Characters: The Crucible Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Teased, fascinated
Puritans Celebrated Christmas
Giles Corey
Martha's husband
exclusion from the church
- The marshal of Salem.
Ruth Putnam
Putnam's only living child
Ezekiel Cheever
Charged with arresting the witches.
Francis Nurse
wealthy man, enemy of Putnams
someone who does not accept god
Reverend Parris's black slave from Barbados. Tituba agrees to perform voodoo at Abigail's request.
Reverend Hale
Minister from Beverly, another town. Expert in the demonic arts or the finding of witches. Rev. Parris calls him to examine the people of Salem.
Puritans were not allowed to read novels
Abigail Williams
This character is smart, vindicative, and wily- a good liar
Thomas Putnam
A wealthy, influential citizen of Salem, he holds a grudge against Francis Nurse for preventing his brother-in-law from being elected to the office of minister. He uses the witch trials to increase his own wealth by accusing people of witchcraft and then buying up their land.
a wealthy man, accuses people of witchcraft to gain land
Niece of Paris; orphan; mistress of Proctor
John Proctor
Farmer middle thirties. Kind man -powerful of body, tempered, and not easily led. Respected and even feared in salem. Elizabeth is his wife
Elizabeth Proctor
Proctors wife. Extremely virtuous, but often cold. Kicked Abigail out when she found out she was having an affair with her husband.
Judge Hathorne
A judge in the Salem court.
Mary Warren
Servant to Proctor household. Abigail uses her to effectively accuse Elizabeth. John Proctor takes Mary to the court to confess that the girls are only pretending . She is not strong enough to fight Abigail and as soon as Abigail leads the other girls against her, Mary caves and runs back to her side by accussing Proctor himself.
Judge who presides over the trial along with Danforth
Sarah Osborne
Midwife at birth of three Putnam babies who were born dead; accused witch.
Sarah Good
Accused witch, cracks under the strain of imprisonment
Rebecca Nurse
wise, falls victim to the hysteria when the Putnams accuse her of witchcraft and refuses to confess
Marshal Herrick
Appointed by the court to arrest the accused individuals.
Goody Putnam
woman who had 7 of her children killed, she accuses Rebecca Nurse of the murder of her children
Judge Danforth
Deputy Governor & lead judge at Salem trials
Reverend Parris
A minister of Salem who is more worried about his reputation than the life of his daughter or the lives of his parishioners.
Susanna Walcott
Friend to Abigail. She also takes part in the trials by falsely accusing others of witchcraft.
acts as clerk of the court during the witchtrials
Reverend John Hale
A man of learning, nearly forty, tight skinned, eager-eyed intellectual. He repeats what people tell him it makes him appear to be listening closely, considering carefully and giving weight to every claim
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