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Terms Definitions
alcohol compound
Smoke detectors use.
Least electricity conducted
allotrope of nonmetallic element
Mg(C2H3O2)2 magnesium acetate
Correct name?
Quantum theory
Electrons as waves
VSEPR theory
Predicts molecular shape
Student prepares gases lowest percent
Lewis structure bond order 4/3
Cannot be a complex ion
2 pi bonds 9 sigma bonds
Strongest base? NaClO, NaClO3, NaBrO3, KClO3, KClO4
A - B
Activation energy (has chart)
Transition-state theory
Molecules undergo collision and rebound
+0.19 V
Cell voltage for the reaction
linear measurement
SI Unit: meter use: meterstick
SI Unit: joule metric unit: calorie
SI Unit: m^3 metric unit: liters
increasing the temperature
not necessarily yield more product
triangular planar structure
Geometry of NO3-1 described as
most ionic based on positions of atoms
substance that increases the rate of reaction w/o itself being used up in the process
involves heating a solid until it passes directly from solid phase into gaseous phase
heat is released by the reaction -change in heat
heat is absorbed by the reation +change in heat
Potassium nitrite
Dissolves to a pH greater than 7
0.022 mol L-1 s-1
Represents disappearance of reactant in kinetics (has chart)
pH of 0.01 acetic acid is close to
Equilibrium law for Na2CO3 + 2HCl <> H2O + CO2
50.0 mL HCl mixed 25.0 mL NaOH. pH?
intensive property
property that doesn\'t change when you take away some the sample
Charles Law
when the pressure is held constant, the volume of a fixed mass of ideal gas is in direct proportion to the temp in Kelvin
positive slope London forces
boiling points aldehydes. Graph versus number of carbon in aldehyde
increase in pressure increases boiling point
Phase diagram below (pressure/temperature)
Techinques used to separate a mixture:(5)
sublimation, extraction, decantation, filtration, evaporation
HC2H3O2 + 2O2 -> 2CO2 + 2H2O
Know this equation (Second)
addad a base to an acid until all the acid is neutralized
-6.25 liter atmospheres
Gas has volume of 2.5 L. Work involved in process?
Law of Dulong & Petit
atoms of all simple bodies have exactly the same capacity for heat, mass of water x specific heat of H2O x change in temp of water/ mass of the substance x change in temp of atoms = specific heat
Calculate % recovery in an experiment:
weight of recovered solids/weight of initial mixture
the density of the solution
KNO3 0.564 molal. What piece of info is needed?
Rates of reaction are dependent on what 5 variables? How does their change affect the rate of reaction?
1)nature of reactants- some compunds are more reactive than others
2)concentration- in most reactions, the rate increases when the concentration of either or both reactants is increased
3)surface area- an increase in the surface area of a solid will increase the rate of reaction
4)temperature- increasing the temp makes the reactants more energetc every time the temp increases by 10 C, the reaction rate doubles
5) catalyst- any substance that increases the reaction rate w/o being used up
How does temperature affect density?
When a liquid or a gas is heated, the molecules move faster and move apart, reducing density. The opposite happens during cooling.
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