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Terms Definitions
simple, single
poisoned by oxygen
down, lower, against
embryonic leaves/diploid nutritive tissue
Indoleacetic acid, stimulates phototropism, other responses
Lives season after season
Stem = (2)
Nodes + Internodes
Phylum Myxomycota 
Common Name
True Slime Molds 
Conifers- the most familiar gymnosperms, which include pines, spruces, firs, and others..
Promotes Cell DivisionAlways ONA normal gene that gets mutated can become an _________.
Chemically blended. Solutes dissolve in solvents. Measured in % (by mass) or osmoles. Osmolality: Number of atoms/particles in the solution. Milliosmoles- how measured in the body. Water dissolves a lot of molecules and binds because its polarity.
climate patterns on the global, regional, and local level
atoms of same element, different number of neutrons.
mitosomes lack functional ETC. ex: giardia intestinalis has two nuclei and multiple flagella
–circular band of skeletal muscles form external sphincter, which provides voluntary control of urine release to exterior
a chromosomal mutation, results from the removal of part of the genetic material
concluded that phage injected DNA into bacteria to infect them
All Eukaryotes, Provides cell with energy(ATP) by breaking down glucose. Has it's own DNA and ribosomes.
rapid simultaneous firing or neurons in brain
Glycerol backbone, two fatty acid tails, hydrophilic head, phosphate group, and another polar group.
leaf primordium
a finger-like projection along the flank of a shoot apical meristem, from which a leaf arises
Elevation of the body core temperature to a dangerous and often fatal level is known as __________.
Which of the following only occures during the S phase of Interphase?
A) Replication
B) Transcription
C) Translation
What are Malpighian tubules?
a unique excretory system
telophase 1
2 haploid daughter cells from cytokinesis
Examples of Biofilm damage
Medical equipment, tooth decay
Pubic Lice, pediculosis "crabs"
Infected by an Arthopod
Risk factors for schizo
Maternal malnutritionInfection by Borna virusFetal Oxygen deprivationObstetric or birth complicationPsychoactive Drug use (pcp)Traumatic brain injuryHerpes infection at time of birth
in taxonomy, a group of similar classes; equal in the taxonomic hierarchy to a phylum
a hormone produced in teh pancreas, meant to trigger cells to take up glucose so they can convert the sugar to energy
the readily stainable substance of a cell nucleus, consisting of DNA, RNA, and various proteins, that forms chromosomes during cell division.
physical factor
A feature of the environment that affects organism function and population growth rates but is not consumed or depleted.
Analogous structure
Structure that has a similar function in separate lineages but differs in anatomy and ancestry.
Small Intestine
- Stomach takes 2-6 hours to empty undigested food into the small intestine - Remained of digestion and absorption takes place here - Enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and fats in the small intestine - Blood flows to the liver where nutrients and processed and stored

regulatory transcription factor
proteins that bind to enhansers, silencers, or promoter-proxima elements. 
the protein is used to regulate the activity of the subjects its bound to. 
Cascade of Regulation

Maternal factors -present in egg e.g., Bicoid. Switches on expression of Hunchback

Gap Factors – e.g., Hunchback, regulates expression of other Gap factors eg Krupple, knirp

Pair-rule Factors - e.g.,  Ftz, Eve, Prd. Regulated by Bicoid in combination with Gap factors

Segment Polarity Factors - e.g., engrailed.

Homeotic Factors - e.g., Antp and Ubx. Controlled by Gap factors. Development  of structures (e.g., legs). Regulate expression of structural components etc.  

