Chilenismos: Most Common Flashcards

Terms Definitions
toilet paper
alcoholic drink
the best
bonehead, stupid, idiotic
un grupo
fib, lie
la facha
the appearance
¨tacky¨, poor quality
mistake, blunder, error, goof-up
al hilo
one after another
abbreviation for por favor
plains clothes police officer
exclamation of disbelief, very flite
un atado
problem or complicated situation
Conservative attitude and ususally conservative style of dress. Thing with value, person with money.derrogatory way to describe people of upper class.
concha/contra/conche su madre
literally, your moms vaginafiguratively, son of a bitch
un gringo(a)
Northern American or Northern European
sluggish, cranky, bad attitude, bad mood
cagado(a)xxx (2 def.)
1) fucked, totally screwed2) extremely, eg) cagado de frio
hueveo xxx
fooling around, not serious behavior, unfocused attitude
piola (2 def.)
1) perfect, perfectly tranquil2) Quiet, not saying anything usually about something specifically secret
see ya, byeused almost 100% of the time in place of adios(in fact ive never heard anyone here use adios)
fulero(a) (2 def.)
1) Fake2) very bad or worthless
un guaton(a)
a very fat person, overweighti believe it literally means whale
no estar ni ahi
to not give a damn
sapo(a) (4 def.)
1) gossiper2) observant person, esp. to small details3) ¨voyeur¨4) yet another way to say vagina
1) an in, a connection2) extra side job
to react in the correct manner to a situation
buena onda(2 def.)
"All right!" "Sweet!"1) open to new ideas and/or to try new things2) Expresses positive vibrations or feelings towards an idea, statement or relationship
agarrar papa(2 def.)
1) to become overly enthusiastic or overly involved about something2)to take, or try to take, advantage of someone or something
dejar votado(a)
to stand someone up, to leave someone hanging
fed up, to be overly annoying and thus tired of someone or something
to trick someone in such a way that the other loses something
chuta (3 def.)
1) WOW2) poor thing3) awww shucks, aww damn
cara de palo
an uninhibited person, one who is not embarassed in compormising situationsblunt person, who isnt afraid to say what is on his/her mind
huevon(ona) xxx
friend or not a friend, or even a friend who is not acting like a friendalso, with a mean intonation, someone who is not a friend and your saying thewyre a asshole, a fuckerso common its almost a verbal add on like surfers you say dude after even other sentences
harto(a) (2 def.)
1) alot of something2) fed up with something
de repente (2 def.)
1) sometimes2) maybe or probablly, but in truth its very unlikely to occur
penca xxx (4 def.)
1) lame, boring, dull2) of poor quality, below acceptable standards3) a bulk of something4) penis
caerse el cassette
to spill the beans/to let the cat out of the bag
no hay de que
in response to a thank you, saying "dont worry about it, its nothing"
sacarse la cresta (2 def.)
1) to beat someone up2) when refelxive, to get or take a serious beating
cosa que (2 def.)
1) so that, used in place of para que2) could happen
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