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Terms Definitions
Dialogue Literary element
elements of humor wordplay,misstatements,exaggerations,comic actions
Pun A play on words
scenery Another word for set.
couplet a pair of rhyming lines
Climax the moment of HIGHEST TENSION
playwright the author of a play
Monologue long speeches given by an actor
Actors the people who perform a drama
Dramatic Irony When the reader/audience knows more about a situation than the characters involved; the reader /audience knows the 'big picture' while the characters only know their point of view.
Tragedy drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance
Emmeleia the slow, stately dance of the chorus
Scenes divisions of acts that occur in DIFFERENT SETTINGS
props small movable items that the actions use to make actions look really Ex phone
theater a place where plays are usually presented.
exit stage direction telling the actor to leave the stage.
setting where the play takes place; ex: a sunny village, or a damp prison cell
aside a short comment made to the audience that other actors pretend not to hear.
Monolouge. A long speech a character says to another characte of group of characters.
Tragic Hero a person born into nobility and responsible for his/her own fate
Exposition at the beginning of the play which introduces the characters and setting and presents any necessary background information.
minor characters characters that do not have key roles
stage directions the sets of bracketed information that describe
dramatic conventions Basic terms in drama that are specific to that genre. They are basically agree upon by playwrights, actors, and directors. They can be seen as rules that the actors and audience follow during a play.
Solilquy A speech given by a character alone on stage
Soliloquy A speech by a character who is alone onstage, speaking to himself, herself, or the audience
foreshadowing an author's use of clues that hint at events that will occur later in the plot
drama A drama is a story encated on stage for a live audience. Ex:jersy shore
stage left left side of stage as actor faces audience.
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