave at any given instant. 
What are the Emergency Destruction Lists called and what do they include?
Precautionary Destruction (Priority List A & B) - destroy keying material and non-essential manuals
Complete Destruction Priority List (C) - assign different persons to destroy the material in each category by means of separate destruction facilities and follow the priorities.
What is a GAN?
Global Access Network is a telecommunication system that extends mobile voice, data, and IP. Commercial name used by mobile carriers.
What is N2N?
NOC to NOC is FLTNOC interconnectivity and restoral capability should a FLTNOC lose connectivity on their DSN path.
What is a DNS server?
Performs translation of humanly recognizable domain names and host names into the corresponding IP address.
What is RAID?
Redundant array of independant disks - a way of storing the same data of storing the same data in different places (thus redundantly) on multiple hard disk.
Where is SOUTHCOM located and its mission?
Miami, FL
Support whole-of-government efforts to enhance regional security and cooperation.
How often must a SIRPNET ATO be resubmitted?
Every 12 months
102.21: State the first CIO/DNI
Chief of the Bureau of Navigation
Who took part in every assault the U.S. Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945?
Navajo Code Talkers
What is LDR?
Low Data Rate supports 2400 bits per second for information transfer.
What is MAN?
Metropolitan Area Network - is a large computer network that usually spans a city or a large campus. (interconnects a # of LANs)
Discuss the responsibilities of the command OPSEC Officer
for administering the OPSEC Program.
What radiates the broadcast signal to the Fleet via Satellite?
BRS: Broadcast Radiating Station
What is ping?
To test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP.
What is a system of distributed network time servers that provide an accurate and reliable time synchronization service for computers?
Computer network time synchronization
What are the 4 space mission areas?
Space Force Enhancement
Space Support
Space Control
Space Force Application
Define the following classification categories, how they differ, and the color codes used to identify each one.
Top Secret
TS (Orange) - cause exceptionally grave damage
Secret (Red) - cause Serious damage
Confidential (Blue) - cause damage
Unclassified (Green) - Example, pubs available on the internet.
What are the following ports:
20 FTP data
21 FTP control
22 Secure Shell (SSH)
23 Telnet
53 DNS
110 POP3
The loss of the Philippines severed their empire, and the homeland was cut off from its main source of supply from the south.
The Battle of Leyte Gulf

101.17 Describe the effects and treatment of the following temperature related injuries:    HYPOTHERMIA:
A general cooling of the whole body caused by exposure to low or rapidly falling temperature, cold moisture, snow or ice. 
Bring the body temperature to normal. The patient should be wrapped in warm blankets in a warm room. –Do not give him hot drinks or other stimulants until he has regained consciousness. Get medical attention immediately
What is CAS?
Collaboration at Sea is a set of tools that allow replication of information. 
What is a router?
Is a device that interconnects 2 or more cpu networks and selectively interchanges packets of data between them.
Discuss the following IT21 FLTNOCs multi-layered support concepts:
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three
Tier Four
Provide 24/7 troubleshooting ship to shore and primary resource for IT-21 FLTNOC.
Sysadmins are responsible for providing the highest state operational readiness.
Provide specialized system technical support by fleet systems engineering team.
SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston acts as the primary engineering activity for IT-21.
State the purpose of MUA
Master Update Authority is to process all routing changes and collective changes for all armed forces. Located in NCTAMS PAC and LANT.
What is the difference between Reportable and Non-reportable PDS?
Reportable PDS is premature or out-of-sequence use of keying material before its effective date. Non-reportable PDS is improperly completed accounting reports.
What is a NAVSUP 1250-2?
7 part document for procuring non-nsn material
List the 9 catergories of a computer incident?
root level intrusion
user level intrusion
unsuccessful activity attempts
non compliance
malicious logic
explained anomaly
root level intrusion
101.22 Describe what an MSDS is and the information it provides. 
•Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):
–A document that contains information on the potential hazards of a chemical product and how to work safely with the chemical product. It also contains information on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to the hazards of the material. 
How many NCTAMS are there and where are they located?
Discuss BEADWINDOW and explain the procedures involved.
What is the proper response?
is a real-time procedure which brings to the immediate attention of circuit operators the fact that an EFFI disclosure has occurred.
"Roger Out"
Explain the procedures for NRFI DLRs in regard to the following situations:
Turn-in: Accomplished on a one-for-one exchange basis to receive credit to the nearest stock point.
RIP: (Remain-in-place): NRFI Part has to remain in the equipment until the RFI part has been received. 
What is a DNSMail Server?
DNS and Email (SMTP) store and forward services
Describe the purpose of  CLIN 23 items 
Provides commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and hardware peripherals associated with data, voice, and video. 
Discuss the different types of Data Seats. 
NIPR, SIPR, S&T, NNPI, Mission Critical
What is a mesh networking topology?
may act as an independent router, regardless of whether it is connected to another network or not.
(Continuous connections) by hopping from node to node.
What is the local IA responsible for?
Overall implementation of IA at the command level
What is the CAS and what is it's purpose?
Collaboration at sea. Improved situational awareness through coordination.
Where is PACOM located and its mission?
Camp Smith, HI
To protect and defend the territory of the United States and it's people. 
Explain and state the purpose of an EAP.
Every command that holds classified COMSEC or CCI material must prepare and maintain a current, written emergency action plan for natural disasters.
Identify what a SAER is and its purpose?
Security Access Eligibility Report - used when trying to get a SCI clearance but have to explain something in detail (Negative remarks on a credit report)
What is the prime responsibility of the CSM?
for implementing the ISP and shall have direct access to the commanding officer.
What is the NCA, who does it comprise of, and what is it's function?
National Command Authority is composed of the President and SECDEF. They can authorize nuclear weapons.
Name the locations of all NMCI Service Desks?
San Diego, Ca; Norfolk, Va; Boise, Id
State the Land Earth Stations (LES) for CBSP.
NCTAMS PAC - Paumalu, HI and Brewster, WA
NCTAMS LANT - Holmdel, NJ and Fuchsstadt, GE
When is it considered a severe thunderstorm?
With wind gusts 50 knots or greater and/or hail of 3/4 inch diameter or greater
State the purpose and explain the two modes of operation of the AN/WSC-3.
is the US Navy's standard UHF satellite terminal and LOS transceiver.
Satellite mode of operation - user uplinks/downlinks signal from satellite.
Line of Sight mode of operation is station to station communication via direct RF path.
Why is FSM required on all IP capable platforms?
End result in faster with more reliability 
Define IATO and how long is it good for?
Interim Authority To Operate and is only good for 6 months
Explain why all units commshifting to FSM need a legacy route.
All units using FSM must have a legacy route in order to provide a means for Top Secret traffic. FSM is only classified to Secret.
Describe the following to include the risks associated:
is a cpu program that can copy itself and infect a cpu.
Are self-replicating malware computer programs.
Are malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user prior to run or install.
Are a method of bypassing normal authentication.
Is a process of attempting to acquire sensitive info.
101.6 Define RAC and list the 5 RAC's
The RAC is an expression of risk that combines the elements of hazard severity and mishap probability. 
What are the 3 criteria to receive IP services from FLTNOCs?
Must have a valid IATO or ATO obtained from NETWARCOM DAA
Submit an IP services request message
If service will be provided via satellite communications link
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