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demanding situation
take away from
A nonmilitary citizen.
battle in tennesea called
southern whites who supported republican policy throught reconstruction
Union Beat confederates and stops Lees attempt to bring the war into the North. Lee retreated
The ___________ agreed to Fugitive Slave Law
Thirteenth Amendment
(457-458) amendment that abolished slavery
rebulding of the former Confederate states
withdraw from an organization or communion
the condition of having the same rights as everyone else
an association formed by farmers in the last 1800s to make life better for farmers by sharing information about crops, prices, and supplies
The port city used by the Union
Grant's first major victory in the west gave the union control of the northern miss.r.- name the battle
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois introduced the act, which created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska. Douglas proposed that voters would decide whether each territory would be "slave" or "free." Northerners were outraged because they argued the Missouri Compromise already banned slavery in these areas. Southern leaders supported the bill because they thought slavery would spread from Missouri to Kansas and Nebraska.
location of infamous Camp Sumter, the Confederate POW camp
Peninsular Campaign
McClellans plan to capture Richmond, instead of going over land, he would go down the potomac river to a peninsula eas of richmond btwn the york and james rivers. fromhere the troops could approach the city
nathan bedford
southern general @ donaldson
maker of the kkk
weapon like a knife attached to front end of a musket or rifle
Fort Sumter
Federal fort in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina; the confederate attack on the fort marked the start of the Civil War
Repubican party
political party formed in 1854 whose platform on slavery was that it may exist where it already is but cannot spread
people who spent much time trying to outlaw slavery
Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware.
Name the 4 border states.
George McClellan
He was Lincoln's first head general, and he was a great organizer and trainer of the troops. However his overly cautious attitude cost him from capturing Richmond, because he waited for reinforcements before striking. He was fired to be replaced by General Pope before being promoted to head general again. He was later fired for not chasing after Robert E. Lee. He also ran for president against Lincoln in the election of 1864.
Emancipation Proclamation
issued by Abraham Lincoln on September 22, 1862, it declared that all slaves in the rebellious Confederate states would be free
54th Massachusetts Infantry
African American Union regiment that helped capture Fort Wagner in South Carolina during the Civil War.
Lecompton Constitution
Gave the voters only the right to decide on wether more slaves could go into kansas not on wether slavery should exist in the US
a person who wanted to end slavery in the United States
William Sherman
"To realize what war is one should follow in out tracks."
States' Rights
theory that the power of a state government is or should be greater than that of the federal government
Legal Tender Act
Congress passed the that created a national currency and allowed the government to issue paper money
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Beecher Stowe was was an abolitionist and author. Her most famous novel was Uncle Tom's Cabin.
George Meade
The Union Army of the Potomac now commanded by Meade moved north to meet Lee's army in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Battle of Bull Run
either of two battles during the American Civil War (1861 and 1862)
Battle of Fort Sumter
1st Civil War shot fired by Confederates on the fort in Charlestown Harbor, S. Carolina, April 12, 1861, general Anderson surrendered and the fort fell into Confederate hands
fort that the union had to fall back on
ft sumpter
Battle of Antietam
Union victory in the Civil War that marked the bloodiest single-day battle in US military history
Reconstruction Act of 1867
a.) put the South under military rule b.)Ordered states to hold new elections for deleagates to creat new state constitutions c.) Required all states to allow all qualified male voters to vote in elections d.) Barred those who supported the Confederacy from voting. e.) Required southern states to guarante
The Battle of Bull Run
Battle that ended the North's hopes of winning the war quickly
What was Farragut's famous quote at Mobile Bay?
Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
2 threats given by the south of the wilmot proviso passed
threatened secession and cutting off trade
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