EIDWS Part 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Define Critic.
Critical Intelligence Communication
Ensuring that the logistic infrastructure prevails in spite of degradation and damage. Is which of the Seven principles of Naval Logistics?
Define EEFI?
Essential elements of friendly information
What services does EHF TIP provide?
Any frequency of electromagnetic energy capable of propagation into space?
Radio Frequency
To organize and prioritize, training, modernization, and maintenance, requirements, and capabilities of command and control architecture/networks, crypto logic and space-related systems and intelligence and information operations activities. Which is comm
102.10: State the qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support national policies?
CCRI stands for?
Command Cyber Readiness Inspection
Frequency Range of SHF?
3GHZ to 30GHZ
Define EEFI
Essential Elements of Friendly Information - key information adversaries likely will inquire about regarding our intentions in order to obtain answers critical to their own operational effectiveness.
- (Active Directory Account Edit Operations) - Serves as an Active Directory look up for customers and provides account support. Used as a base for all agent tools.
Define BKS
Broadcast Keying Station introduces message into the Fleet Broadcast Network by generating a key stream broadcast bound information.
Discuss JSIR
Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution was designed to replace Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference (MIJI).
Meaconing - false navigation
Intrusion - someone pretending to be someone they are not.
Jamming - deliberate radiation for preventing or reducing an enemy's effective use. 
Spectrum management - to manage frequencies and to prevent multiple connections.
Duplex is?
Transmit and receive both directions simultaneously
What are the type of COMSEC incidents?
102.11: State the Three Levels of War
What is the speed of an OC3?
What is the speed of a T1?
Define DISA
Combat support agency provides command & control to operate and assure a global net-centric enterprise.
What does ATO stand for?
Authority to Operate
Information Security is the protection of information and information systems against unauthorized access or modification.
What is TNX-1100?
Marconi TNX-1100 ATM switches interconnecting the HSGR. 
(Radia Four AService Tool) - Shows successful and unsuccessful HP Radia installed applications on a remote target computer.  It is also used to verify associated and non-associated software on the target computer.
What is a SF 364?
Report of Discrepancy 
Define Modulation 
the ability to impress intelligence upon a transmission medium, such as radio waves.
What does JWICS stand for?
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System
102.3: States the First Navy Ship named after an Enlisted man 
Osmond Ingram 
What program is used to create ESD trouble tickets?
Which restart of the SL-100 phone switch least impacts the users?
warm restart
Hazards from electromagnetic radiation to ordinance, personnel, fuels
What is the sf 700?
Security container information sheet
What are the brilliant of the basics?
Command indoc
Career development boards
Sailor recognition
Define OCDR
Provided to assist Admin Officers in determining proper action to take regarding personnel accounting events.
What does TSCO stand for?
Top Secret Control Officer
For the DOD condition of readiness, what condition indicated a possible threat of destructive wind within 72 hours.
Condition 4
101.5 Mishap Probability Sub-Categories
Sub-category A-Likely to occur immediately
Sub-category B-Probably occur
Sub-category C-May occur
Sub-category D-Unlikely to occur
What are the seven layers of OSI model?
Data Link
Half Duplex is?
To transmit and receive communications only in one direction at a time.
Define Keying
inserting noise or data onto a frequency.
Defense Messaging System employs the messaging and directory services using X.400 and X.500
Navy Regional Enterprise Message System provides web-based messaging capability to send and receive DMS messages.
Automatic Message Handling System provides simplified message drafting and release of outgoing messages.
What is VERDIN?
VLF Digital Information Network - Fleet Submarine Broadcast System for worldwide delivery of messages.
Describe the 3 categories of Intelligence.
Strategic (National)
Operational (Joint)
Tactical (Commanders)
State the purpose of EKMS.
Electronic Key Management System.
EKMS-1B prescribes the minimum policies for issuing, accounting, handling, safeguarding, and disposing of COMSEC material. (bible for comsec)
State the purpose of iridium phones.
Satellite-based commercial communications services providing voice and data communications to users equipped with mobile satellite terminals.
Explain ISR mission requirements and fundamentals.
