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Terms Definitions
The ____________________ stores symbols you create for a document.
Downloaded components are installed using the Adobe ____ Manager.
A(n) ____________________ symbol has its own four-frame Timeline.
____________________ are used to organize the content of your document.
Some actions require additional settings called ____.
A(n) ____________________ assigns the result of a calculation to a variable.
Videos imported using the Linked QuickTime video for publishing to QuickTime must have the ____ extension.
The ____ component displays a drop-down list from which the user can make a selection.
The ____________________ tool is used to select strokes or fills and can also be used to select a group of objects.
Layers are displayed in the document’s Timeline.(T or F)
Each ____________________ of a symbol in a document can be edited without changing the symbol in thedocument’s library.
A(n) ____________________ is a special graphic effect, such as a drop shadow, you can apply to move clips, buttons, and text.
Graphic symbols, unlike movie clip instances, always start playing from their first frame.(T or F)
The ____________________ frame of a button contains the button’s default state.
Areas of contrasting color are converted to lines and curves when you convert a bitmap to a vector.(T or F)
During streaming, a client computer may play all of the loaded frames and then have to wait for additional frames to load if a particular frame has a large amount of content, such as bitmap images.(T or F)
All objects in ActionScript are defined by ____.
____ the item indicated in the accompanying figure to display the User Interface components.
Before compressed video can be played, it has to be decompressed with a decoder program, also known as a(n) ____________________.
With the ComboBox instance, when the appropriate parameter is set to ____, the user can update the items in the list.
The item shown in the accompanying figure is the Color ____.
True or False: The selection handles in the accompanying figure are the same as the anchor points used with the Pen tool and Subselectionm tool
The item marked ____ in the accompanying figure to create a new folder.
The ____ tools create rectangles with modifiable corners and ovals that can be changed into pie shapes or halfcircles.
Every Flash document starts with one scene.(T or F)
The simplest and quickest way to create a motion tween is to apply a(n) motion preset to an object selected on
the Stage and let Flash create the necessary elements for the animation.(T or F)
A(n) ____ space is created by including the z-axis as a property of a movie clip instance.
With onion skinning, the content of the current frame appears dimmed.(T or F)
A(n) ____ sound plays independently of the Timeline.
The ____ command saves the export settings you select with the document.
Flash documents targeted at users with slower Internet connections should include few, if any, ____ graphics.
When using pictures in a Flash document, the first step is to determine the ____ of the area in the Flash document where the pictures will be displayed.
To copy symbols from an existing document, you open the document’s library as a(n) ____ library.
The entire item shown in the accompanying figure is the ____ statement.
In ActionScript 3.0, unlike in version 2.0, you can add actions to a button instance.(T or F)
Static text can change. (T or F)
Creating an input form requires the use of ____________________ text and input text.
When a video is deployed with the Progressive download from a Web server option, a(n) ____ file is created and an instance of the FLVPlayback component with the selected playback controls is added to the Stage.
In the ____ panel of the Property inspector, double-click the box in the column to the right of dataProvider to open the dialog box in the accompanying figure.
The items marked 2 in the accompanying figure are ____ handles.
In the History panel, steps displayed with an icon that includes a small ____ cannot be replayed
Red X
True or False: If you move the eydropper tool pointer over a fill, the pointer changes to include a small pencil next to it.
With the PolyStar tool, the number of sides a shape can have ranges from three to ____-
When you create a star, a number closer to ____ creates narrower star points.
The frames of a motion tween are tinted pink.(T or F)
At each point where you modify an object’s properties, a(n) ____ keyframe is created and Flash varies thecontent in each intermediate frame to change the object’s position or properties slightly from one frame to the next.
A chain of bones is called a(n) ____.
Bones can be added to connect one symbol instance to another or they can be added to the interior of a shape object so you can move or animate parts of the shape without having to draw the shape multiple times.(T or F)
You cannot modify a motion path with the Subselection tool.(T or F)
Drag the item marked ____ in the accompanying figure to change the z-axis.
