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Terms Definitions
Carte-de-visite Negative
tyrant heroes
El Lisstisky (1928)
Alexander's personal sculptor
Map of Oaxtepec (Mexico)
Henry Ossawa Tanner
Banjo Lesson
oil on canvas
Post modernism
Brassai (1930)
Untitled (praying mantis)
the main temple chamber
San Nicolas Actopan (Augustinian), Hidalgo
belly amphora
associated with female burials
Michelangelo, 1568 (engraved by Duperac)
Arnulfo Dominguez Bello, El Dolor (Pain), marble
woman symbolized as the civilized world
Eugene Atget (1910)
Mannequins in a Window
the word for temple in latin
roman paitning: still life
1st cen ad
White Temple and ziggurat
Iraq, ca. 3200-3000 BCE
line of color that separates between solid color
the art of needlework (needle and thread stitching) to create a design, usually done by women. Not only does the needlework create an image, but it also can have a texture or depth to it as well.
an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings
Roman Painting: Second Style
100 ~ 15 B.C.
Ashurbanipal hunting lions
the North Palace of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh (modern Kuyunjik), Iraq, ca. 645-640 BCE
Micro-telescopic image
a very small and detailed image
ex. salvador dali's the persistence of memory
A type of Apse, found in Gothic cathedrals. Romanesque builders began to elaborate around the altar by adding curved ambulatory behind it and constructing a series of apses radiating from the ambulatory.
8. Roman Portraiture: Context‐social; Form, Subject matter; Style‐periods
C: Republican Period: Religious, Domestic/social
-receding hairlines
-wrinkles, sunken eyes/cheeks, deep shadows
-crow's feet, brow furls
-laugh lines, naso labial lines
-neck lines
-chin drop
-artistocrats, landowners
Imperial Period 27 BCE- 337 CE, Republican Period 509-27 BCE
Egyptian: Predynastic & Old Kingdom
3,000 ~ 2190 B.C.
Color Field Painting
developed in US
time; mid 1950s and late 1960s
abstract paintings: color and field
flatness of the painting
artists: mark roghtko, barnett newman, robert motherwell
a work of art, usually a painting or sculpture, depicting the virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ on her knees after he has been crucified, where she is bent over in sorrow and grief.
West facade, central portal, right side, reims cathedral
-classical on one side
7. The Bust of Nefertiti: Materials, Provenance‐arch findspot, ownership
M: Limestone, Plaster, Paint
Thutmose's workshop
O: Egyptian Museum in Berlin
Function: Dipylon cemetery ____. (___)
grave stele of Hegeso from Dipylon cemetery, parapet reliefs. (Classical)
Schematic drawing of the church of st. frances
-engage with viewers appealing to memories of their own life
tribe V
H2S positive
Carbenicillin, Ticarcillin
Gram Negative Rods
Gram Positive cocciANaerobic
Capsular antigen
K antigen
natural penicillins
penicillin G
Yersinia pestis causes...
the plague
Klebsiella causes...
pneumonia (chronic alcoholics)
Inhibits prokaryote translocation through the large ribosomal subunit
Neurofibrillatory tangles and acetylcholine alterations in the brain are characteristic of this disease:
Stool Specimen
Selenite F Broth
use organic carbon source.
HA pneumonia
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA
antibiotics, humidifier, suction mucus, oxygen therapy, hydration, and nutrition
which bacilli cause ulcers
Helicobacter pylori
Sequelae of non-typhoid Salmonellosis?
-reactive/septic arthritis
Affects cell membrane permeability; passes thru outer membrane of gram neg, dissolves cytoplasmic membrane; confined to gram neg No longer permeable or recognized
Resist cephalosporin by
Cephalosporinase, beta-lactamase hydrolyze beta-lactam ring to acid to inactivate most common and semisynthetic beta-lactams; constitutive or inducible; altered penicillin-binding proteins; efflux
Hydronephrosis is caused by
Renal calculi
Mac Conkey specimens
stool, sputum, urinary
Peptone nutrient, sheeps blood
CNA agar
recipient (of females)in conjugation
F- cells
antiobiotic susceptibility determination by disk diffusion
kirby bauer technique
diseases caused by fungi are called...
Name the negative coagulase bacteria.
Staphylococcus saprophyticus
Staphylococcus epidermidis
Gran Negative Rodshelical or corkscrew motility
What percentage of latent Mtb infections reactivate into secondary infections?
Which members of the Enterobacteraciae are NOT members of normal human flora?
pathogenic E. coli
Bacillus cereus
Pos;Food poisoning (rice and pulses);Rare- bacteremia (especially in immunocompromised);Some strains produce heat stable toxin in food associated with spore germination.Vomiting w/I 1-5 hours;Others produce a leat liable enterotoxin after ingestion.Diarrh
nucleic acid without a protein coating
The autonomic nervous system regulates internal involuntary functions of the body and is controlled by the
Selective for N. gonorrhoeae
Thayer Martin Agar
Selective for Strep (Beta hemolysis)
SXT agar
EMB Lactose positive color
Dark purple center
source: ALL gram negative bacteria (endo or exotoxin)?
how big are relaxed plasmids?
small plasmids
Substances produced by various species of microorganisms that inhibit or destroy other microorganisms.
Protein synthesis inhibitors
Streptomycin and other aminoglycosides, choloramphenicol, erythromycin and other macrolides, tetracyclines
this member of Enterobacteriaceae is particularly prevalent in large intestine
Trench mouth
Vincent's angina. inflamed bleeding gums
Pneumocystis jiroveci
carinii, LRT infection in immumosuppressed
thick fluid in plerual space, bacterial
Any bacteria that makes you sick.
Spreads through tiny droplets of bacteria in air
which gram negative bacilli cause cholera (rice water stools 20L a day lost)
Vibrio cholerae
These cocci resemble a very short chain and can survive with or without oxygen (faculative).
Pathogenesis of ETEC?
Enterotoxic E. coli (traveler's diarrhea)