Intelligence surveillance reconnaissance - to effectively engage the enemy.
What does JPAS stand for?
Joint personnel adjudication system
What is ADNS?
Automated Digital Networking System - is to connect Navy shipboard networks to other ship and shore networks.
What does the acronym PING stand for?
Packet Inter-Net Groper
Name 3 documents used to track personnel accounting?
What is the minimum time required to resolve a vip trouble ticket?
24 hours
What message is used when concerning the death or serious illness of a family member?
Red Cross message
What is the purpose of fitreps?
Evaulation performance for officers
What is solar wind?
Is electrically charged particles that stream continuously from the Sun.
What is NARC?
Navy Automatic Relay Controller is the first four letters of the routing indicator of the Fleet NARC assigned to the servicing NCTAMS/NAVCOMTELSTA system
What is a SF 30?
Amendment of solicitation and modification of a contract
What is PTP?
Point-to-Point is usually an ad hoc service between two EHF terminals.
Define the communication capabilities of transmissions in each of the bands below:
One-way sub comms.
Provide comm services for subs
Used for comms in mines
highly reliable path for comms in northern latitudes where atmospheric disturbances that make high-freq circuits unreliable.
has been used for comms since the advent of radio.
How often is a CO required to conduct a CMS inspection?
What is the purpose of OWA?
Remotely access unclassified e-mail from a DOD network using a personally owned and other non-DOD computer.
Identify three functional areas at the NOC.
BUR, Logical Moves, Platform
This is a show of respect with both shore and ship gun batteries firing volleys?
Gun salute

101.15 Describe the procedures necessary for the following as applied to electrical shock: 
•Secure power first (from power panel/breaker).  If you cannot find the power panel/breaker, attempt to remove the victim from the source with a non-conductive object (i.e. broom handle, plastic pole, cane or rope.
What type of backups are conducted at the NOC?
Full and Incremental
State the duties and responsibilities of the IAM:
Information Assurance Manager is responsible for the information assurance program within a command, site, system, or enclave. 
Explain the difference between OPELINT and TECHELINT.
Is concerned with operationally relevant information such as the location, movement, employment, tactics, and activity of foreign non-comms emitters.
Is concerned with the technical aspects of foreign non-comms emitters such as signal characteristics, modes, functions, etc.
State the purpose of the following:
Cryptologic Carry-On Program provides exploitation capability by augmenting existing Ships Signal Exploitation Space (SSES).
Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental Subsystem is the portable tactical environment support system.
Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System allow connectivity and interoperability with intelligence systems supporting forces.
Define the role of NCTS in NETWARCOM.
Naval Computer Telecommunications Station are not master stations. They are subordinate to their cooresponding area master station and provide support services in their corresponding local area.
Discuss GINGERBREAD and explain the procedures involved. 
Expected intruder on the net. 
Announce GINGERBREAD on the net
What is a SF 44?
Invoice and public voucher for over-the-counter purchases of supplies
Who represents the following tiers
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 1 Helpdesk (ESD)
Tier 2 Hardware (field services)
Tier 3 Engineers (naso)
What is an apogee?
Point in a satellite's orbit when it's farthest from the center of the Earth.
What is the operating frequency range of AN/USC-61?
2 mhz to 2 ghz
What does perigee mean?
The point in a satellite's orbit when it's closet to the center of the earth
What are MAMs and what does it mean?
Maintenance Assistance Modules
test module used to isolate faults in a system
101.17 Describe the effects and treatment of the following temperature related injuries:    Heat Stress
•A combination of air temperature, thermal radiation, humidity, airflow, and workload that places stress on the body.
–Increased body temperature causing fatigue
–Severe headache
–Reduced physical and mental performance
–Remove individual from heat source (i.e. sun) and allow for gradual adaptation/aclimation to heat environment.
Describe the OPSEC considerations regarding public affairs
they should coordinate the release of data to the public.
Discuss the following meteorological terms and elements:
Relative humidity
Any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is pulled down by gravity onto the earth's surface.
The ratio of the amount of water vapor present in the air compared to the greatest amount possible at the same temperature.
