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Terms Definitions
A__________breaks the development cycle into series of tasks.
Rules of programming languages are.
SGML is device-independent and system-independent.
Is snarled, unstructured program logic.
Spaghetti Code
A pictorial representation of the logical steps it takes to solve a problem
Placing a structure whithin another structure,
Any arrangement of multiple computers used to support specific services or applications
Marks each element in a document
Any variables not declared within functions have local scope.
JavaScript ____ most occurrences of white space.
The entire set of actions an organization must take to switch over to using a new program or set of programs.
This method exectutes, the text in qutoes within the parenteses is displayed in the Console window and the insertion point is positioned at the end of the text.
This Structure provides a conveniant alternative to using a series of decisions when you must make choices based on the value stored in a single variable.
Case Structure
A few internal storage locations that are each capable of holding a single instruction or data item. Registers store data or instructions that are needed immediately or frequently.
A computer system that manages shared resources, such as file system, databases, Web sites, printers, and high speed CPU'S, and allows users to access these resources over a local or wide area network.
The style to define the background color is backcolor: color
The Boolean values are on and off.
Like selection list items, only one radio button can be selected at a time.
This stores the results of any calculation preformed on its right side to the named location on its left side.
Assignment Statement
An extension of the If...Then...Else structure in which more than two alternatives exist
Select Case Structure
The format fo naming variables in which multiple-word variable names are run together, and each new word within the variable name begins with an uppercase letter.
Camel Casing
This allows a, is identified by th programmer to represent many values of the same type with one variable name.
Offers two actions, each associated with one of two possible outcomes it is also called an if-then-else structure
Dual-Alternative, Binary Selection
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
A general-purpose processor that executes instructions and controls all data movement in the computer system.
Six Human Needs
Four Primal
1. Certainty
2. Variety (uncertainty)
3. Significance
4. Connection / Love
5. Growth
6. Contribution
The bgcolor attribute of the body tag is the preferred method for adding a background color to a page.
Type of path that provides a precise location for a file
It is generally good practice to use at least three different font faces within a page.
____ buttons can be placed into a group so that selecting one deselects all of the others.
Contains two or more decisions; if at least one condition is met, the resulting action takes place.
OR Decision
This method addtionally starts a new line after writing information to the Consol window
Console.Write line() method
This indicates that the line of code continues on the next line and is used to increase the readibility of code.
Line-Continuation Character
This value is one that is assigned after all test conditions are found to be false.
Default Value
This operator requires only one of two or more conditions to be true for the compound condition to be true.
Or Logical Operator
These type of programs are english like
High-level programming languages
Primary Storage
Also referred to as main memory, or simply memory. A running program moves instructions and data continually between main memory and the CPU.
Used in a mailto URL after the email address
a working draft of html in the draft stage, support for emerging online technology
If you have four <td> tags in each table row, that table has ____ columns.
A link can open a document on your computer or a document on a computer anywhere in the world.
A namespace id can be any string of characters so long as it uniquely identifies the document namespace.
Used to assign the desired value to a variable
Assignment Statement
Used to divide two numbers and then return the remainder of the division operationn as an integer.
Mod operator/Modulo operator
Evening Questions
1. What did I learn today?
2. How did I contribute today?
The main function of this is to declare to Visual basic the necessary information about the allocation of storage locations in memory for array use in a program.
Dim statement for arrays
Levels of Responsibility for our Operations
1. Business
2. The Job
3. The Busy
Areas of Staff Training & Personal Development1.
1. Martial Arts (300 hrs/yr)
2. Business
3. Personal Finance
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