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anterior pituitary gland
Terms Definitions
theraputic range for magnesium
hegar's sign
softening of uterus
fluid needs for a newborn
med used to soften cervix
terbutaline sulfate
prevents contractions.
may cause hypotention and tachycardia
posterior fontenelles close @ ____, while anterior fontenelles close @_____
substance P acts on what?
blood vessels
trajectory model

crisis phase
symptoms pose a threat
bradycardia of ____ breaths/min is normal for 6-10 days post partum
anterior pituitary gland secrets___ to produce sperm
late decelerartions
FHR<100bpm occurs as contractions peaks. has a long recovery time.
may be c/b uteroplacental insuff., hypertention, DM, or pitocin adm.
epulis is caused by vaso dilarion brought on by what hormone during preg.
hydatiifom mole
change in placenta causes chroinic villi to turn into grape like clusters.

may cause hyperemessis,
hcg increases
large uterus
yellow staining on brain cause by hyperbilirubinemia
can cause yellow staining on brain
c/d rh incompatibility
corticosteroids may lead to what eye condition?
ability to focus on near objects diminishes w age.
c/b lack of elasticity
causes person to need bifocals.
with the gate control theory activation of the C fibers:
opens gate
abruptio placentae
premature separtion of a normally planted placenta.
once the morula's central cavity fills w fluid it becomes a what?
chorionic villus sampling is done at how many wks pregnant?
What would be the least appropriate choice for a patient on a Na+ restricted diet?
1. Fresh foods such as fruits, meats
2. Oats
3. Rice
4. Canned Soups
canned soups
Gases move from the blood to the alveoli and the alveoli to the blood thru which process?
leopold's manever is used to asses what
fetal lie
this teat is used to i.d. a compromised fetus
reddish area between eyes and neck that blanch under pressure (goes away after 2yrs)
stork bites
hx of >4 pregnancies, long labor, and oxcytocin may lead to post partal hemorrhage d/t:
uterine atony
the inner layer of the blastcyst is called the ____ which develops from ectoderm.
menstration begins @ about ____wks for non breastfeeding mothers and @ about _____wks for breastfeeders
6 &24
TENS unit (3)
1 does not stimulate opiate receptors.
2 it promotes release of endorphines or blocks passage of pain.
3 it acts locally to stimulate non pain receptors in the same area
TB meds may be damaging to what?
Rods and cones
trajectory model

downward phase
focus on adaption of interventions to promote coping and stabilty.
if blood glucose is over ____ then a 3hr glucose test is ordered.
s/s of PIH include
dyspnea, h/a, blurred vision, and n/v.
Best choice for a patient on a low residue diet
1. Ham w/ seeds
2. Poached Egg
3 Green Beans
4. Tomatos
poached egg
the zygote enters the uterus and becomes a what?
morula about 12-16 cells.
flat red marks on eyelids between eyes and neck
telangiectatic nevi flat
general adaption theory
adapting to chronic stress may lead to neg. effects on body system
stimulus based stress model
used to i.d. stressors and predict responses to stress
What is a common cause of acute dysrhytmia?
high or low potassium
progesterone is responsible for what during pregnancy?
relaxation of smooth muscle which decreases uterin contractility.
IV Push Question:
You are treating a patient for whom lidocaine is ordered at 1 mg/kg via IV push. The lidocaine is packaged as a 1% solution containing 100 mg/10 mL. The patient weighs 198 pounds. What is the patients weight in kg? How many mL will you g
IV Push Answer:
90 kg
9 cc
90 mg
proprioception is responsible for what?
body's balance. can be effected by DM or arthritis.
PID is characterized by what?
abd pain, malaise, N/V & fever w leukocytosis.
foul purulent d/c if untreated may lead to backache constipation and menstrual disturbance.
How can you tell if a exercise program is increasing cardiovascular health
decrease in heart rate upon exertion
accutane may lead to what sensory imparment?
Increase in IOP and damage to optic nerve.
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