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True / FalseMemories are permanently stored in the hippocampus.
True / FalseHormones from endocrine organs function in the same way as neurotransmitters.
Because her mood improved when she took an anti-depressant, Dr. Mendez surmised that Lucy had low levels of the neurotransmitter
Masako had surgery in which her corpus callosum was cut. Masako was most likely suffering from
Kezia is having the electrical activity in her brain measured by having electrodes attached to her scalp. Which of the following procedures is being performed on Kezia?
What did AlfredBinet's first age-graded tests measure?
mental level,mental age.
children testing for a "a six year old item" could be done by 6 year olds but not 5year olds.
The reticular formation is involved in regulating
Attention and arousal.
The only aftereffect that the astronaut felt after his latest orbital flight was a disturbance in his circadian rhythms. Accordingly, he had difficulty with
Waking and sleeping.
What three kinds of intelligence does Sternberg include in his triarchic theory of intelligence?
analytic, creative, practical
Which part of the cerebral cortex is likely to have sustained damage when a patient is able to speak but unable to understand neither his own speech nor what others are saying to him?
Wernicke's area.
Part of Gwen's brain was damaged. She now finds it hard to execute such movements as smoothly getting up out of a chair, effortlessly waving hello to a friend, and gazing sweepingly at the sky. What part of her brain has been damaged?
The midbrain.
Dudley goes to the doctor for a physical exam. During the exam, the doctor strikes Dudley's kneecap, and his leg kicks forward. Dudley, having taken a psychology class, knows that this reflex is controlled by his
Spinal cord.
Pete is one of the best players on the professional tour. In a recent match, Pete lunged for the ball and hit it for a winner. The announcer exclaimed, "That was just a reflex shot that won the point for Pete!" Apparently, the announcer had nev
Heather sees her Aunt Jean at a family reunion. Heather, who is fourteen, has grown six inches taller since the last time she saw her aunt. Jean remarks on how much Heather has grown. Having taken Psychology 100, she attributes Heather's growth to activi
Pituitary gland.
What is a cognitive map?
a mental model that represents familiar parts of the environment
(someone gives you directions and you visualize how to get there in your head)
What is the difference between neurotransmitters and endocrine hormones?
Neurotransmitters are released into synapses, whereas endocrine hormones are released into the bloodstream.
What is measured within the performance scale found in the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale?
7 subtests relating to relationships between objects and manipulation of various materials
What are examples of culturally learned expressions of emotions?
expressions more intense in social scenes than solitary
some tones can be described as more happy or sad
some facial expressions can not be read cross cultures- western vs asian
What emotional expressions seem to be innate, which are learned?
anger, happiness, sadness are universal (Darwin's examples..)
some others are culturally learned or exhibited differently
Which of the following statements about communication in the human nervous system is true?
Charged impulses carry signals within neurons, but neurons use chemicals to communicate with one another.
Why are tests standardized?
so that tests will not be affected by unimportant factors like who gives the test and who scores the test
What are babblings and what are telegraphic sentences?
babblings-first infant sounds that are meaningless but resemble speech
telegraphic sentences- short 2 or 3 word phrases that are to the point (Mommy give. Play toy)
How does divergent thinking and convergent thinking differ?
Divergent thinking is the ability to generate many diff. solutions to a problem.
Convergent thinking is the ability to apply rules of logic to narrow down solutions to a problem.
Has the adoption of children from impoverished backgrounds generally changed their IQs?
Yes, children adopted into higher socioeconomic status generally have higher IQs than those of lower socioeconomic status
What is the James-Lange theory of emotion?
emotions are created by specific patterns of peripheal responses
(anger is associated with increased blood flow to hands and feet, fear is associated with decreased blood flow.)
Because his grandfather is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, Alexander was reviewing the literature on nootropic drugs. Consequently, he decided to recommend them to his grandfather because they
Do improve attention slightly and there are no better alternatives at the present time.
How does formal and informal reasoning differ?
formal reasoning follows a series of steps to reach a known & valid point.
**VS** informal reasoning is how we evaluate a point based on the evidence
To what does the circle of thought refer?
Involves 5 main functions: describing, elaborating, deciding, planning, and guiding action
What is the formula for the intelligence quotient developed by Terman?
divide mental age by chronological age and divide by 100
At 9:50, a bell rings to indicate that class is over, and the students get up and leave. In terms of the three functions of the nervous system, which part of this process is considered output?
The students get up and leave.
Ned the Neuron has a myelin coating on his axon, while Nick the Neuron does not. What is the effect of Ned's myelin coating?
Ned's action potentials occur more quickly than Nick's.
How do the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bullimia nervosa differ?
anorexia is when you consume less and over-work out, bulimia is when you consume a lot and then self-induce vomit or use laxatives
After a bad fall, Bernie damaged some neurons in one area of his brain. How will his brain respond to the injury?
By having nearby neurons sprout new axons to take over lost functions.
Why is incubation useful when faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem?
if you let the problem sit for awhile, incorrect ideas are forgotten and correct ideas can come to mind
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