adheres to wall of small intestine, no histological changes
secretes plasmid-encoded toxins into mucosa: LT1 cAMP cholera-like toxin + STa heat stable toxin
Adriamycin (treatment of tumors)
Intercalate double stranded DNA
anything that can change for the purpose of an experiment
Hektoen Agar
highly selective for recovery for Enterocacteriaceae (green media). Good for enhanced recovery of Salmonella and Shigella from material with heavy numbers of normal flora.
The observable sign of primary syphilis is/are
A chancre
Salmonella characteristics
gram neg rod, non-lactose fermenter, produce H2S
Inhibits bacteria besides Staph & Strep
CNA agar
T/F all gram negative bacteria produce endotoxin because they have LPS in their cell wall
not transmitted from person to person.
non-communicable diseases
A microorganism that lives and grows in the presence of free gaseous oxygen (O2).
cutaneous mycoses are called
dermatophytoses (ringworm and tinea)
The transposable elements simply move from one location to another location without replicating.
nonreplicative transposition
All protists are...
Eukaryotic, single/many celled, have DNA contained inside of a nucleus
otitis media culture
not usually done, blood, chocolate(H.influenza)
What resistant structure is found in spore forming bacteria and fungi?
the genus and species responsible for Pneumonococcal pneumonia is
Staphylococcus pneumoniae
Name the bacteria that have positive coagulase.
Staphylococcus aureus
Most virulent serotypes of V. cholerae?
O139 "Bengal" (encapsulated)
How are Mtb infections treated?
rifampin (RNA pol inhibitor)
pyrazinamide, isoniazid, ethambutol (cell wall inhibitor)

treat for 6 months

need multiple drugs because high level of multidrug resistance
Pathogenesis of Y. pestis?
systemic infection, disrupts immune response and host cell signaling.

invades via M cell, enters macrophage, is carried to LN.

proliferates in lymph nodes --> lymphadenitis
Streptococcus mutans
Pos; Dental Caries Capable of causing endocarditis
Cell theory
cells are the fundamental units of life and carry out all the basic functions of living things
Citrate utiliatization
tests ability of strain to utilize citrate as a sole carbon and energy source
The hydatiform mole is a benign tumor of the
Which of the following is fungal?
all the above
Which is more characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis?
systemic inflammatory disease
Who are more at risk for osteoporosis?
postmenopausal women
Shigella clinical features....
dysentery, small volume stools, pain pooping, rarely enters bloodstream
Enhance the growth of pathogens that are present in small numbers
Thioglycollate broth
pumps (encoded by plasmids or chromosomes) can actively transport drugs and other chemicals out of cells. These pumps lack of selectivity, one type of pump can expel a broad spectrum of drugs, detergent, and other toxic substances
Multidrug Resistant (MDR)
genetic units that are capable of mediating their own transfer from one chromosomal site to another chromosomal site, from a chromosomal location to a plasmid, or from a plasmid to a chromosome.
transposable elements
can grow between 100C to 500C, but their optimal temperatures usually is between 200C to 400C. Most human pathogens have optimal temperatures between 30- 400C.
superficial mycoses causes:
discoloration or disfiguration of the skin
are usually excluded from the host by competition from the residents. establish themselves briefly in the host when they are acquired
poor gram stain
more than 25 epis, don't culture
sinusitis diagnosis
CT, MRI, culture aspirate of direct sinus puncture(rare), culture secretions(unreliable) treated empirically(symptoms)
What vector is present on the east coast and transits the borrelia bacterium that causes Lyme disease?
What virus can produce lesions on the lip, genitals, and brain?
what does mycobacterium leprae cause
leprosy (common name), Hansen's disease (technical name)
Most infections by E. coli are from person's own flora. What are the two exceptions?
-neonatal meningitis
Which abx are bacteriostatic? What is the relationship between bacteriostatic MBC and MIC?
bacteriostatic: macrolides, tetracyclines

