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event handler code(DW)
"body onload="MM_preloadImages('friends.jpg')""
In multimedia authoring systems, multimedia elements and events are often treated as ? that live in a hierarchical order of parent and child relationships.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTP stands for?
Public domain(MM)
material without copyright restrictions
Joint Photographic Experts Group; designation for a bitmap image file format widely used on the web for photo-realistic images; designated by the .jpg file extension
Graphic Interchange Format; a proprietary bitmap image format limited to a palette of 256colors and widely used on the web
a handler
scripting languages operate by processing small blocks of code when certain events occur. such a block of code is called?
vector images
most browsers can't directly display
simple ASCII text files
HTML documents are?
Messages passed among these objects order them to do things according to the ? or modifiers assigned to them.
graphic and text outlines that describe each part of a project in exact detail
Copyright infringement(MM)
using copyrighted material without permission
how multimedia is used in business
1. Presentations2. Training3. marketing/advertising4. product demos5. simulations
mathematical process used to change the color of a pixel to the closest color available on the color palette
A cluster of computers tied together to share files and communications is a(n) ?
which of the following isn't a codec?MPEGDVNTSCCinepakSorenson
28,000 bps
the maximum modulated analog signal that copper telephone lines and the switching equipment at the phone companies' central offices can handle is?
in an image-editing program, look for a tool that uses ? taht can be combined, hidden, and reordered
commercial and business use of the internet wasn't permitted until?
RAM *#
random access memory; main memory chips in a computer that lose memory when power is lost
A particular instance of a multimedia element in Director’s score is called a ?
How the user moves pointers and cursors within the interface.
Hybrid Format(MM)
CD-ROM-playable on both Windows and Macintosh computers
Designing and producing
1. Perform each planned task2. Many feedback cycles with client
optical character recognition (OCR).
3. Software that turns bitmapped characters into electronically recognizable ASCII text is called ?
background layer
most card-based programs have a layer that stays constant behind a layer above it that can be different on all other cards. this layer is called the?
blending audio data with video and other data so that sound remains synchronized with the video
interleaving is?
the video technique that allows you to choose a color or range of colors that become transparent, allowing the video image to be visible behind those colors in the overlying image, is known by all of the following except?blue screenultimatechroma keyinterlacingall of the above are appropriate names
which of the following is a videotape format?GIFDVD-RWComponentYHi-8S-VHS
if your working space is limited, or for laptop computers, consider using?
RAM * #
random access memory; main memory chips in a computer that lose memory when power is lost
a way to form new classes (instances of which are called objects) using classes that have already been defined
a special HTML document created with a special web design
User event(DW)
generic class pertaining to users. It is thrown by UserManager and (potentially) components for signalling changes to userDescriptors and roles.
study of the movement and motion of structures that have joints
linear project
starts at the beginning and runs through to the end
a period
the levels of a domain name are separated by?
helper applications/players.
Programs that are triggered to run or display files that a browser downloads but cannot handle itself are called ?
charge-coupled device
in a video camera, the sensor that pics up light is called a CCD. CCD stands for?
Codec – Ch 8#
digital video and audio compression schemes that code and compress data for delivery and then decode it for playback- the algorithm used to compress (code) a video for delivery and then decode it in real-time for fast playback
Advantages of Png file format**#
- patent-free compression alternative to a GIF and compresses more effectively than GIF- is partial supported by current browsers but not older browsers- encouraged by W3C to use them
Flattening – Ch 8#
interleaving the audio and video segments of a video clip together in a data file- you interleave the audio and video segments together
local area network (LAN).
A network of workstations located within a short distance of one another that allows direct communication and sharing of peripheral resources such as file servers, printers, scanners, and network modems is called a(n) ?
Lossless – Ch 10 #
compression method that doesn't lose data or quality -preserve the original data precisely
Swap Image(DW)
swamp one image for another to create rollover effects or even swap more than one image at a time
Assume that I have created a web page containing frames and have three frames on my page. How many distinct pages will be saved for this page?(DW)
Planning and costing
1. Must begin with an idea2. Plan for skills that will be required – writing, graphic, art, music, and video3. Create a graphic look and feel and a structure of navigational system4. Develop a timeline5. Prepare a budget6. Create a prototype – simple working example to demonstrate the feasibility of your idea
Small Computer System Interface, (SCSI).
