Chem Practice Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Brosted acid/bas
Half-life of 4.5
square planar
d2sp3 is?
rate of reaction
Will disolve in C6H14
Lewis structure with sp3d
Phosphoric acid
Found in cola
aqueous solution amphiprotic substance
Which is optically active?
Rate law
Depends on chemical reaction
Molar solubility of iron(III) hydroxide
Compound sodium dihydrogen phosphate trhydrate g mol
Makes a red flame/Maniac depression
HNO2, Ka=7.1x10-4
0.1 solution of sodium salt
K, Ca, C, F
Decreasing atomic radius
Rate the following oxo acids. Strongest?
a single-replacement reaction
Sodium metal with water
all of the above
Water is unusual
SI Unit: kilogram metric use balance
Calculate: % error
actual value-calculated value
actual value
container w/ insulated walls that prevents rapid heat exchange btwn the walls and its surroundings
(delta)S must equal (delta)H
Not necessary to boil
Sulfur dioxide
Gas that reacts as an acid
Ideal gas law
Necessary to determine molar mass
activation energy
minimum energy necessary for the reaction to happen
specific heat
intensive physical property, is the quantity of heat in cal necessary to raise the temp of 1 g of substance by 1 C
this separates a liquid from an insoluble solid sediment by carefully pouring the liquid from the solid w/o disturbing the solid
uses a solvent to selectively dissolve 1 or more components from a solid mixture
Kb values for weak bases. Buffer pH 8.9
Percent composition
Without a mass spectrometer what to do?
0.010 M pH 9.85 pKb of weak base?
molecules collide less frequently
Decreasing pressure of NH3 causes
5 grams of element and 19.5 of chlorine forms oxide M203
BaCl2 2H2O
Barium chloride. Formula? Molar mass = 208.2
Largest out of Li, Cu, Na, Fe, Am
formula for equilibrium constant
where the [] indicate mols/L at equilibrium
process of heating a mixture in order to drive off a volatile liquid
this separates a solid from a liquid through the use of a porous material like a filter
silver sulfate and barium hydroxide
Calcium chloride reacts with what?
2.4 hours
Helium takes 36 min. How much sulfur dioxide?
Kinetic molecular theory
Gases as particles. Rapid and elastic. Temperature.
Conservation of Energy
energy is being neither created nor distroyed, only changed from one form to another and the total amount of energy is constant in a closed system
effective collision
a molecule collision that results in a reaction
2Cl- + 2H -> H2 + Cl2
Know this equation (First)
OH- + H2SO3 -> H2O + HSO3-
Know this equation (Third)
BaCO3 2H+ > Ba+2 H2O CO2
barium carbonate with hydrochloric acid
back titration
adding excess base to an acid and then adding acid until the excess base is neutralized, counting how much acid was added will tell how much base was neutralized by acid in the 1st reaction
Law of Constant Composition
any pure chemical compound that is made up of 2 or more elements in the same proportion by mass
empirical formula of an oxide:
weight of metal/ g/mol: weight of oxygen/ g/mol
H2S(g) Co+2(aq) > CoS(s) 2H+(aq)
net ionic for cobalt (II) nitrate with hydrogen sulfide gas
Empirical formula of a hydrate:
mols H2O/ moles of anhydrous salt= 1: ration of H2O
will be low because the volume measure is too low
Chemist looks upward initial and downward final
calculate volume of water drawn into a flask (v/t=v/t)
boilng point of water= T2 room temp= T1 volume of flask= V2, V2-V1= volume of water
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