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Adobe Flash Player
Terms Definitions
With a(n) ____________________-based animation, you can easily modify the tween as one entity.
The ____________________ tool converts the pointer to a hand that can then be dragged to move the view of the Stage.
In ____________________ undo, the steps you undo affect the entire document.
A(n) ____________________ is a prebuilt motion tween animation.
____________________ are symbols that contain a Timeline with only four frames.
You can ____________________ or execute a function from different parts of the script in which it is defined.
The ____________________ manages the print jobs that are sent to the printer by the various programs running on the computer.
Print Spooler
The ____ component provides the display area in which the video is viewed.
Animation can be accomplished with vector images, but not bitmap images.(T or F)
The Grid submenu offers several commands for controlling the grid, and is located on the ____ menu.
A(n) ____________________ is a special graphic effect, such as a drop shadow, you can apply to move clips,buttons, and text.
The ____________________ tool is used to add static text blocks to a document.
Regular layers have a ____ icon.
With inverse kinematics, you specify only the start and end positions of an object by positioning its movement.(T or F)
A(n) ____________________ is when you create an animation in which a group of frames is played repeatedly by having the playhead go back to an earlier frame.
____ are actions with prewritten ActionScript scripts that assign controls and transitions to an object on the Stage.
The property that controls the visibility of a movie clip is ____.
A(n) ____________________ can be added so that when a button is clicked, for example, the associated function will run.
Event listener
The item marked in the accompanying figure is a(n) ____.
____ graphics excel at sharp lines, smooth colors, and precise detail.
Click item number ____ in the accompanying figure to keep the current library open when you switch toanother document.
The item marked ____ in the accompanying figure allows you to open a new Library panel.
The middle star in the accompanying figure has a point size of ____.
When you create an animation, every frame in which the graphic object does not change is a keyframe.(T or F)
A Flash document starts with one layer.(T or F)
Within the Timeline of a button symbol, you can insert instances of other symbols that in turn can contain
their own animations within their own Timelines.(T or F)
In symbol-editing mode, you create or modify the content for each of the button’s ____ frames.
____ sounds are not synchronized with the Timeline.
Flash allows you to publish Flash documents in all of the following file formats EXCEPT ____.
The interlaced JPEG format causes a picture that is downloading to a Web browser to appear to fade in by gradually downloading the data that makes up the picture.
(T or F)
When using pictures in a Flash document, you should ____ each picture by reducing its file size while maintaining its quality.
Flash recognizes the ____ suffix for movie clip instances.
ActionScript 3.0 cannot be used to write highly complex applications. (T or F)
Creating an input form requires the use of ____ and input text.
Whenever possible, it is best to use a(n) ____ source file.
Using a component such as the CheckBox means you have to create the functionality and graphics that the component requires. (T or F)
The check mark is displayed in the CheckBox component when the box is deselected. (T or F)
A set of user interface ____ is installed with Flash.
To display and modify points, you use the Selection tool, not the Subselection tool.(T or F)
Neither the Zoom tool nor the Hand tool affect the way a Flash graphic is displayed to the user.(T or F)
The ____ panel allows you to undo, replay, and save steps you have performed in the current document.
True or False: When you create a symbol for a document, you assign a name to it, and you specify certain properties based on the behavior of the symbol
To draw shapes you use the ____ tool
____ text does not change when you publish your document.
Duplicates of a given symbol can share the same name as the original symbol.(T or F)
The bottom star (thick points) in the accompanying figure has a point size of ____.
Flash gives you the ability to undo one or more steps simply by using the keyboard shortcut ____.
With the Free Transform tool, the ____ handles are squares.
The default frame rate is ____ frames per second
If you click Control on the Application bar and then click ____, a new window opens showing the SWF fileas it plays the animation of the Start scene followed by the animation of the End scene.
Test Movie
The animation method used to create bone structures is called ____.