The interface system that came installed in all Macs was the ?
Advantages of Gif file format**#
-invtented (patented) to minimize file size- supports 257 colors- best chosen for - large areas of flat color - non-photographic images- transparency ability - work on file to make it blend into background of image- can be animated
Document Relative Link**#
- link that points from a current document to another document within the same directory (meaning the same web account and folders)- this means that if both the referring web page and the destination web page are located in the same directory, only the web page filename is used- possible because browsers look within the current directory first to locate a web page
Marking up – Ch 13#
specifying the look and presentation of a web page by adding tags to a document-the marking up can happen with the help of a web editor such as Dreamweaver or an individual needs to add the tags to get the desired results
Site root-relative link #
points from a referring web page -located in one directory to another web page located within the same web site but in another directory
Frames inspector (DW)
aka panel; gives you a miniature view of the frames within a frameset
Cel animation and keyframes
i. Cel animation - a method of overlaying layers of images and sequencing them into an animationii. Keyframes - the first and last frame of an action1. Cel animation artwork begins with keyframes
Frame – Ch 10#
one in a sequence of bitmapped graphic scenes/images- made up of two field that are interlaced (ch 8)
set-top gaming support
which of these isn't part of the DVD video specification?- 720 pixels per horizontal line- multiple audio tracks- multiple text tracks- set-top gaming support- Dolby AC-3 Digital Surround Sound
all of these:-knowledge of tempos, clefs, notations, and keys-familiarity with musical instruments-an understanding of how music is sequenced, scored, and published
making you own MIDI file requires?
Document Relative Link** #
- link that points from a current document to another document within the same directory (meaning the same web account and folders) - this means that if both the referring web page and the destination web page are located in the same directory, only the web page filename is used - possible because browsers look within the current directory first to locate a web page
Overscan – Ch 8* #
broadcast of an image larger than will fit on a standard TV screen so that the "edge" of the image seen by a viewer is always bounded by the TV'S physical frame, or bezel
Widget – 3 parts(MM)
An object used to hold data and present an interface to the user. A widget is a combination of state and procedure. Each widget is a member of a class, which holds the procedures and data structures common to all widgets of that class. A widget instance holds the procedures and data structures particular to that single widget. Each widget class typically provides the general behavior associated with a particular kind of interaction with the user.
Sans serif font –
type style without a decoration at the end of the letter stroke
MIME-types (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).
To identify the nature of the data transmitted, the Internet uses a standard list of file name extensions called ?
Editable Region (template) (DW)
areas of the web page that will be able to be modified as a template is inserted into a web page
How is a MIDI file created?**
Software creates data about each note as it is played
there is no difference; they are just distinguished for marketing purposes
DVD-Video differs from DVD-ROM in that?
"a href = “file.htm” target = blank"(DW)
open a link in a new window
Use a large video window and a high frame rate.
which of the following isn't recommended for optimal video playback from CD-ROM?- Use a large video window and a high frame rate.- interleave the audio and video segments together- use regularly spaced key frames- use the Sorenson codec- defragment your fiels before burning the master
What is the purpose of a Readme.txt file and what should it contain? (Chapter 18)(MM)
contain a description of changes or bugs reported since the documentation was printed and may also contain a detailed description of the installation process. The clearer and more detailed your installation instructions are, the fewer frustrated queries you will receive from your project's users
Data packets and TCP – Ch 12#
- when a stream of data is sent over the internet, it is first broken down into packets by the Tranmission control protocol - each packet includes the address of the receiving computer, a sequence number, error correction information, and a small piece of your data- after the packet is craeted the internet protocol (IP) takes over and sends the packet to its destination*rules for sending data to and receiving data from the internet (TCP/IP)
What is an RFP and how is it used? (Chapter 15)(MM)
Request for Proposal - detailed documents from large corporations that are "outsourcing" their multimedia development work- document that defines a client's need, requesting a proposed solution
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