Characters Catcher in the Rye Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Holden's big brother
Holden's little sister
Holden's roomate at pencey.
a school Holden attended
Edgar Marsalla
Farted during Ossenburger's speech
Elkton Hills
One of Holden's schools
Mr. Vinson
Taught Oral Expressions class
Prostitute whom holden hires through Maurice
Jane Gallagher
Stradlater's date; Holden's childhood friend; never moved her kings
Snobby but talented piano player; phony
James Steele and Rudolph Schmidt
Holden's Aliases
Anne Louise Sherman
one of Holden's ex-girlfriends
Narrator of story/ 16 year old student
Bob Robinson
Actually has an inferiority complex but girls think he's arrogant
Mr. Antolini
Holden's favorite old english teacher. Holden escapes his apartment when he discovers his teacher stroking his hair at night.
Paul Cambell
other friend throwing football at Elkton
Topic of Holden's essay; Mr. Spencer goes over with him
Caby driver, Who holden ask's about the ducks
Ed Banky
the basketball coach; let's Stradlater borrow his car
Holden Caulfield
16 years old, recently expelled from pencey prep, very depressed and sick
Dick Slagel
a former roommate of Holden's from Elkton Hills
Tina & Janine
French singers at the Wicker Bar
Mr. Spencer
Holden's history teacher who's old and sick
The Lavender Room
Cheesy club in the Edmont Hotel
Sally Hayes
Holdens "girlfriend", go on a couple of dates but things dont go well.
Daughter of the Head of school, who clearly knew her father was a phony
Mr. Thurmer
Headmaster at Pencey; "life is a game"
The Secret Goldfish
Book of short stories D.B. wrote
Faith Cavendish
Girl who's phone number Holden gets, she is considered loose.
Paul Campbell
playing football with Holden when Mr. Zambesi stopped them
Mr. Cudahy
Jane Gallagher's "booze hound" of a step-father
the head master of Pencey Prep; tells Holden life is like a game; is a phony
July 18, 1946
The day Allie died; punched out windows of the garage
Kettle Drums
Only part Holden likes about the Radio City Christmas show
Carl Luce
Boy from an old school Holden went too, find Holden immature.
Holden took her on a date, then yelled at her he thought she was a complete phony but made out with her anyway
Where Holden is in a loony bin, D.B. lives there
James Castle
A boy at Holden's old school, Elkton Hills; boy refused to take back something he said (because it was probably true), and the bullies locked him up in a room; he ended up jumping out of the window, and died; he was wearing a turtleneck Holden had lent him (part of Holden is committing suicide); his name was directly before Holden's in roll call/attendance (Castle, Caulfield); Mr. Antolini is only person to pick him up after death
Mrs. Morrow
Mother of Ernest Morrow, boy at pencey prep. (Holden has a conversation on the bus with her)
The Wicker Bar
A bar where Holden meets Carl Luce.
Mrs. Aigletinger
The teacher that used to take Holden to the museum as a kid in elementary school
Lillie Simmons
D.B.'s ex gf; Holden runs into her at Ernie's
Bernice, Marty and Lauren
Three women from Seattle Holden meets at Edmont Hotel Bar.
Pheobe Caulfield
holden's 10 yr old sister, one of the only people holden feels comfortable around, young, mature, neat, good dancer
The kettle drums
in the Radio City show Holden likes the kettle drums because the guy that plays them only has one part but he gets into it and is genuine with his role.
The Lagoon in Central Park South
represens transition/ change; Holden wonders what's going on with the ducks and where they are going to go and wonders the same about himself
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