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a reform-minded aristocrat
Persian Empire's 1st emperor
(philosophy) the philosophical system of the Stoics following the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno
an independent city in Mesopotamia
a Muslim house of worship
making and selling illegal alcohol
one of Socrates' students; was considered by many to be the GREATEST philosopher of western civilization
the headquarters of the Delian League
the basic units of Sumerian civilization
A group consisting of puritans, country land owners, and town based manufacturers, led by Oliver Cromwell; fought against the Cavaliers during the English civil war
the belief that native-born Americans are superior to foreigners
one of the greatest tragic dramatists of ancient Greece (480-406 BC)
Persian ruler that seeked revenge on the Athenian navy
a large political unit, usually under a single leader, that controls many peoples or territories
Babylonian king who codified the laws of Sumer and Mesopotamia
the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers;birthplace of the Sumerian civilization
a high government official in ancient Egypt or in Muslim countries
William Shakespeare
English dramatist and poet; considered one of the greatest writers in the English Language
model t
affordable automobile built using the assembly line methods
mass media
forms of communication such as newspaper, radio, that reach millions of people
albert fall
in 1922 fall secretly leased gobernement oil reserves in california and wyoming to the owners of two oil companies. he received 400K$. fall was convicted of bribery and sent to prison, becoming first cabinet officer ever to go to jail.
son of Darius; became Persian king. He vowed revenge on the Athenians. He invaded Greece with 180,000 troops in 480 B.C.
a political system governed by a few people
Pastoral Nomads
a person who domesticates animals for food and clothing and moves along regular migratory routes to provide a steady source of nourishment for those animals
a large, stepped platform topped by a temple dedicated to the city's chief god or goddess
a Muslim group that accepts only the decendants of Muhammad's son-in-law Ali as the true rulers of Islam
a political system in which a ruler holds total power
clarence darrow
defended many radicals and labor union members, spoke for scopes in scopes trial.
a sacred shrine where a god or goddess revealed the future through a priest or a priestess
King Menes
According to legend it was this person who united Upper and Lower Egypt
Royal Road
a road in the Persian Empire that Darius orgainized stretching over 1,600 miles from Lydia to Susa
John Locke
believed all people have a right to life, liberty, and property
the spirit of st. louis
custom-built single engine, single seat monoplane that was flown solo by Charles Lindbergh on May 20–21, 1927, on the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris
Oracle of Apollo at Delphi
The most famous of greek oracles
King Philip II
He was king of Spain during 1588. During this year he sent out his Spanish Armada against England. He lost the invasion of England. Philip II was also the leader against the Protestant Reformation.
jazz age
people danced to the beat of a new kind of music called JAzz. Jazz captured the spirit of the era so well that 1920's is Jazz age
why 18th amendment fail so much?
cus people who didnt drink was curious and drinked etc, and continuing demand for alcohol led to widespread lawbreaking.
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