Characters of Canterbury Tales Flashcards

Terms Definitions
eyes roll
The Skipper
steals wheat, feudal
priest, humble, moral
sells fake relics
Knight's favorite servant
the prioress
Madame Englantyne
The Plowman
Honest worker
The Cook
Excellent cook
Tells the story
Where are they heading?
chivalrous, brave, experienced, successful, humble, good Christian
open sores to body
Immoral Lower Class; Illiterate
the knight
religious wars fought
The Squire
An officer candidate
dyes clothes for a living
Who likes to accumilate gold?
summoned people to ecclesiastical court, church official, puss filled boils on his face, black scaly brows, children were afraid of him, loves garlic, onions, leaks, drinks red wine, spoke in Latin when he was drunk, not very smart, "questio quid juris"(I ask what point of law[applies])", took bribes from people(new all their secrets) wore garland around head
medicine, surgery, natuaral magic, charms and magic effigies, humor and condition, physician, apothecaries, drugs, prescribe, digestives and nutritives, blood-red garments, gold stimulates the heart
Parson's brother; picks up poop
Haberdasher, dyer, carpenter
dress accordingly, unionmen
oxford cleric
student, blunt/concise in conversation, quiet, skinny and poor, only borrows money to buy more books, very smart but never uses it
the monk
devotes time to Christ
The Summoner
Disgusting- carbuncles, pimples, smelly- children ran from him
Kind man; worked with wood
beard, multi-colored dress, beaver hat, buckled boots, told of opinions and pursuits, told of increase of capital, expert at exchanges, none knew he's in debt, stately in administration, loans, bargains, and negotiations, excellent fellow
Land owner, wealthy, very gracious, house of food and wine, table always set
nun/prioress: personality
sentimental, pleasant, tender heart, friendly, soy, well mannered
manciple: job
work at inns of court
Doctor of Medicine
wears red and blue
Middle class: skilled at currency exchange and hiding his own debts
"His arrows never drooped their feathers low and in his hand he bore a mighty bow"
The Host
Several Leadership skills; confident, greets people
lover, soldier, curly locks, 20, moderate stature, agility and strength, some service, did valiantly to win lady's grace, wore embroidered clothes, wore flowers, sang, played flute, wore short gown, well-accomplished, loved hotly, courteous, lowly, servi
The Pardoner
Yellow hair, bulging eyes. Collects profits for himself. Sings and preaches whenever he is in a church. All religious deeds were for money.
pirate; can't ride a horse; expert navigator
the knight's son, feudal, just coming back from war, young, flashy
The Physician
A quack, healed people using astrology, healed everyone that came to him though (weren't that sick), got his drugs to give to them from the pharmacist (conspiracy), he did not read the bible, (-)
The Parson
Priest, poor, worked hard, preached the Gospel, truly religious
monk: personality
modern, personable, loves good food and wine and the taverns
beard shaven closely, legs were lean, like sticks, no auditor could gain a point on him, judged the rain/seeds and grain, trusted with the animals(pigs, horses,etc.), he knew all the tricks, a better hand at bargains than his lord, pleasured his lord with gifts and loans, scot, had a rusty blade, also a carpenter
used money to climb the criminal ladder
didn't join the convent for religious reasons, dresses well (jade rosary beads), speaks with a French accent, high forehead (sign of vanity), fed her dogs white bread and meat, travels with three priests and a nun
very poor, student, love the Bible, loves learning, quiet
The Wife of Bath
Married five times already
Very proper and clean; struggled with keeping up appearance
hunting was his sport, many horses, uncloistered, had greyhounds, sleeves w/ gray fur, gold fashion pin on hood, bald head, shiny skin, fat, but personable, prominent eyes, brown horse
Sergent at Law
knowlageable; pretended to always be busy
The Lawyer
He overcharged for his services, also acted as a judge, he seemed busier then he actually was, knew all the laws by heart that had been passed since the 11th century in England, wore a "medley" coat, (-)
Who has a beard shaped like a spade?
summoner: personality
feared by kids, love garlic, onions, leaks
writer who acts as a reporter during the pilgrimages
The Guildsman
worthy, alderman, wealthy, want to be seen, want to move up in rankings
The Manciple
Is very shrewd (street smart) manages to "pay himself a little extra"
"I saw his sleeves were garnished at the hand with fine gray fur, the finest of the land"
Sergeant of Law
Lawyer appointed by the king; memorized facts
student, thin horse, not fat, had hollow look, bare thread on overcoat, no preference in religion, too unworldly to search for secular employment, preferred books over clothes and music, spent $ on learning, prayed for and thanked them, never spoke more
oxford cleric
The Friar
Very jolly. Had ability to beg and preach in an assigned district. Highly beloved and intimate. Very cold, not lots of emotion. Sang and plays the hurdy durdy. Accepted bribes.
The Clerk
Student from Oxford, has a crummy job, him and his horse were both very skinny b/c he couldn't afford to feed them well, he used his money on books, all around good guy (+)
The Merchant
Pompous, was a loan shark, only talked about times he earned money not when he lost it (-)
yeoman: physical
brown face, nut shaped head, medal of saint christopher, green coat and hood, bow and arrow
The Nun's Priest
The priest of the church who accompanies the nuns so that they may offer up their confessions.
the yeoman
going on journey because he is needed as the only servant
"And he would help the poor for love of Christ and never take a penny if he could help it"
wife of bath
(commoner) :( rich, had 5 husbands, probably killed them all, she had been pregnant before, knows how to have an abortion
The Carpet-maker
makes carpet; like to be seen with all finary and dressed to the "T"; people really making money
carpet (tapestry) maker
one of the 5 guildsmen, made carpets with designs on them (middle class)
The Shipman
A huge, uncouth man who can steer a ship but flounders on his horse.
The Franklin, financier, very hospitable
Kind and gracious. Looked for pleasure in his life. His table was always full of good food.
The Weaver, The Dyer, and The Arras-Maker
All traveling together, all dressed the same, went on this pilgrimage to show off their clothes and get clients (-)
sergeant at the law: physical
wore a parti- colored coat with a silk belt and pinstripe stuff
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