Catcher Rye Characters Final Exam Review Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Holden's little sister
Howie Coil
Shoots swishes
Holden's roommate at Pencey
Alumni of pencey prep.
Mr. Vinson
Taught Oral Expressions class
People sell themselves like prostitutes there
Selma Thurmer
headmaster's daughter; unattractive but Holden likes her because she knows her dad is a phony
Holden's younger brother. Died from Leukemia. Brilliant, red-headed boy. Smartest in family
Ward Stradlater
Holden's roommate; phony friendly; secret slob
The Lunts
Prominent couple in Broadway theater
McBurney School
a real school in N.Y.
the elevator operator at the hotel that Holden is staying at, also a pimp who quotes holden at a different price that he charges him
Mr. Spencer
one of Holden's teachers at Pencey
Where D.B. is writing a movie about
Touchy cabdriver that drives Holden to Ernie's
Ed Banky
Bball coach at Pencey; favored Stradlater
gross neighbor, Holden hated him, but spent a ton of time with him
Arthur Childs
Previous classmate, Quaker, got into arguments with Holden about Jesus
Eddie Birdsell
Gave Holden Faith Cavendish's number; goes to Princeton
Young prostitute that Holden meets at the Edmont Hotel.
The shows that Holden has accepted himself into the "adult world' by not going on it. He has accepted that he is grown up and when all the kids are reaching for the "gold ring, if they fall, they fall" you just have to let them "fall" out of childhood, which goes back to the cliff catcher in the rye scene, Holden no longer feels the responsibility of saving kids from falling into adulthood, because he knows that they are going to fall no matter what. Phoebe rides it and asks holden if he wants to.
Holden' brother; a writer; lives in Hollywood; Holden respects him but describes him as a prostitute
type of nice suitcases that Holden owns. Often represents materialism
D.B. Caulfield
Holden's older brother (who has moved to California to become a screen writer)
Mrs. Aigletinger
Always took Holden's class to the museum
Dick Slagle
Holden's roommate at Elkton Hills; had crappy suitcases; burgeois
Tina & Janine
French singers at the Wicker Bar
Jane Gallagher
Holden really liked her, had no interest in sex with her
What Holden has an operation on when Sunny wants to do things; really a type of piano
Robert Ackley
Holden's dormmate; bad skin and teeth; no one likes him
Rudolf Schmidt
janitor at Pencey. Holden uses his name as a as his own when he talks to Mrs. Morrow on the train to New York
Raymond Goldfarb
Holden's friend at the Whooton School. They got drunk together once in chapel. Raymond got very drunk but Holden only got very cool and nonchalant. He did puke, but he forced himself to (90).
Mr. Zambesi
Tells him to stop throwing the ball around; his real "goodbye"
James Castle
Teased boy from Holdens old school who commited suicide.
Louis Shaney
a Catholic boy at Whooton School whom Holden met in the infirmary
Mrs. Spencer
Holden comments that she has to open the door herself because she can't afford a maid
The Nuns
Two nuns who holden has a conversation with at coffee shop
Tina and Janine
two french entertainers at the Wicker Bar. Holden dislikes them and thinks they are phony.
Bernice, Marty, & Laverne
3 tourists that Holden meets and dances with at the Lavender Room
lillian simmons
All bust and no brains, she and her date ask Holden to sit with them at dinner. She used to date D.B.
"The Abraham Lincoln, sincere voice."
how Holden describes Stadlater when talking to girls
Saturday Night Meals at Pencey
appearance vs. reality; from the outside seemed very nice- steak, mashed potatoes, parents could ask what they had for dinner and respond "steak" but really the steaks were hard and the mashed were lumpy and was very gross
"This Abraham Lincoln, sincere voice"
The way Stradlater talks to his dates
Faith Cavendish
Holden calls her to set up a date but it's too late; sounds nice
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