Virulence factors of Staphylococcus epidermis
Extracellular slime (makes biofilm) production may be a marker of virulence and aid in colonization of plastic implants.
Which is the correct order?
Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra
Myasthenia gravis is a neuromuscular disease in which
myoneural junction is diseased
Contains tryptone soybean protein & 5% sheep blood nutrient
Sheep blood agar
ways of altering protein function
heat or heavy metal binding
formation of a peptide bond is also known as
transpeptidation reaction
3 main categories of vaginitis
yeast, bacterial (BV), Trichomonas vaginalis
Because they contain this, they can make their own food through...
Chlorophll and Photosynthesis
bacteria colony
A clump or group of bacterial cells living together on the surface of a petri plate.
Which parasite has been known to cause bladder cancer in chronic cases?
Schistosoma haematobium
name the types of Sporozoa
1. Plasmodium (malaria - anopheles -typically caused by mosquito)2. Toxoplasma gondii (toxoplasmosis - caused by bacteria from cats and effects unborn child in pregnant women)3. Cryptosporidium ( cryptosporodiosis - found in contaminated water)
Epidemiology of Typhoid Fever?

cases, deaths, vector, reservoir?
~400/year in USA
21 million cases worldwide, 200,000 deaths

12-30% fatality rate

CHRONIC CARRIER STATE POSSIBLE --> large human reservoir, may shed organisms for life! *live in gallbladder*

outbreaks assoc w/contaminated H2O, street vendor food
What more common infection does Yersinosis resemble?

Yersinosis is rare; few clinical labs routinely check for it
Patient may have diplopia or dysphagia Incubation period is 8-36 hours.
Because of Clostridium Botulinum infection
Which is an obvious sign of Parkinson's disease?
all of the above
Mac Conkey dye that inhibits gram + bacteria
crystal violet dye
is cell contact required in conjugation?
Yes cell contact is required
significance of normal flora:thought to influence human anatomy and physiology
influence priming of immune system, production of vitamins,lifespan
What roundworm is often associated with hospitals and immune-compromised people?
Strongyloides stercoralis (just think that hospitals are supposed to be sterile)
What vaccine is used to prevent meningitis caused by Neisseria meningitidis?
MCV4 -  meningococcal conjugate vaccine
Mechanism of cholera toxin action?
B subunits bind to host GM-1
A1 cleaved from A2 via reduction of disulfide bond

A1 enters host cell, ADP ribosylates G-protein --> Adenylate cyclase ON, +cAMP --> + intestinal permeability.
enzyme needed for fermentation of lactose
beta galactoside permease and beta galactosidase
T/F both ionizing radiation and UV function by causing DNA breaks
false, UV causes thymine formation
Define dietary reference intake (DRIs)
is the current standard for measuring nutritional adequacy and is composed of four nutritional values
Protists are seperated from monerans(bacteria) because they...
Are more complex, their life processes are carried out in organelles such as chloroplasts, mitochondria, and vacuoles, and they have genetic material(DNA) in the nucleus instead of just floating around in the cytoplasm
Function of H. pylori urease?
Urea + H2O --> CO2 + <B>2 NH3</B>

