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Terms Definitions
A(n) ____________________ gradient blends the colors from one point to another in a straight line.
____________________ sounds are synchronized with the Timeline and begin playing as soon as enough data has downloaded.
To change an object’s characteristics, you first need to select the object using the selection tools.(T or F)
In a(n) ____________________ tween, you create motion by defining changes in the content using keyframes.
____________________ means that the user has some level of control over the movie.
A(n) ____________________ is an element in Flash that has properties that can be examined or changed with ActionScript.
With a ComboBox component instance added to the Stage and its parameters set, the next step is to add ____ code to make the instance operational.
Given the statements in the accompanying figure, if no match exists, the qtrText variable will contain the value "Fourth Quarter". (T or F)
A(n) ____________________ is a line used to align objects that can be moved to a specific part of the Stage using the rulers as reference.
In ____________________ undo, the steps you undo affect the entire document.
Document Level
Each ____________________ of a symbol in a document can be edited without changing the symbol in the document’s library.
The ____________________ tool changes the attributes or properties of a stroke, or it applies a stroke to anobject that has no stroke.
Ink Bottle
Tweened animations tend to produce larger-sized files than frame-by-frame animations.(T or F)
When animating individual letters, it is not necessary for individual letters to reside on their own layers.(T or F)
With ActionScript, you create ____ that tell the movie what action to take when a certain event occurs.
Semicolons are used to end ____.
____________________ data is a series of characters, such as letters, numbers, and punctuation, and is always enclosed in quotation marks.
A ____ is approximately 1000 bytes.
Which of the following methods from the PrintJob class will Lisa use to pass a print job from her project to the operating system of the computer on which the Flash document is being viewed?
With the ComboBox instance, the ____ parameter determines how many rows to allocate to the drop-down list.
An advantage of bitmap files over vector graphics is that they are typically smaller.(T or F)
When drawing objects, you can specify the colors for the lines and shapes but you must do so before you
draw them.(T or F)
a thin ____ line sorrounds grouped objects to show that they are selected
True or False: The History panel displays the steps for up to five open documents
____ combines all of the individual elements of your document into one graphic.
The ____ in your document are characterized as having one of three types of behavior.
To create a rectangle with specific dimensions and a specific corner radius, select the Rectangle tool, press the ____ key as you click the Stage, enter values in the Rectangle Settings dialog box, and then click the OK button.
To create a tweened animation, you need to create the graphic elements for the animation in each of its individual frames.
The item marked ____ in the accompanying figure is a keyframe.
A sound waveform, which is a representation of the sound, is displayed in a frame when you add it to a document.(T or F)
The Break Apart command is available on the ____ menu.
The ____ format for Flash movies produces very small sound files, retains very good sound quality, and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers.
With the Color panel, you specify linear or radial gradient as the fill style and then select the colors for the gradient.(T or F)
One way to determine a site’s contents is to develop a(n) ____ with categories and subcategories.
A(n) ____________________ is a word or phrase that already has a specified use or meaning in ActionScript and cannot be reused in another context in a statement.
Single line comments are indicated by two backslashes. (T or F)
When referring to text in an expression, it is enclosed in parentheses. (T or F)
Dynamic text cannot be changed after the document plays in the Flash Player. (T or F)
____ refers to reducing the size of the file by removing redundant data.
If students are looking to access commands for most of the Flash program’s features, where will you direct them?
Application bar
When you are ready to deliver content for viewing by end users, you publish the Flash document as a(n) ____file.
A published document is in the ____ file format and is called a Flash movie.
True or False: You can edit the individual elements of the image in an exported file
Once you create a symbol, you must then manually add it to the document’s library.(T or F)
When you need to revise a Flash document, you open the SWF file.(T or F)
You can quickly close a document by pressing the ____ keys.
You can turn on the ____________________ modifier in order to draw a perfect circle with the Oval tool.
Snap to objects
Layer names cannot include ____.
None of the above
The Flash Player treats all of the scenes in a SWF file as one long Timeline.(T or F)
In creating his animation, Aaron would like to be able to compare one frame's contents to the previous frame'scontents. You suggest that he turn on a feature that displays more than one frame at a time on the Stage. Whatis the name of this feature?
