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cool (adj.)
Prefixbackward,in back,behind
Marketing Mix
in siti
"in position"
to be born
combining form
[mushroom] fungus
(he/she) hears, listens to
Combining Form: woman, female
lively, sprightly, full of energy
el aniversario (de bodas)
(wedding) anniversary
North American Free Trade AgreementAllows freetrade between Canada, USA and Mexico
the first anthropologist to define "fulture" in the disipline
Produce, multiply, spread
Ex: I must inveigh against your attempt to propogate the belief that your political system will result in a panacea for all problems.
Compound Suffix Form1. the recording of the activity of an organ (usually by x-ray examination)2. a descriptive treatise (on a subject)




University founded in
1502; where Martin Luther started Reformation.
Structure containing 4 chromatids that forms durin
interpersonal theory
the theory that personality development and behavior disorders are related to and determined by relationships between persons
English writer and early feminist who denied male supremacy and advocated equal education for women
a flexible structure that adjusts to objects closer or farther away
Forced-Distribution Method
comparison that assigns a certain percentage of employees to each category in a set of categories. (exceptional, meets standards, room for improvement, not acceptable)
Rutherford B. Hayes
19th american president, liberal republican, involved in the compromise of 1877
pallet In illustrator used to combine paths, divide objects, subtract shapes, etc.
an aromatic gum or other substance producing a sweet odor when burned, used in religious ceremonies, to enhance a mood, etc.
soil profile
a vertical section through a soil showing its succession of horizons and the underlying parent material
Appointed by Napoleon III to head the reconstruction of Paris
cell body
which contains the nucleus of the cell
A sandstone with a large proportion of feldspar due to physical weathering of granite is more precisely termed a(n) __.
Edwin Howard Armstrong
inventor of FM radio transmission; Columbia University engineering prof
to cast (goods) overboard in order to lighten a vessel or aircraft or to improve its stability in an emergency.
Primary Sewage Treatment
Physical process using screens & a grit tank to remove large floating objects & allows settling.
William T. Sherman
Union general who led the infamous "Sherman's March to the Sea" from Atlanta to Savannah which cause mass destruction in GA
A buried body of shale is subjected to differential stress, causing clay minerals to realign and producing slate. This is an example of __.
a part of the limbic system of the brain, located in the temporal lobe; plays important roles in episodic memory and spatial memory
Quando vem o próximo ônibus?
When does the next bus come?
Why is there free communication between the compartments?

There is free communication between the compartments because the septa do not reach the chorionic plate.
Acceptable use policy (AUP)
A district's policy for use of resources
A reinforcement schedule in which a response is reinforced only if it occurs before a specified amount of time has elapsed following the preceding response.
differential reinforcement of high rate. Abbreviated DRH.
Three Friends of the Cold Season
- Painting by Zhao Mengjia--a literati painter who was a late Song descendant of the imperial ruling house- Three Friends of the Cold Season is album leaf, ink on paper- Consists of bamboo, plum and pine- Supposed to exemplify the exemplary gentleman and all the qualities he should have
What is it when the ATC of a producing a product remains constant when increasing plant size?
constant return to scale
what are some factors that relate to the "potential for benifit" to a person who is thinking of getting a hearing aid
benefit relatied DIRECLY to problems / no standerdized definition or measure/ typical correlates ( amount of use) (retained after trial)
to begin
el champan
la citta
rispondere a
to answer
Combining Formmovement, motion
1607, John Smith
thoracic cavity(BURKE)
heart and lungs
Physically precipitated (chemical) limestone that forms in caves is termed __.
Da steht es.
There it is
Combining Form(burst forth) flow profusely, hemorrhage
il cameriere/ la cameriera
server (m./f.)
tener un resfriado
to have a cold
3. PowerPoint users can insert artwork and multimedia effects, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies, into a presentation.True or False
Question: Which Garbage Collector method can you call to force garbage collection?
Answer: Collect
what is a hotels largest expense?
Flowering vascular plants that produce fruits containing one or more seeds; monocots and dicots.
The church's teachings about God and our salvation, based on the Bible.
What rights did women, foreigners, and slaves have?
positron-emission tomography
"PET, provides a high-resolution image of brain activity by recording radioactivity emitted from injected chemicals"
associative learning
the ability to associate one environmental feature with another
Dread Scott Decision
(1857)Ruled that federal government didn't have the authority to determine whether or not a state is a slave state. Also ruled that slaves are property, not people.
information about the result of a performance
to make unfriendly or hostile, lose the support of
the process by which people move from rural areas to cities
Goose Bumps
These are formed when arrector pilli muscles contract
Which Dutch scientist used a microscope to discover bacteria?
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Biostratigraphic (faunal) dating
It compares different fossil forms based on the first appearance of an organism through it extinction.
Define Plankton.
plants and animals suspended in water and generally are at the mercy of the currents
being in a state of agitation or tumult; disturbed:
trench warfare
type of fighting in which both sides dig trenches and attempt to overrun the enemy's trenches
Assumptions of Behaviorism
1. Determinism- every behavior has a cause that obeys certain laws
Music that is not based on the harmonic scale of traditional Western music/or does not have a tonal center.
deep focus
Who is Robert Walpole?
- British prime minister Robert Walpole is like “hey let’s let the colonies have free reign in their economy, and they’ll flourish”, he didn’t really enforce things like navigation acts
Letter from Birmingham Jail
written by MLK while serving prison sentence as a plea for racial justice; related list of abuses, from police brutality to the humiliation of segregation
physical dependence
a state in which the body has adjusted to the use of a substance, incorporating it into the body's normal functioning
What are semi-synthetic drugs? and what are some examples of them
chemical variations of morphine and codeine; Heroin, Vicodin, and OxyContin
do both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have intracellular membrane material?
Are ribosomes found in prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells, or both?


Most theories of the origin of our solar system are based on the premise that its planets 
formed almost simultaneously. 
Meteorites are believed to represent the primitive material of the solar system. 
Meteorites - 4.6 Ba (billion years old). 
Oldest moon rocks - 4.6 Ba. 
Oldest earth rocks - 3.6 - 4 Ba. 
The universe believed to be 15 - 18 Ba.



Doctrine of constructive



A common law
tradition stating that if a person is capable of knowing about a claim or rule,
then he or she can be bound by it.

At the site of attachment of the cord to the placenta, what do the arteries do?

At the site of attachment of the cord to the placenta, these arteries divide into a number of radially disposed chorionic arteries that branch freely in the chorionic plate before entering the chorionic villi. 

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