Catcher in the Rye - Characters Flashcards

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Holden's little sister
Holden's big brother
Lillian Simmons
D.B.'s old flings.
Mr. Antolini
Holden's favourite former teacher
Estelle Fletcher
Sings "Little Shirley Beans"
Piano player at Edmont bar
Holden's Oral Expression teacher. Holden did not like him very much because Holden failed
Mr. Specer
-history teacher
-old, in bad shape
Elevator man at the Edmont Hotel.
Al Pike
Jane Gallagher dated him; hot-shot
D.B. Caulfied
Holdens older brother, a writer.
a "phony", holden's roommate with whom he gets in a fight over Jane Gallagher
Ernest Morrow
Classmate of Holden's. Tell's his mother that he is popular but sensitive.
Frederick Woodruff
Holden let him borrow his typewriter
Allie Caulfield
Holden's younger brother, died of leukemia.
Harris Macklin
Holden's old roommate that whistled well. Holden says that maybe the reason that girls are with guys that seem boring is that the guys are actually good whistlers.
Mr. Haas
Headmaster at Elkton School; phony; only greet good looking parents
mr spencer
Holden's History teacher at Pencey Prep. Holden's interaction with him shows that Holden is unwilling to face his problems and runs away whenever he is confronted with the truth. EM
Ed Banky
the basketball coach; let's Stradlater borrow his car
type of nice suitcases that Holden owns. Often represents materialism
where D.B. lives; Holden hates it because Holden hates the movies.
D.B Caulfield
Holden's older brother, a writer who moved to Hollywood and now writes screenplays for movies, holden refers to him a s a "prostitute"
What Holden has an operation on when Sunny wants to do things; really a type of piano
Mr. Spencer
Holden's history teacher who's old and sick
Mrs. Aigletinger
Always took Holden's class to the museum
Dick Slagle
Holden's roommate at Elkton Hills; had crappy suitcases; burgeois
Robert Tichener
one of friends throwing football at Elkton
James Castle
Nerdy kid who jumped from the window
lillian antolini
Mr. Antolini's wife. Lots of money. About sixty years older than Mr. Antolini. Likes to kiss in public. Never in the same room as Mr. Antolini
Holden Caulfield
Sixteen year old, loves kids, hates phony's. Protagonist
the head master of Pencey Prep; tells Holden life is like a game; is a phony
Ward Stradlater
Holden's roommate at Pencey Prep; is handsome, self-satisfied, and popular, but Holden calls him a "secret slob," because he appears well groomed but is disgustingly unclean (appearence vs. reality); doesn't like when Holden breaks the rules but will break them himself when it benefits him; doesn't care about girls
Rudolf Schmidt
janitor at Pencey. Holden uses his name as a as his own when he talks to Mrs. Morrow on the train to New York
Mal Brossard
Holden's friend; goes to the movies with Holden and Ackley
Jane Gallagher
a girl that Holden had a friendship with over a summer
Sally Hayes
Holden's old gf; goes to a matinee with her; makes her cry; really pretty
Carl Luce
pervert, always used to talk about sex and brag to his friends about it, Holden acts differently around him.
Edgar Marsalla
Holden's friend at Pency. Let one rip during Ossenburger's speech that " damn near blew the roof off" (17).
July 18, 1946
The day Allie, Holden's brother died. Helps us infer that the book takes place in December 1949; that night Holden slept in the garage and broke all the windows.
Bernice, Marty and Lauren
Three women from Seattle Holden meets at Edmont Hotel Bar.
The Lunts
the stars of the show Sally and Holden saw
The kettle drums
in the Radio City show Holden likes the kettle drums because the guy that plays them only has one part but he gets into it and is genuine with his role.
Saturday Night Meals at Pencey
Steak; parents visited the next day and would ask what they had for dinner
Bernice, Marty, and Laverne
three ugly girls that Holden meets at the Lavender Room. Holden dislikes them because they are very touristy.
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