Onion Skinning
You can animate one object to move across the Stage on one layer while at the same time another object on another layer rotates and increases in size.(T or F)
Drag the item marked ____ in the accompanying figure to change the x-axis.
Now that Aaron's Flash document is becoming more complex, it is becoming increasingly difficult for him tomanage all of its elements. You recommend that he use the panel that displays all of a document's elements ina hierarchical view and allows you to ma
Movie Explorer
When Sana clicks her button with a mouse and then releases it, what is the term Alanna uses for this action?
To use a button symbol in your document, you need to create a(n) ____ of the button symbol.
You can create a motion tween that starts the object at an alpha amount of 0% and changes it at the end of the tween to 100%, which will make the object appear to fade out of view. (T or F)
A gradient will only be stored with the current document. (T or F)
The navigation buttons in a Flash Web site must include obvious visual clues that indicates how the buttons can be used to navigate the site. (T or F)
The first SWF file loaded into the Flash Player is loaded at level ____.
To handle button events, you use the ____ event handler.
To examine the total number of bytes loaded, you can use the totalBytes() function.(T or F)
If you publish video content to Flash Player 8 or higher, then Flash uses the ____ codec.
On2 VP6
When the user clicks an item in a ComboBox drop-down list, the value associated with the item can be checked using ____ code.
The item marked 3 in the accompanying figure is the ____ control.
Fill color
Changes you make to the grid are not saved once you close the currently active document.(T or F)
Megan has drawn a series of lines that together comprise the outlines of a piece of stained glass. She isconcerned that the lines might move apart accidentally. After selecting the individual lines, what keys doesshe press on the keyboard?
True or False: When you are ready to place the image from an FLA file in a Web page, it needs to be published or exported.
True or False: The box shown with the handles in the accompanying figure is a selection box
To verify spelling in each text block in a document, you use the ____________________ command.
Check spelling
Motion tweening is used to change a shape into another shape over time.(T or F)
False; shape
You can press the ____ key to select the Free Transform tool.
If the Text Mask layer has a padlock icon in the ____ column in the Timeline, click it to unlock the layer.
When the pointer is right on top of the button, the content in the ____ frame is displayed.
When you place an action in one frame that causes the animation to go back to an earlier frame, the frame action is indicated by a small ____ in the frame.
Which of the following commands places an instance of an imported bitmap on the Stage?
Import to Stage
You can press the ____ keys to publish a document.
You can create a new document by clicking Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) in the ____ section of the Start page.
Create New
You next show Aaron how he can use buttons to represent links to external Web sites. When the viewer clicks a button, a browser window will open, displaying an external Web site. In the functions that he writes for this purpose, Aaron needs to create an
You can use the ____ as a notes or storage area as you develop Flash documents.
You can press the ____ key to insert a keyframe at the selected location.
Rita is aware that she can modify a motion path with the Selection tool. However, she is unsure about whetheror not she can use other tools. Which of the following tools (if any) can be used to modify a motion path?
Subselection Tool
You can press the ____ keys to open or close the Info panel.
If a text block has only one letter, the ____ command needs to be applied only once to convert the letter into a fill.
Break Apart
In an action, the name of the SWF file must be enclosed in ____.
When you use the name of an object in the Actions panel, and you type the first few letters after the ____ the matching code is highlights in the code hints list.
Linda is looking at a series of frames. How can she confirm that a motion tween has been applied?
Both A and B
To specify a color for the gradient, click the color pointer for the color you want to change, and then ____.
Any of the Above
To use the ActionScript printJob class to control printing within the Flash Player, the first step is to ____.
Create an instance of the PrintJob class
If you want to see each instance of the symbols used in a document, click the ____ button in the accompanying figure.
Show movie clips, button and graphics
Joe is going to produce a bitmap animation for his introductory Flash class. Which of the following do you
tell him to expect?
a. His animation can run for a long sequence.
b. His animation will be limited to a small display size.
c. His animation wil
B. His animation will be limited to a small display size.
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