Define keystone species
Keystone species are species that exerts a strong control on the enviroment.
before RNA can be translated into protein, it first must be exported from the nucleus through a _________
nuclear pore
no natural selection
if certain phenotypes are favored, the allele frequency will chage and evolution will occur
Stage 2
Proton gradient is harnessed by ATP synthase to make ATP
what did dr. campbell mean by pharmalogical superstore ?
rainforest canopy
an animal hunted or seized for food, esp. by a carnivorous animal.
What are some effects of aging on the nervous system?
Sulfhydryl Groups
sulfur atom bonded to a hydrogen atom, can link together via disulfide bonds
An organism with more than two sets of chromosomes.
What is the TWO-CELL mechanism of estrogen production at Follicles?
3 types of prokaryotic genetic recombination
Transformation, transduction, and conjugation.
what does beta galactosidase do?
catalyzes reaction that changes lactose to galactose and glucose (sugar)
cyclic electron flow
A route of electron flow during the light reactions of photosynthesis that involves only photosystem I and that produces ATP but not NADPH or oxygen.
Which of the following is not one of the levels of biodiversity?
population diversity
signal speed of message through mylon sheath
120 meters per second
Dew, fog, high humidity, and rainfall mostly affect vascular plants by
reducing the transpiration rate.
What is the short coming of reductionism?
Disrupting a living organism interferes with its function.  A disected animal nolonger functions. 
conversion is complete when ________
a peptide bond forms between that amino acid and the growing polypeptide chain
These do not function in heredity and their main function is in this.
RNA and protein synthesis.
A secular understanding of the Christ-event(a) Transcends the patriarchal perspective(b) Transcends for each and all humans the alienation between the external world and the Inner Self that is the soul seen as a direct manifestation of the ultimate SOURCE
(c) Both a and b are true
Lyell's book Principles of Geology, which Darwin read on board the H.M.S. Beagle, argued for which of the following concepts?
The Earth's surface is shaped mainly by forces that act gradually and are still acting.
What do signal pathways with multiple steps do?
Amplify the signal and contribute to the specificity of the cellular response.
Negative Feedback Control of Blood Pressure
Sitting up in bed causes a drop in blood pressure in the head and upper thorax
What happens as a result of anaerobic cellular respiration that causes muscles to burn?
Too much lactic acid which causes an increase in K+ ions.
la sombra
le fauteuil
to show
Marilyn Monroe
el exposición
The Library
Jacob Lawrence
School of Athens
a spiral tower.
only height and width
India ink.
Jet black ink.
to be careful, cautious
a full cycle
600 million years
concise visual annocement that provides information through the integrated design of typographic and pictorial imagery.
temple or shrine rasied monumental
What is Joseph Bueys' medium?
evaluation of art basedon facts
makes greater colors and focal points
Madonna of the Rocks
Leonardo da Vinci
Nicola Pisano
re-introduced classical figures in relief sculpture during the gothic period
can be seen from all sides
Metropolitan Kouros, c. 600 B.C., Greek, Early Archaic.
Tint and tones of the same color
The Kabba
in Mecca
Islamic center of the world
The Death of Title
The death of sardanapalus
an informed explanation of the meaning of a work of art
the image or picture on an ad
functional objects
how they're judged: consider beauty, purpose of object as it's meaning, and consider if object works when used
principle of art that is concerned with repetitive decorative surface design
An element of art that is three-dimensional and encloses
orientation of lines or strong linear directions in a work of art that suggest instability or dynamic action
many parallel lines, used to establish value
elements of art
line, shape, form, color, value, space, texture
A plan, or to plan. The organization or composition of a work; the skilled arrangement of its parts.
An effective design is one in which the elements of art and principles of design have been combined to
achieve an overall sense of unity.
drawing objects so that they appear to have depth & are the correct size compared to other objects in the pic
A method of cutting or incising a design into a material, usually metal, with a sharp tool called a graver.
paint or draw with dots or short strokes
Egg tempera
A medium created by mixing pure, ground pigments with egg yolk. This was a very common medium before the invention of oil paints.
A line produced to express an idea, mood, or quality
Christian basilica
an oblong building ending in a semicircular apse; adapted by Christians; Rome's Old St. Peter's
When you use water paint over wax crayon and the two do not mix.
Crayon Resist
Frank Lloyd Wright
workded for Louis Sullivan he is considered to be the greatest American Architect, He invented the Prarie House and translated the organic into architecture
golden rectangle
The ancient Greek ideal of a perfectly proportioned rectangle using a mathematical ratio called the Golden Mean.
The optical illusion of a hue that may be created after the viewer stares fixedly at its complementary hue.
a very slow change from one value to another
nose position
bottom should rest on the bottom 1/4 of the blank. outside edges should line up vertically with the inside corners of the eye
one who is against war or a use of violence
Negative space
the empty space or area that is not drawn on or between the shapes or forms
the element of art that is the path of a moving point through space
Applied or Commercial Art
created to sell a product to a target audience
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