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United States Air Force
Terms Definitions
Which untreated sexually transmitted disease can result in infections of the prostate and/or epididymis?
Moles are classified as
benign tumors
During contingency operations, who establishes lower echelon ammunition control points?
What percentage of foreign bodies affect only the cornea?
Twenty-five percent of all foreign body eye injuries affect the
Where are most living substances contained within a cell?
The epimysium is located beneath the
How many female external accessory organs are there?
Abnormal growth of uterine tissue outside of the uterus is indicative of
What condition results in visible inflammation of the nail bed and local tenderness?
What hormone promotes the production of maternal milk following childbirth?
Which population health management principle is enrollee focused?
Condition Management
Who is responsible for understanding and observing the safety standards that have been established to prevent injury to themselves and others, or damage to equiptment and property?
Which order incorporates the National Command Authority (NCA) approved course of action derived from consultation with the JCS and review of the commanders estimate of the situation?
What is polyuria?
An excessive output of urine
What substance is produced in the deepest layer of the epidermis to protect the skin against damage caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun?
What disease is characterized by the enlargement, over-distention, and destructive changes in the air space of the lungs?
Where is vitreous humor located?
Behind the lens
What is the "master gland"?
The pituitary gland
What type of glands secretes sebum?
sebaceous glands
What bacterial infection is similar to gonorrhea and can result in the male prostate or epididymis infections?
How often is the activity issue/turn-in summary produced?
every month
Aerospace medical service technicians normally are assigned to the..
Medical operations squadron
How many general goals have been established to help reach the USAF Medical Services vision?
Short-life containers should withstand at least how many trips?
At least 10.
Who appoints the flight chief?
The Squadron Commander.
Which TO WP contains packaging requirements?
060 00.
How many hormones are secreted by the Islets of Langerhans?
What type of joint joins the sternum and first rib?
After passing through the lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels merge to form what component of the lymphatic system?
Lymphatic trunks
What condition is considered to be a complication of an upper respiratory tract infection?
The lower third of the uterus is called the
What are the primary male sex organs?
The testes
After sperm cells are produced, where do they mature?
The epididymis
What is a symptom of cardiac tamponade?
Weak pulse
Lymph is transported through the lymphatic trunk directly to
a collecting duct
What are the two infection-fighting organisms associated with the lymph nodes?
Lymphocytes and macrophanges
What part of the eye is largely responsible for viewing dimly lit images?
What is a common complication of a perforated tympanic membrane?
When are the more painful sores of genital herpes usually experienced?
45. (410) What does the NCOIC/assistant NCOIC, Personnel Employment use to verify the data on the IDA?
a. Allocation Notice
b. IDA worksheet
c. Projected duty update-inbound application
d. Assignment RIP
b. IDA worksheet
A list of equipment items authorized for use by a section is called
a TA
How many major parts are included in the CFETP?
When selected for the Airman Education and Commissioning Program, what is the maximum time permitted by the Air Force for degree completion?
3 years
In a typical munitoins activity, who focuses on flight line munitions support by using resources effetively and communicates with munitions control, flight line activities, and munitions tow-teams to meet all munitions requirements?
Munitions Expediter.
Munitions systems superintendents are usually in what grade or grades?
E-8, Senior Master Sergeant.
What are the two PRP positions?
Critical and controlled.
Management uses maintenance data collection information for the following purposes EXCEPT to
generate Weapons Status Report.
If organs of the abdomen are protruding outside of the body, the patient has
an abdominal evisceration
Where is the motor area of the cerebrum located?
Frontal lobe
What is a common symptom of renal failure?
weight loss
What are cells that act as hormone receptors called?
Target cells
What percent of odor intensity is lost within the first second after receptor stimulation?
50 %
What muscle causes the eye to rotate toward the midline?
Medial rectus
What is the outermost layer of the epidermis?
Stratum Corneum
A blood clot that breaks free and travel through the circulatory system until it becomes lodged in a smaller vessel is called
an embolus
What controls the action of the diaphragm?
The phrenic nerves
14. (403) How are special duty identifiers (SDI) designated in the individual’s personnel records?
a. Awarded specialties.
b. Additional specialties.
c. Designated specialties.
d. Second or tertiary PDS codes.
a. Awarded specialties.
Where is inservice training documented in the six-part folder?
Part 3, Section C
Before obtaining informed consent, what details must be explained to the patient?
-Reason for procedure
-How procedure will be done
-Who will perform procedure
-Any possible risks
-Other trmt options
-Expected outcome
-Negative possible effects
Making a photograph of a patient available to the public without the patient's consent is what type of violation?
Invasion of Privacy
Which value does "being a man or woman of your word, honest in all that you do" best define?
what is intrinsic radiation
ionizing radiation emitted from the radioctive maaterials in the components of a nuclear weapon; radiation inherent to the design of nuclear weapons.
The area that houses the document control files is designated as a
limited access area.
What is static electricity?
A hazard created when charges accumulate to the point where an uncontrolled discharge occurs through, or in the presense of, a hazardous substance suseptable to initiation.
What is the minimum grade requirement for the award of the 7-skill level?
E-5, staff sergeant.
Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ATCH) is secreted by the
anterior lobe of the pituitary gland
List the S/S of esophageal trauma and perforations
Local pain
elevated temperature
excessive salvation
How many general categories of convulsions are there?
2 Partial and generalized seizures
What does dynamic equilibrium involve?
interpretation of head and body movement
47. (410) When requesting a change in an officer's DAFSC, which of the following is not included for AFPC to make a decision?
a. Position number
b. Specific justification
c. Input of a new duty title
d. Duty RIP
d. Duty RIP
At which skill level would an individual be responsible for conducting disaster training, fire drills, and evacuation procedures?
