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President of the United States
Terms Definitions
Barrack Obama
reduction of sentence
25th amendment
presidential succession
total forgiveness of crimes
the purchasing of materials
Appropriations bill
bills involving money/spending
central intelligence Agency
CIA (exec. agency)
Formal accusation against the president or other public official; the first step in removal from office; can be approved by a majority of the House of Representatives.
total electoral votes for IL
secretary treasurer
Who handles money issues?
civil war
President Lincoln justified his unprecedented use of the vague powers granted in Article II of the U.S. Constitution by citing the conditions created by _____. [two words, no spaces]
Art of negotiating with foreign governments
every candidate chooses where he/she will exaggerate his campaign on.
chief legislator
initiates possible legislation and works with Congress to achieve the administration's goals
pardon towards a group of people
Chief Diplomat
Recognizing foreign gov, making treaties, and making executive agreements
Government Corporations
Corporation with executive branch subject to the President's direction and control,
ad hoc structure
several subordinates, cabinet officers, and committees report directly to the president on different matters
President Pro-Tempore
Third successor to the president
How many electoral votes does MA have?
The Founders did not fear a president's using his position to ____ public opinion.
Who is Obama's Secretary of Defense?
Robert Gates
regulatory commission
independent agencies that protect the public by controlling certain types of businesses and industries
an advisory body to the president, consisting of the heads of the 15 executive departments of the federal government.
Cabinet Qualifications
Chosen by president, approved by Senate
Party leader
unofficial head of his political party
are lesser criminal acts which are generally punished less severely than felonies
Mandatory Spending
Spending authorized by law that continues without the need for annual approvals of Congress
Litmus test
An examination of the political ideology of a nominated judge.
a process by which fugitive suspected criminals are returned to the jurisdiction of the prosecuting state.
an agency in the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the safety of civilian aviation
authorization to pass or go somewhere; official permit issued by the government
Dept. of Treasury
Printing money, sets domestic financial, economic and tax policy, manages public debt, collects taxes
How many electoral votes are in the Electoral College?
What does the Executive Branch do?
Enforces the laws
Department of the Interior
This department establishes parks, regulates natural resources, protects fish and wildlife.
a formal agreement between two or more sovereign states, needs Senate approval
Executive agreement
An agreement between the president & the leader of another country
Congressional Budget Office
A counterweight to the president's Office of Management and Budget. The CBO advises Congress on the problems and consequences of budget decisions and forecasts revenues.
head of the executive branch in the united states
The ___ works with the federal budget and monitors spending in hundreds of government agencies. Abbreviation.
Fiscal policy
a government policy for dealing with the budget (especially with taxation and borrowing)
taftian theory
the theory that holds that the president is limited by the specific grants of executive power found in the constitution
Cabinet Secretaries
a group of senior officials appointed by a president, or governor to give advice on policy: Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, Attorney General, Secretary of the Interior, etc.
executive department
a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
Secretary of State
Main goal is foreign policy. Ambassador are the highest ranking US representative in foreign countries, the embassy is the ambassador's official resident and office in a foreign country. A consul represents represents US commercial interest in foreign countries. Their office is called a consulate.
War Powers Act
if Congress does not authorize, President must withdraw troops; may also pass a concurrent resolution which can not be vetoed
An official and periodic counting of a population in order to gather demographic info
a group of people (usually from a single political party) who meet to choose a candidate support in a general election (meeting of everyone in the same party)
National Bonus Plan
Proposal for electing a President by which the winner of the popular vote would receive a bonus of 102 electoral votes in addition to his or her State-based Electoral College votes. If no one received at least 321 electoral votes, a run-off election would be held.
pocket veto
A President's indirect veto of a bill, exercised by failing to act on it after Congress has adjourned
Public opinion
The general opinion of the majority of the country
national security
the ability to keep the country safe from attack or harm
national convention
a convention held every four years by each of the major political parties to nominate a presidential candidate.
spoils system
the opposite of a merit system; people get govt. jobs because they supported the President
A declaration of forgiveness and freedom from puishment for criminals who have been tried and convicted or at least formally accused of a crime.
what is a pardon?
the chief of govt is also commander in chief and chief legislator
War Powers Resolution Act
The president must notify Congress within 48 hours of sending troops into battle; a law passed to limit use of president's use of military powers (think checks and balances)
State of the Union
The President must inform congress each year on the ________________
This secretary helps to enforce all of our nation's laws and works with the states to enforce federal law.
Attorney General
civil service commission
set up a testing procedure to give jobs to the most qualified applicants
Chief of Party
Ensure that their party does well in congressional elections. In hopes of strenghtening a congressional majority. May take part in campain.
This body holds a trial to remove the President
The Senate
superintendent of public instruction
carries out policies of the state board of education. Distributes state funds.
winner takes all
This is how the electoral within a state are divided up in a presidential election
State of the Union Address
the speech the president given before the entire Congress that sums up what is going on in America and pushes his agenda
Executive: Duties: foreign policy director
power to make treaties (with consent of Senate); authority to nominate ambassadors and receive foreign ambassadors.
What is the Spoils System?
practice of giving offices and other favors of government to friends and supporters
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
A federal executive agency that provides recommendations to the President regarding budgetary matters and prepares the budget for review by Congress.
What is the role of the executive branch?
To enforce the law.
President pro tempore (highest ranking Senator)
#3 next in line for the presidency
What are the duties of the Department of Treasury
Promoting economic growth and financial security
Who were the VP and President in 1796
John Adams (federalist) and Thomas Jefferson (Democratic- Republican)
What makes a president successful with Congress?
___ and ideology, ____ policy, and national _____ issues, ____ and popularity
Party ; foreign ; security ; vetoes
What is the punishment for being impeached and then convicted?
1. Removal from Office
2. Can not run again for President
3. Other charges may be brought
How are the electoral votes divided among the states?
Sum of the number of senators and representatives that a state has in congress
if no candidate for pres recieves a majority of electoral votes, what happens
house of reps chooses the pres from top 3 people
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