Inverse kinematics
With mask layers, you lock the layers to work with the objects on both layers and then unlock the layers to test the animation.(T or F)
With onion skinning, the contents of the ____ appear in full color.
Current frame
To create most text effects, you first need to break a word into its individual ____ and then animate each letter separately.
Using a(n) ____ tween you can animate a text block so that it rotates as the animation is played, for example.
Before you add a sound to your document, it is best to create a separate ____ for each sound.
____ sounds are useful when you need the animation in your movie to coincide with the sound.
You add color ____ to the gradient definition bar for each time you want to change the color in the gradient.
If the Use imported JPEG data checkbox or the Use document default quality checkbox is deselected, then the Quality text box automatically displays with a default value of ____.
Which of the following programs can you use to create bitmap graphics?
Adobe Photoshop
If you have concerns about a movie’s performance when displayed on a user’s computer, you can reduce the number of ____ used in the movie or omit them altogether.
With a script, the curly braces have to be placed on separate lines from other statements.
(T or F)
What type of action should Philip use to load external image files into an SWF file in the Flash Player?
The ____ function can be applied to values to convert them to integer numbers.
Static text is defined to display the contents of a variable.(T or F)
____ refers to the rules of a language.
After the OK button is clicked in the dialog box in the accompanying figure, six dataProvider values will appear in the Parameters panel. (T or F)
Objects drawn or moved on top of other objects merge with or _________________ the existing objects.
A(n) ____ file plays in an XHTML file in a Web browser using the Flash Player plug-in.
Each of the ____ of a symbol created in your document can be edited without changing the original symbolstored in the document’s library.
You can press the ____ keys to select all of the objects on the Stage at one time.
When you add new scenes to a document, you are essentially adding new ____________________ thatcontain their own frames with new content.
You tell Rita about a special feature that guides objects through an animation. What is the name for thisfeature?
Motion Path
If you select an instance in the Movie Explorer, information about where the instance is located in your document will be displayed.(T or F)
The item marked 4 in the accompanying figure is the ____.
Script navigator
In a button, the contents of the ____ frame show what the button looks like when you click it.
The ____ option in the Trace Bitmap dialog box is used to specify whether sharp edges are retained or smoothed out.
Corner Threshold
You can change the Quality text box in the Bitmap Properties dialog box, in which ____ yields the lowest result.
The item marked 1 in the accompanying figure is the ____ tool.
Paint Bucket
The item marked 2 in the accompanying figure is the ____ modifier.
Lock Fill
Philip wants to know how to load an SWF file into the Flash Player at a specific level. What type of action should he use to do this?
Flash can be used to create a complete Web site in which all of the Web site pages are actually HTML documents and not SWF files. (T or F)
The equal sign is an example of a(n) ____________________ operator.
If the content is to be printed as a bitmap, you can set the second optional parameter of the ____________________() method to {printAsBitmap:true}.
You can create a new symbol by using the ____ command on the Insert menu.
Add Symbol
You can press the Esc key to toggle between displaying and hiding the panels in the Flash program window.(T or F)
False; F4
You can press the ____ keys to paste a copied object into place.
Which of the following are types of sounds in Flash?
Event and stream
Gradient fills can be applied to ____.
Any of the Above
To create a document based on a template, you select a category and then select the template from the ____ dialog box.
New from Template
____ can be used to allow a viewer to input data, and then have Flash process the data to return a result.
As you move from frame to frame, objects might ____.
Any of the above
The ____ command will take a group of selected objects and place each individual object on its own layer.
Distribute to Layers
The Timeline is a means of ____ layers and frames
Any of the above
When a user navigates to a new part of a Flash Web site, which of the following elements does NOT change?
The URL being displayed
You tell Aaron that he will need to select the video’s frame rate and frame size, as well as the amount of compression that is performed on the video. Which of the following is NOT a true statement about these factors?
When editing a video with a video-editing program, it is important to export it using as much compression as possible.
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