5 and 7 level
What important obstacle should be avoided when discussing death with small children?
Temptation to minimize the event.
Visibility of a living will is possible in unexpected emergencies by ensuring a copy of the document is maintained
in the outpatient record
Define reliability.
The ability of a system and its parts to perform its mission without failure, degredation, or demand on the suport system.
Where is the fire symbol posted when all the munitions in a single storage area are covered by one symbol?
Entry control point
If you want to find the career field progression requirements, to what section of the CFETP Part I would you refer?
Section B.
Which TO will help you find another TO by using an alphabetical listing?
TO 00-5-18.
Which of the following is a packaging discrepancy?
Container markings incorrect.
Where are the adrenal glands located?
the superior portion of each kidney
What part of the ear does the pinna guide sound waves into?
external auditory canal
Describe an "oblique" fracture.
A break that extends at an angle across the bone
9. (402) For which of the following reasons would an Air Force specialty code (AFSC) withdrawal be appropriate?
a. Disqualification for aviation service for other than medical reasons.
b. Loss of aircraft qualification.
c. Reduction in grade.
d. M
c. Reduction in grade.
What are the stages of the grieving process?
Anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance
To attain the goal of a healthy and fit force, all airmen should be perceived as
human weapon systems
What does the theater munitions program provide?
out year munitions inventory and requirements for selected munitions based on the DLAR.
What can be used to remove chemical agents in dust form?
A 5% chlorine solution.
List two of the benefits that contamination avoidance provides.
Increasing survivability and reducing time personnel are required to wear protective clothing.
Where is the gall bladder located?
Along the inferior surface of the liver
What is the main function of the pleurae? How many layers do pleurae have?
-To protect membrane linings
-2 layers
Where can epithelial tissue be found?
Throughout the body, covering all body surfaces, both inside and out. Also found in glands.
25. (405) Which of the following is not required for all personnel reliability program (PRP) certifications?
a. An interview.
b. An S-4 physical profile.
c. A current security investigation.
d. An evaluation of an individual’s reliability throug
b. An S-4 physical profile.
What are the 4 phases of a helping relationship?
1. Preinteractive phase
2. Introductory phase
3. Working phase
4. Termination phase
what does the maintence supply interface subsystem provide.
the capability to order parts againts the performing or owning work center.
What sections can make up the safety branch at a flying unit?
Ground, Flight, Missile, Explosive, and nuclear safety.
What are the criteria for the selection and retention of individuals who work around nuclear weapons per AFI 36-2104?
Individuals are emotionally stable and have demonstrated good judgement and professional competence.
What munitions items are assigned CIIC, and what is the intended purpose of the codes?
All munitions items, to identify the security that must be applied while the item is in storage or transit.
What must be followed to provide safe operations within the missile environment?
A posative mishap prevention program.
The Islets of Langerhans is the
portion of the pancreas that has an endocrine function
What is the final step of the urination process?
The relaxation of the external sphincter of the urethra
36. (407) When an Airman's permanent change change of station (PCS) orders show a member elected to serve an accompanied tour, but the member arrives overseas (OS) unaccompanied, an initial date eligible to return from overseas (DEROS) is established base
c. accompanied tour, regardless of the fact the member arrived unaccompanied
16. (403) In concert with manpower management officials, who reviews manpower authorizations to determine if positions are coded with appropriate special experience identifiers (SEI) or if one is required?
a. Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) assignm
d. Air Force specialty code (AFSC) functional managers.
19. (404) How many months of retainability must a first-term Airman (FTA) have or be able to obtain if his or her Career Airmen Reenlistment Reservation System (CAREERS) retraining is approved?
a. 23 months beyond the normal expiration term of servic
a. 23 months beyond the normal expiration term of service (ETS).
Who directly serves as an advisor and principal consultant to the AF Surgeon General on all matters pertaining to the nurse corps?
The Director, USAF Medical Readiness and Nursing Services
How can patients assist in the facility's quality improvement process?
By informing the patient advocate of all recommendations, questions, and complaints pertaining to the health care facility.
What is the purpose of maintenance date collection?
To provide maintenance managers at all levels with information on jobs performed by each organization or work center.
Which of the following is considered a category II DR?
A product deficiency attributable to errors in workmanship.
Who is authorized to issue the EXORD, and what is its purpose?
Secretary of Defense, directs the deployment or employment of forces.
Where is the lacrimal gland located?
Within the orbit on the side of the eye
48.(410) After an officer has attended and completed training, what is the officer's previous duty effective date?
a. Consummates on the class start date
b. One day after the class graduation date
c. One day before the class graduation date
d. Con
b. One day after the class graduation date
What is the overall strategy of population health management?
Is to focus foremost on managing the health of a defined population, for optimum health is the ultimate goal of medicine.
What form is used to report a hazard?
AF Form 457, USAF Hazard Report (HR).
List the major goals of the AF nuclear surety program.
To acheive maximum safety consistent with operational requirements, maintain record of 0 accidental or unauthorized nuclear yields, and reduce potential for nuclear mishaps.
What are the 2 largest veins in the body?
Superior vena cava & Inferior vena cava
3. (401) How does a “capper” Air Force specialty code (AFSC) differ from other AFSCs?
a. Fifth position of a capper AFSC will always be a “0”.
b. First position of a capper AFSC will always be a “9”.
c. Fifth position of all other AFSCs
a. Fifth position of a capper AFSC will always be a “0”.
When deployed, how soon does the MASO send the first report to the TACP or the RACP?
Within 2 days of arrival at the deployed location.
Name the three red symbols from the most serious condition to the least serious condition.
RED X - Most serious condition
RED - - next most serious condition
RED / - least serious condition.
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