-protects Hp from stomach HCl
-causes cell damage
-nitrogen source for bacteria
Which is thought to result in osteoporosis?
lack of dietary calcium and exercise
why are microbes important in the body?
- needed for normal intestinal development - significant source of vitamins - stimulate development of host defenses - essential in caries formation and gum disease - antagonistic against pathogens - facilitate completion of ameba life cycle in gut
Explain how dietary reference intakes are calculated and how they can be used to access a patients health
-Are calculated based on: EAR, RDA, AI, UL
-Determines whether the patient needs to increase/decrease/maintain their dieting in order to obtain the correct amount of nutrients
How does Shigella travel from cell to cell?
IscA protein causes actin condensation behind cell to propel it into neighboring cells.
Tetanus is caused by a soil organism which is a
bacterium not requiring oxygen to live
What is the difference between HA MRSA and CA MRSA?
HA MRSA is Hospital associatedCA is Community Associated
What parasite forms cysts in brain and muscle?
Tanea solium (kind of a repeat question)
What does it mean when two abx have additive effects in therapy?
combined activity is equal to sum of individual activities.
port 22
cerumen is
scans the drive immediately
basic input/ output system
helibacterpylori causes
gastric ulcer disease
copy /a
ASC II text file
releases the current DCHP address
the sweetheart retractor is the
what maintains equilibruim
the semicircular canals
Isopyopyl alcohol
Used to clean a CPU
provides services for file transfer and manipulation
A systematic approach to locating the cause of a fault in a computer system
which position is best for hysterectomy
when suturing the periostuem which type of suture would be preffered
position of choice for tonsillectomy under anesthesia is
the basic living, structural & functional unit of the body is the
ketone bodies are produced by the
what type of suture is surgilon
the thalamus & hypothalamus together for the
ATX connector
(advanced technology extended)
20 or 24 pins
Optical drive
A storage device that reads and writes information to CDs and DVDs
What uses a PS/2 cable?
Mouse and keyboard
Heat sink
Draws heat away from the CPU
How do I change a group name?
which type of suture would not generally be used in the presence of infection
self retaining catheter often used for suprapubic bladder drainage and stomach drainage
inhibin is produced by
the sertoli cells (sustentacular)
if an anaerobic culture cannot be taken to pathology immediately it should be
what can hppen if tissue ois approximated too tightly
when does intubation occur
during the induction phase
which skin prep solution must be allowed to dry before electrocautery is used
the davidson scapula retractor is used during which procedures
propanolol hydrochloride is useful in
stabilizing ventricular fibrilation
where is escherichia coli found
the intestinal tract
microorganisms that live in the crevices & folds of the skin are
resident microrganisms
an oscillating saw moves from
side to side
what laser is used for retinopathy
argon laser
what type of specialty equipment uses liquid mitrogen
what is produced in he seminiferous tubules
where are sperm produced
in the seminiferous tubules
the capillary network of blood vessels located within the renal cortex that functions as a filter is the
info about users who have logged onto the system
What would be used to secure a companies wireless network?
TTL calculation
effectively a count of the maximum number of lines to the destination host
virtual real mode
 allows a real-mode application to run within a protected-mode operating system
2 ounces is equivalent to
60ml (1oz = 30ml/cc)
a tumor affecting the medulla of the adrenal gland causing an overproduction of adrenaline is
which portion of the stomach surrounds the superior opening of the stomach
the cardia
what layer of the three layer dressing absorbs the secretions
the inferior and posterior part of the nasal septum is formed by the
the middle portion of the pharnyx is the
where are the vocal cords housed
in the larnyx
what is the most common brain disorder
cerebrovascular disorders
the response that reverses changes in the bodys internal enviroment is
negative feedback
what is the proper range of intraop pressure during a lap procedure
what type of atraumatic clamp would be used for GI
what type of procedure would a joseph elevator be used for
which position is the patient placed in for a nephrectomy
lateral side
what fluid is found in the membraneous labryinth
where are most substances absorbed
in the small intestine
which cranial nerve regulates secretion of gastric juices
the vagus (X) nerve
the large bony process found on the femur is the
which bones form the greater portion of the sides and roof of the mouth
parietal bones
which valve is located between the left atruim & ventricle
the mitral
Path to change settings in boot.ini
right click MY COMPUTER>PROPERTIES>ADVANCED TAB in start up & recovery area select SETTINGS>OK>EDIT
Windows XP 64-bit Edition
used for computers with 64-bit processors
Molex power connector
provides the optical drive with power from the power supply
What report is ran when you create a price file?
a swaged needle is also known as a
stick tie
tissue trauma is best minimized using a
swaged on suture
what type of needle would be used on delicate nerve tissue
the neuron is the basic unit of which system
