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Terms Definitions
A public announcement
Stamp Act
tax on dipoma
Had trouble getting reinforcements
Franklin published a ___________ cartoon to show the folly (foolishness) of the colonies trying to wage war separately
What country built Fort Duquesne?
What country built Fort Necessity?
Quebec guarded __________________ to allow French to ship supplies to forts along river
St.Lawrence River
the purpose was to halt __________
Who married very few Indian women?
French explorer who got off course while looking for the mouth of the Mississippi River and was later killed by his crew
Had more people living in North America
A formal agreement among groups or individuals
french claimed what lands;
west of appilachian mountains
Declaratory Act
Affirmed government right to legislate for their colonists in all cases whats so ever. The purpose of the Declaratory Act was simply to reassert Parliament's control over all colonial affairs.
Name the settlers that charged less for trade goods to win favor with the Iroquois Indians.
Name one Indian tribe that supported the British.
Name the settlers that cleared the land for farms which angered Native Americans.
Great Awakening Results
Unified 4/5 of americans under christianity, Dissent and dissenters have more respect than ever, Great emphasis put on education, A greater sense of responsibility for Indians and Slaves, reinterpreted the meaning of the covenant between God and his creature, complete dissolving of thecracy, revived a sense of religious mission
Fort Necessity
Fort that Washington retreated to and had to surrender at
albany plan of union
called the colonies to unite
Townshend Acts
the Townshend Acts were repealed all but TEA
What did spain get in return for florida
Ordered Washington to tell French to leave
Din Widdy
French fort built where the Allegheny and Monogahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio River
Fort Duquesne
The delegates at the Albany Plan of Union voted to unite against what country?
Name one Indian tribe that joined the British as an ally.
Name one of the Indian tribes that allied with the French.
George Washington lost the battle for the British at this fort in 1754.
Fort Necessity
Who had forts scattered all over the Ohio Valley hundreds of miles apart and was hard to defend.
Albany congress
an arranged meeting of the colonies in Albany is called..?
Battle of Quebec
Last major battle where both generals died at; British won the battle
Benjamin Franklin
Who made the Albany Plan of the Union?
Proclamation of 1763
All lands west of the Appalacian mountains belonged to the indians. Settlers were told to leave
In the first engagement of the French and Indian War
George Washington
In the Treaty of Paris of 1763 what country got all the land east of the Mississippi River?
Name 2 Indian tribes that supported the French.
Hurons and Algonquins
Who thought of the Albany Plan of Congress?
Ben Franklin
The Molasses Act
an act that taxed molasses that was brought back form the West Indies
Reasons for the war
British & French both wanted control over fur trading & shipping industry
Tea Act
Passed in 1773. It is also known as the Townshend Acts
Edward Braddock
He led the super army and his goal was to capture Ft. Duquesne
Reasons French want ORV
b/c they want to connect by water their settlements along Mis. and St. Lawerence; for trade.
They were forced into slavery.
After King Phillip's War, what was the fate of the surviving Wampanoags?
Explain why the British colonists didn't like the Proclamation of 1763.
British settlers could not settle west of the App. Mountains
Name one advantage the French had during the French and Indian War.
Had Algonquins and Hurons as allies
Name 2 advantages the British had during the French and Indian War.
1. Colonies clustered along the coast 2. Navy ruled the seas
How did the French claim the Ohio Valley in 1749?
Nailed lead plates on trees
had one government, two groups of native American allies, strong army
what were some French advantages in war?
What were some British advantages in war?
Iroquois were their allies ,they had more people in colonies,the colonies were easier to defend because they were close together (along the eastern coast)
All French lands west of the Mississippi, New Orleans, and Cuba. In the process they had to trade Florida.
After the treaty of Paris, which land did the Spanish gain?What did they lose?
Name one reason the Indians liked the French and allied with them in the Ohio Valley.
Accepted the Indian culture and Indian ways
What did the British do to anger the Indians so much?
Cleared the hunting grounds for farming
Two groups were already living in the area west of the Appalachian Mts
The French and the Indians lived in this area
How did the French use the land that made the Indians happy to ally with the French?
Use it for fishing, trapping and hunting
Name 3 jobs of the Grand Council.
1. Defend against the French 2. Raise taxes 3. Make laws for the British
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