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Space-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. (ISR)
The prime advantage of space-based ISR capabilities is their potential to provide systematic and focused coverage of areas of interest.
In addition to the access limitations and a predictable overflight schedule dictated by the satellite orbit, satellite systems can be affected by weather: fog, smoke, etc.
Who is the controlling authority for Navy Firewall Policies?
Naval Network Warfare Command (NAVNETWARCOM)
Explain vault re-certification and recurring inspections.
By a person specifically trained and authorized by the GSA before it can be used to protect classified material.
Vault doors must have a GSA label affixed on the outside of the door.
State the THREATCON recognition and discuss what each represents.
Normal - No known threat indicated.
Alpha - A general threat is possible 
Bravo - An increased and more predictable threat 
Charlie - An incident has occurred or intelligence has been received indicating that some form of terrorist action is imminent.
Delta - A terrorist attack has occurred or that intelligence indicates that a terrorist action against a specific location is likely
What is an FDO and state their responsibilities:
Foreign Disclosure Office (FDO)
Military information is a national security asset which must be conserved and protected.
What is the responsibility of TYCOM?
An administrative chain of command in which the various ships report to the appropriate forward area commanders.
What happens when an exchange store becomes full?
The Store will dismount causing service Interruption.
What is DLR and what does it do?
Depot Level Repairable
Fixes high cost items that cannot be repaired onboard
What are the parts of the environmental control unit (ECU)?
Liquid chiller unit (LCU)
Tank Pump unit (TPU)
Air Handler unit (AHU)
State the purpose of a MOC
Maritime Operations Center - the nexus of joint and navy transformation initiatives
Define the following layers of routing and common devices associated with each:
access routers include SOHO (small office/home office) located at costumer sites.
enforcing quality of service across a WAN.
"collapsed backbone" interconnecting the distribution tier routers from multiple buildings. (high bandwidth)
Discuss basic relationship of METOC to Geospatial Intel.
METOC is considered an intelligence layer of the GEOINT information base.
Discuss the following Tropical Cyclone Conditions of Readiness and who sets them:
COR 5: Possible threat of destructive winds (96 hours)
COR 4: "..." (72 hours)
COR 3: Destructive winds of the force (48 hours)
COR 2: "..." (24 hours)
COR 1: "..." (12 hours)
Discuss the primary services provided by the following deployable METOC teams:
Mine Warfare UUV Platoon
Naval Oceanography ASW Team (NOAT)
Strike Group Oceanography (SGOT)
Mobile Environment Team (MET)
Fleet Survey Team (FST)
Removes divers and marine mammals from the dangers and extreme hazards.
Provides integral support to ASW.
Provides meteorological and oceanographic support.
Primary users of the Navy's mobile equipment assets.
Performs surveys of various equipment on ships.
What is the function of the GNOC?
Global Network Operations & Security Center provides situational awareness of the myriad of networks, systems and applications that make up the GIG and protect/defend that grid from potential cyber threats.
Define each band of the electromagnetic spectrum.
•30 GHZ - 300 GHZ    extremely high frequency
•3 GHZ - 30 GHZ        superhigh frequency
•300 MHZ - 3 GHZ      ultrahigh frequency
•30 MHZ - 300 MHZ    very high frequency
•3 MHZ - 30 MHZ        high frequency
•300 KHZ - 3 MHZ       medium frequency
•30 KHZ - 300 KHZ     low frequency
•3 KHZ - 30 KHZ         very low frequency
•300 HZ - 3 KHZ         voice frequency
•Up to 300 HZ             extremely low frequency
Identify the events that should be reported to the SSO?
Financial issues, legal issues, U/A, mental illness, marriage to a foreign national, anything that could question your character, integrity, physical, and mental health needs to be reported.
What is a ring network topology?
connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node.
Identify the following types of RADAR, their functions, and give examples of each:
Air Search
Surface Search
Fire Control
Initially detect and determine the position, course, and speed of air targets.
The detection and determination of accurate ranges and bearings of surface objects and low-flying aircraft. (360 degree search pattern for LOS objects)
To provide target azimuth, elevation, range, and velocity to calculate fire solution.
What are the procedures for correcting spillage?