what ensures that the eardrum vibrates freely when struck by soundwaves
the eustachian tube
what is the name for the spatula
allison lung retractor
the pennington clamp is used during which proc.
urinary & rectal
how often should a tourniquet on the lag be deflated
11/2 hours
what type of catheter would be used to remove an embolus
the function of the small intestine is
digestion and absorbtion
the conducting fiber running from the AV node to the intraventricular septum is the
bundle of his
for a kidney op what is the operative position
the shaft of the bone (long, main part of the bone) is known as the
a wound which closes by contraction of a secondary growth of epitheliuim is
secondary intention
which type of dressing is ideal for neck procedures
stent dressing
what is used to configure a pc to run at 100%?
Windows Vista Ultimate
used on computers to combine all the needs of both home and business users
Corporate Bond security type is missing? How do we add back or create?
In Security Type, EDIT/Insert Line/
TYPE CODE = cbus; TYPE NAME = Corporate Bonds; INCOME TYPE = interest; INCOME CURRENCY = US; Check BOXES: Bought/Sold and Matures/Expires; Zero Market = NO; Settlement Lag = 3; Qty: Max...Income Tab:BOND TYPE = bond; Freq = semiannual; Accrual Calendar = 30/360; CHECK BOXES: Pay on Month End & Trade with Accrued Interest; Amortization: Never Amortize & Scientific; YIELD: CHECK BOX Simple Interest in Last Period...Reports Tab: Gain Class: Normal; Holding Period = 12; Asset Class = Fixed Income; CHECK BOXES: Subject to Fed & State Tax; Show on Reports = Yes; Valuation Factor = 0.01; Price Code 1 = B.
tensile strength is the
measure of the weight required to break a surure
from where does the pulmonary artery arise
from the right ventricle
stapes covers the
oval window ( the opening between the middle and inner ear)
ulnar nerve damage could result from
use of an unpadded armboard
which cells secrete the male hormone testosterone
the cells of leydig
in prone position which nerve could be compressed against the humerus
the radial nerve
what i used to irrigate the eye & keep the cornea moist
from where is glucagon & insulin secreted
the islets of langerhan
what is triclosan used for
common skin prep for the eye
what is the name for the area between the lungs
the mediastinum
Which group should a user be added to in order to restore files without granting ownership privileges?
back up operators
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
starts windows and loads the command prompt insstead of the gui
 mode of operation
to the capability of the CPU and the operating environment
Power supply installation steps
1 Insert the power supply into the case
2 Align the holes in the power supply with the holes in the case
3 Secure the power supply to the case using the proper screws
What Unsupervised Asset transaction can affect performance?
When cash is deposited a Supervised cash account.
what is meperidine hydrochoride (demoral) used for
a short acting opioid narcotic given intramusculary for premedication
where do sound waves collect
in the external auditory canal then they pass on to hit the tympanic membrane
what needle is used most often on bowel & subcutaneous tissue
a curved tapered needle
what is the key elevator used for
to elevate periosteum from bone
why are the arms not crossed in supine position
interferes with respiration
what are he cauda equina
the end roots of the spinalcord (horses tail)
What do you need to install to make a server the main server?
an Active Directory.
Odd First coupon date, what does it tell you about succeeding coupons?
Based from first coupon date.
after inserting foley catheter and BEFORE inflating the balloon - what should be confirmed
urine flow from bladder thru catheter & drinage tube into collection device
what can happen of retractors are improperly placed during a pelvic procedure
the femoral nerve can be damaged
when should urine flow be checked on a indwelling foley catheter
after insertion BEFORE inflation
an example of synarthroses would be
the sutures of the skull (immovable joints)
what is a tenckhoff catheter used for
to infuse chemotheraputic agents into abdomen (peritoneal cavity) to act on abdominal tumor
when opening a sterile containet the unsterile person should
open the corner farthest from them
What effect does checking the Subject to Splits box in the Basic Tab have on the BOND TYPE of the Income Tab?
It automatically changes the Bond Type to "no".
what are the names for the layers of an artery
tunica adventitia, intima & media
what is the lambotte used for
to cut bone ( obtain a bone graft)
where are coagulation factors synthesized
in the liver & released into the blood plasma
What is a Customs label?
It is found in the Customs Tab in the Settings box.

1) Default (pre-populated)
2) Not pre-populated but known by Axys
3) User defined
the uterus is held in place by which 4 ligaments
broad, uterosacral, cardinal & round
Challenge question: How do I pay a mgt fee of $750 (flat fee) to all my portfolios? Will be paid from a default income cash account?
In the Trade Blotter, enter: @master dp epus manfee date date trd amt:750 caus $income
why is a bolster used during c - section
to prevent pressure on the inferior vena cava
What is a strike price (Mutual Fund distributions)
The price that will be used that day to purchase shares.
what happens if you put tissue in formalin or saline
it alters the tissue, do not use for frozen section
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