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Terms Definitions
Article 7
national rifle association
a conflicting group
Minority of Senate
Mitch McConnell
Helping constituents with problems.
James Madison
Father of the Constitution
sphere of influence
area of control
The person currently holding office
cabinet of energy
 Maintains power plants
 Research for nuclear and atomic plants
"protector of the kingdom" the governor of a province of the Persian Empire under Darius
supremacy clause
declares that the constitution, federal laws, and treaties made by the federal govt. are the "supreme law of the land"
Why has it declined over time?
rejecting, usually referring to the presidential power over the Congress
the philosophy that government should keep its hands off the economy
The Federalists believed that the threat of tyranny was most likely to be found in the popular majorities, rather than in a handful of aristocratic persons.
the salary or payment of someone
a small, usually self-appointed elite has power
Government in which the power comes from the people
Press Release
a document offering an official comment or position.
Judicial Activism
an interpretation of the U.S. constitution holding that the spirit of the times and the needs of the nation can legitimately influence judicial decisions (particularly decisions of the Supreme Court)
executive of the state who enforces laws -- Governor Ed Rendell
Divided Government
The political condition in which different political parties control the White House and Congress.
evolutionary theory
the state evolved from the family
combination of two or more companies into a single firm
What special group advises the President?
The Cabinet
part of a bicameral United States Congress, powers established in Article I, represented by 2 members per state and re-elected every 6 years
it has supreme and abcolute power within it's own territory and can decide it's own foreign and domestic policies
personal liberty
A key characteristic of U.S. democracy. Initially meaning freedom from governmental interference, today it includes demands for freedom to engage in a variety of practices free from governmental interference or discrimination
an economic system in which the central government directs all the major economic decisions
Proposed laws to authorize spending money are called
appropriations bills
Strict Scrutiny
strict scrutiny A heightened standard of review used by the Supreme Court to determine the constitutional validity of a challenged practice.
more votes than anyone else, but less than half, e.g., Clinton won a plurality (43%) of popular votes in 1992, but not a majority.
categorical grants
only to be used for specific categories/purposes
Levels of Government
National, State, Local. Each level provides services for people in its area.
Fifth Amendment
Right to remain silent and freedom from double jeopardy are part of this amendment
Who determines the representation of the House?
population of state.
Office of Management and Budget
prepares the president's budget
original jurisdiction
the authority to hear a case first
Limited government
In this type of government everyone, including all authority figures, must obey laws. Constitutions, statements of rights, or other laws define the limits of those in power so they cannot take advantage of the elected, appointed, or inherited positions.
Virginia Plan
Proposal to create a strong national government. Stated that states were represented in Congress in proportion to their population.
exit poll
Public opinion surveys used by major media pollsters to predict electoral winners with speed and precision.
dictator ship
is a system of government where supreme power is in the hands of a person or a small group
Member of Parliament
an elected member of the Parliament
Political Action Committee
an organization formed to collect money and provide financial support for political candidates
random-digit dialing
phone numbers are dialed at random around the country
How long is the term of a Justice?
Line-Item Veto
The authority of the president to delete part of a bill passed by the legislature that involves taxing or spending. The legislature may overturn the veto with a 2/3rds majority of each chamber
The 15 members of the _____________ work to maintain
Unsecurity council
National Convention
The meeting of party delegates in a Presidential election year to nominate candidates for President and Vice-President
Elastic clause
Gives Congress the right to make laws "necessary and proper" to carry out the powers expressed in the other clauses of Article 1 of the Constitution.
Civil Rights
The rights of people to be treated without unreasonable or unconstitutional differences.
ideological party
political party with a set of beliefs on different issues
General Assembly
this branch of the local government is where the members represent or speak for the people of their communities, also called lawmakers
Block grants
permit the state to experiment and use the money as they see fit
Voting Act of 1965
Prohibited states from imposing voting qualification or pre req to voting
general election
An election used to fill an elective office
what are the two popular scientific polls?
Gallup and Harris
Legislative assistants
An LA makes certain that the lawmaker is well informed about the many bills with which she or he must deal. An LA does research, drafts bills, studies bills that are currently in Congress, and writes speeches and articles for the lawmaker. They also assist the lawmaker in committee meetings and to attend them whent he lawmaker cannot be present.
a form of government in which a single person holds unlimited political power
Land Use Planning
The process begins with a study of every aspect of the area. Next step i developing a MASTER PLAN wich wil serve as a bluepring for future development. Devides into land where zonings will operate.
Abe Lincoln
"We have a government of the people , by the people, and for the people
Delegated powers
The powers that have been given to the national government by the Constitution
if there is the an open spot there is an election
Constitution is called "living document"
it's eternal and can't be controlled
Representative sample
A small group of people typical of the universe, that a pollster questions.
Civil Rights Act of 1875
passed by Congress designed to grant equal access to public accommodations such as theaters, restaurants, and transportation.
rational basis test
the court will uphold a state law when the state can show a good reason to justify the classification
Necessary And Proper Clause
Gives Congress the powers to pass all laws necessary to carry out their constitutional duties; "elastic" clause (Art. I, Sec 8, clause 18)
leader of the official opposition
The leader of the second largest party in the House of Commons. Her or his role is to criticize the government and point out its weaknesses
in the hope of gaining more support for her or his party in the next election.
qualifications of senate
30 yrs old.... citizen of the US for 9 yrs...resident in state which elected...2 per state depending on population
Philpot's main argument is:
a. that the mass media is NOT important in influencing who holds economic and political power
b. that the mass media is important in influencing who holds economic and political power
c. that the Democratic party is becoming mo
d. that the success of a strategy's ability to alter party images depends on the strength of the individual's existing party images
Which of the following is not an important principle of a responsible party government?
Parties should allow candidates to run their own campaigns.
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