It is recommended to use ____ sound files in Flash movies.
If you want a sound to play continuously for a period of time, then select the sound setting of ____ and enter a number in the Repeat text box that specifies how many times you want the sound to play.
In order for buttons to control the animation, they need programming instructions called ____ to control how a movie plays.
With buttons, the content in each ____ is displayed in response to a mouse pointer’s action.
The item on the left in the accompanying figure is a ____ gradient.
In most cases, if you are creating Flash documents for the Web, you want to publish a(n) ____ file.
It is important to make certain the contents of loaded SWF files do not interfere with those of the SWF file loaded at level 0. (T or F)
The ____ option applies the Align commands relative to the Stage.
To Stage
____ give an action the information it needs to execute properly.
You can use ____ to combine assignment and arithmetic operators, such as Amount += 5.
A page developed with Flash can allow a user to enter data, have the data processed, and return a result directly from the Flash Player on the user’s computer.(T or F)
ActionScript can be used to change the properties of movie clips while they play in the Flash Player. (T or F)
Which of the following Deployment dialog box options requires the use of Flash Player version 7 or later?
All of the above
You can press the ____ keys to open the Components panel.
The item marked 4 in the accompanying figure is the ____ control.
Stroke color
With a quick click of the mouse, Steve now has a bounding box with points and tangent handles that Henrycan adjust to warp the umbrella. What modifier is he using?
Each of the ____ of a symbol created in your document can be edited without changing the original symbol stored in the document’s library.
The ____ panel in Flash is a useful tool for reviewing and editing your work.
If you create a rectangle with the ____ tool, you can easily modify the rectangle’s corners by changing thevalues in the Rectangle corner radius boxes.
Rectangle Primitive
As you work with content on the Stage, it is important to always be aware of which frame is being displayed,
because that is the frame whose content you are working with.(T or F)
A duplicate scene has the same name as the original with “____” added to its name.
If a Flash document has two scenes and each scene has 30 frames, the Flash Player will treat this as one longTimeline with ____ consecutive frames and play them according to the order of the scenes in the Scene panel.
You can press the ____ key to select the Text tool.
The ____ button turns the onion skin effect on and off.
Onion Skin
The fill of the shape on the ____ layer will reveal the content in the underlying masked layer.
You can create a button by using the New Symbol command on the ____ menu.
To test a movie, click ____ on the menu bar, and then click Test Movie.
A gradient’s ____ point is the point at which the gradient shifts from one color to another.
Fall Off
You can press the ____ key(s) to open and close the Swatches panel.
What event handler do buttons use?
the "on" event handler
One of these elements is the pause button itself, which is the object used to trigger the desired action. Which of the following is a technical term for this type of element?
Event source
You can create a new symbol by using the ____ command on the Insert menu.
New symbol
A key in the Lock/Unlock column of the Timeline indicates the layer is locked and cannot be edited.(T or F)
False; lock
To apply a shape tween to text, you convert the text to fills using the ____ command located on the Modifymenu.
Break Apart
In Flash, you can use ____ to animate one or more objects in relation to each other.
Inverse kinematics
The item marked 3 in the accompanying figure is used to ____.
Rotate the gradient
An organization might build an HTML version of a Web site in addition to the Flash version to accommodate users who ____.
Either a or b
You can have at most one instance of a movie clip symbol.(T or F)
The hexadecimal value is based on the three basic colors used on computer monitors: ____.
Red, green, and blue
The ____ button allows you to edit all selected objects of the frames within the onion skin markers at onetime.
Edit Multiple Frames
Christian collected the essays from his class and all of the following were statements that his students made intheir responses. Which of the following is a mistake that he needs to correct?
Movei clip symbols are useful when you want to synchronize the animations in the symbol to that of the main Timeline
The first step in the development of a Web site is ____.
determining the goals and objectives of the Web site
If a sound is 10 seconds long and you enter 12 for the number of times to loop, then the sound will play ____.
12 times for a total of 2 minutes
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