The usetr shall disconnect the affected media from the network and then notify the organization.
What is the purpose of fleet siprnet messaging (FSM)?
FSM is a point-to-point connection between ship and the NOC ashore. The end result is FSM is faster, more reliable record message traffic delivery to ships.
What is the purpose of the Enterprise Knowledge Center?
To provide agents support in troubleshooting customer issues.
What is mission of TRANSCOM and where is it located?
Develop and direct the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise to globally project strategic national security capabilities.
Galveston, TX
What is the purpose of an iridium phone?
Provide satellite phone services to mobile units down on all other means of connectivity.
What is the purpose of the CASCOR?
is submitted when equipment that has been the subject of casualty reporting is repaired and back in operational condition.
Define and state the purpose of MCS.
The primary purpose of the Regional MCS is to provide PLA-to-Routing Indicator (RI) look up assignment.

State the Force Protection Levels and discuss what each represents.
Normal - a general global threat is possible
Alpha - increased general threat
Bravo - increased or predictable threat 
Charlie- incident occurs or intelligence is received
Delta - Immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred.
State the purpose of an OPTASK COMMS.
a breakdown of circuits to distribute afloat communications plans. (message)
What frequencies to guard and to monitor
Describe function and risk associated with following activities:
Network enumerating
Buffer overflow
SQL injection
Dictionary attack
is a computing activity in which user names are retrieved.
is an anomaly where a program overruns the buffer's boundary and overwrites adjacent memory.
is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability.
is a technique for defeating a cipher or authentication by using likely possibilities.
Explain the difference between the following documents:
USC Title 10
USC Title 50
Outlines the role of armed forces in the United States code.
Outlines the role of war and National Defense.
Discuss the purpose of the 3-M/PMS System?
To maintain equipment at its maximum operating efficiency by reducing downtime and cost of maintenance and man-hours.
Define the following DAMA Operation Modes.
AC Mode of operation - Auto Dama
DC Mode of operation - Distributed Control
What are three different types of breakers?
Spilling occurs with gentle and flat beach slopes.
Plunging occurs with a moderate to steep beach slope.
Surging is normally seen only with a very steep beach slope.
What is a premise router?
connect point for each noc to the DISN network
102.13: State when and why the Navy Core Values were deployed?
Admiral Kelso adopted the Navy Core Values to provide principles to guide our Sailors.
What is the role of the LOC and LGC and where is it located?
Primary satellite controllers located in Landstuhl, Germany
Backup is in Fort Buckner, Japan
What sets the The Purple Code apart?
It was not a code, but an electromechanical cipher.
List and explain the 6 INMARSAT configs:
ALFA - 64kbps Voice and Data
BRAVO - 64kbps Voice and Data
CHARLIE - 64kbps Data Only
DELTA - 128kbps Voice and Data
ECHO - 128kbps Voice and Data
FOXTROT - 128kbps Data Only
Explain what is meant by 'need to know' 
is a determination that an individual requires access to specific classified information
What is SIPR stand for and what is it used for?
Secret Internet Protocol Router Network is a system of interconnected cpu networks used to transmit classified information.

Discuss the following terms and give a description of what each means in relation to the atmosphere:
Radio Waves
Azimuth Angle
there are 2 principal ways in which electromagnetic (radio) energy travels from a transmitting antenna to a receiving antenna: ground and sky waves.
Within the atmosphere, radio waves can be reflected, refracted, and diffracted like light and heat waves.
What information does the trace route command provide?
Shows the path a packet takes and all the routers in which it passes through until it reaches its destination, or fails to and is discarded.
Define the following terms as they apply to RADAR:
Scan Rate
Pulse Width has units of time and is commonly expressed in ms. (duration of the pulse)
When a radar is scanning, a sufficient number of pulses will be transmitted in any particular direction in order to guarantee reliable detection.
Why would an afloat unit utilizing FSM need a secondary system, such as a legacy route?
If the primary service has a loss of IP connectivity.
Name the 3 types of winds and how many knots are each type.
Small Craft 33 knots or less
Gale 34 to 47 knots 
Storm 48 knots or greater
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