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Terms Definitions
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- marked by inattention, impulsiveness, low tolerance for frustration, inappropriate activity
occurs without external justification, affects daily life
disorganized schizophrenia
inappropriate laughter, infantile behavior
Helga was ashamed and embarrassed after she got married because she started experiencing genital pain during and after intercourse. Because the problem persisted, she saw her doctor and was diagnosed with:A)hypoactive sexual desire disorder.B)female orgas
constant fear of illness and preoccupation with health
antisocial (sociopath)
doesn't care about others morals/ethics or rights of others
paranoid schizophrenia
delusions and hallucinations of persecution or greatness, loss of judgement, unpredictable behavior
gender schema
mental framework that organizes/guides child's understanding of info related to that gender
According to psychologists Peter Glick and Susan Fiske, the gender-role stereotype of women in the United States often results in a type of prejudice they call:A)benevolent sexism.B)hostile sexism.C)the glass ceiling.D)the revolving door.
A)benevolent sexism.
When he went to Yale University, Richard Raskind was captain of the Yale tennis team. But in 1975 at the age of 41, and after years of counseling and a failed marriage, Raskind came to terms with his lifelong discomfort of being a male. He underwent sex-c
dissociatve dissorder
separation of critical parts of personality that usually work together to keep bad thoughts from reaching conscious awareness
midlife crisis
feeling of dissatisfaction with your life in the face of physical aging
class of disorders in which severe distortion of reality takes place
Lester avoids having sex with his wife because he experiences genital pain after intercourse. Lester has a condition called:A)erectile dysfunction.B)male orgasmic disorder.C)dyspareunia.D)pedophilia.
dissociative personality disorder
multiple personality- possessing 2 or more distinct personalities
undifferentiated schizophrenia
mixture of major symptoms, doesn't fit in any category
Because of testicular cancer, 35-year-old Joshua had to have his testicles removed. Research suggests that:A)injections of estrogen will increase his level of sexual interest above its previous level.B)he will experience homosexual feelings and urges.C)he
C)he may experience decreased interest in sexual activity.
Roland achieves sexual arousal by intentionally inflicting psychological or physical pain on another person. Connie gets sexually aroused in response to being humiliated, beaten, or otherwise made to suffer. Roland is a(n) _____ and Connie is a _____.A)ex
B)sexual sadist; sexual masochist
Based on the data in the National Health and Social Life Survey, which of the following people is most likely to suffer from a sexual problem?A)21-year-old MelissaB)38-year-old DerrickC)44-year-old CarolynD)22-year-old Todd
A)21-year-old Melissa
_____ refers to the direction of a person's emotional and erotic attraction toward members of the opposite sex, same sex, or both sexes.A)GenderB)Gender roleC)Gender identityD)Sexual orientation
D)Sexual orientation
A _____ is sexually attracted to both males and females and a _____ is sexually attracted to individuals of the other sex.A)bisexual; heterosexualB)homosexual; bisexualC)heterosexual; bisexualD)bisexual; homosexual
A)bisexual; heterosexual
A sexual dysfunction characterized by little or no sexual desire is called:A)sexual aversion disorder.B)hypoactive sexual desire disorder.C)dyspareunia.D)hyperactive sexual desire disorder.
B)hypoactive sexual desire disorder.
sexual response phases- orgasm
rhythmic muscle contractions occur in genitals
models of abnormality- medical
symptoms of abnormal behavior are rooted by psychological factors
models of abnormality- cognitive
cognitions are central to person's abnormal behavior
The term sexual orientation describes:A)an individual's level of sexual motivation and attitudes toward sexual behavior.B)an individual's biological sex.C)the sex that is assigned at birth to people with ambiguous genitals.D)whether an individual's sexua
D)whether an individual's sexual and emotional attraction is directed toward members of the same sex, of the opposite sex, or both sexes.
sexual response phases- plateau phase-
maximum level of arousal attained, genitals swell with blood, body prepares for orgasm
Which of the following statements about sexuality in early and middle adulthood is FALSE?A)Young adults today typically have more sexual partners than did previous generations.B)The majority of young adults today have their first sexual experience prior t
C)During the previous year, the majority of people (over 80 percent) have had two or more sexual partners.
Compared to females, males are more likely to have sexual fantasies that involve:A)romantic, loving feelings about their partner.B)having something sexual done to them.C)explicit sexual positions or anatomical details.D)just one sexual partner.
C)explicit sexual positions or anatomical details.
Psychologists are often reluctant to point out gender differences that have been substantiated by scientific research. Your textbook suggests that the reason for this reluctance is that:A)people may mistakenly equate a gender difference with a gender def
A)people may mistakenly equate a gender difference with a gender deficiency.
In looking at gender differences on emotion, psychologist Agneta Fischer and her colleagues analyzed cross-cultural data from 37 countries around the world. The researchers found that across cultures:A)women report experiencing and expressing more sadness
A)women report experiencing and expressing more sadness, fear, and guilt, while men report experiencing and expressing more anger and hostility.
The Focus on Neuroscience box described a study in which love-struck young adults underwent an fMRI brain scan while they looked at a photo of their beloved or at a photo of a friend. The results of this study indicated:A)that looking at a photo of their
C)when the participants viewed a photo of their lover, it activated some of the same brain areas that are activated by euphoria-producing drugs, such as opiates and cocaine.
Death results from being infected with HIV when the virus eventually:A)attacks key brain areas regulating respiration and heart beat.B)depletes all of a person's physical energy reserves.C)weakens the immune system to the point that it can no longer defe
C)weakens the immune system to the point that it can no longer defend the body against infection.
Men are more likely to fantasize dominance themes whereas women are more likely to report submission themes (being forced to do something sexual). Which of the following is TRUE?A)Women's sexual fantasies indicate that they have a strong desire to actuall
B)While women may find these fantasies sexually arousing, this does not indicate a desire to actually be forced into sexual submission, raped, or assaulted.
sexual response phases- refractory period
period of time after sex in which the male cannot be aroused again
Dr. Pasqualia's area of research is concerned with the issue of gender differences. If she is typical of most scientific researchers in her field she is most likely to conclude that:A)men and women are very similar in many aspects of behavior, including
A)men and women are very similar in many aspects of behavior, including social, personality, and cognitive factors.
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