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Terms Definitions
to approve
Article 2
Executive Powers
il governo
government; administration
First colony in America
Lawmaking body of government
Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence signer
Agenda Setting
Determining which public-policy questions will be debated or considered
the leader of our country
Interdiction of unreasonable Searches and seizures; warrants
an association of broadcast stations (radio or television) that share programming through a financial arrangement.
Marginal Districts
Political districts in which candidates elected to the House of Representatives win in close elections, typically by less than 55 percent of the vote
ways US expanded territory
purchase, negotiation, war
Judicial Leader
The power to grant amnesty
Which basic principle of the constitution requires that the power to make execute and interpret laws is divided between a national government and 50 state governments?
true/false - the constitution requires that federal judges and justices have a law degree.
laws should restrict immigration of people who are HIV positive
Due Process Clause
5th/14th Amendments
guarantees to individuals a variety of rights ranging from economic liberty to criminal procedural rights to protection from arbitrary governmental action
The Black Hand
A Serbian terrorist organization dedicated to the creation of a pan-Slavic kingdom. Responsible for the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
33. To a remarkable degree, media ownership in the United States is what?
a technique of persuasion aimed at influencing individual or group behaviors to create a particular beleif, regardless of its validity...
Interim Committee
dealing with problems that arise during breaks & legislative sessions
people and intrests that an elected official represnets
they wanted a government to regulate trade between states
legislative veto
power for Congress to control executive actions
mass media
those means of communication that reach large audiences, especially television, radio, printed publications, and the Internet
political party primary focus
interested in winning election&controlling govt
A sworn statement by the prosecution that there is sufficient evidence for a trial
social conservative
One who believes that traditional moral teachings should be supported and furthered by the government
dual federalism
though national government was supreme in its sphere, the states were equally supreme in theirs, and that these two spheres of action should and could be kept separate
12th Amendment
separated the balloting for the president and vice president
Loved Consistution and did whatever it took to pass and ratify it.
merit system
system of hiring federal workers based upon competitive exams
The method used to remove a public official from office
representative democracy
a form of government in which representatives elected by the people make and enforce laws and policies; may retain the monarchy in a ceremonial role
Six characteristics of a state
government, economic system, population, territory, sovereignty
Single Issue Party
political party focused on one issue
Party Machines
A type of political party organization that relies heavily on material inducements, such as patronage, to win votes and to govern.
an agreement to end debate on a bill
Social Contract Theory
A voluntary agreement between the government and the governed
to format expression of choice in some matter, often expressed by a written ballot
matching funds
Contributions of up to $250 matched from the presidential Election Campaign Fund to candidates for the presidential nomination who qualify and agree to meet various conditions, such as limiting their overall spending.
branch: the part of government that is responsible for putting laws into action
The removal of a public official by popular vote
An individual or group being sued or charged with a crime
party platform
a political party's statement of its goals and policies for the next four years. the platform is drafted prior to the party convention by a committee whose members are chosen in rough proportion to each candidate's strength. it is the best formal statement of a party's beliefs.
shared powers
law and order, levy taxes, borrow money, take land for public use, welfare
What is the TOTAL Number of Electoral Votes?
select committee
created for temporary reason, go away after done
Extradition Clause
Part of Article IV of the Constitution that requires states to extradite, or return, criminals to states where they have been convicted or are to stand trial
Parliamentary Government
A form of government in which the executive branch is made up of the prime minister, or premier, and that official's cabinet
Civil Disobedience
Opposing a law one considers unjust by peacefully disobeying it and accepting the resultant punishment
National Security Council
links the president's key foreign and military policy advisers
Money given to the States in broad terms to be spent on things such as welfare without strings attached are given in the form of a
Block grant
a way to avoid trial in a civil case
English Political Heritage
A royal family rules through the ages
Concurrent Jurisdiction
shared authority of courts to hear and decide a case
concurrent powers
powers for both a national and state level
rules committee
A standing committee of the House of Representatives that provides special rules under which specific bills can be debated, amended, and considered by the house.
Indirect Democracy
A system of government that gives the citizens the opportunity to vote for representatives who will work on their behalf.
Equality of Result
The idea that all forms of inequality, including economic disparities, should be completely eradicated; this may mean giving some people an advantage at the start so that everyone will complete the race at the same point.
lobbying disclosure act of 1995
est criteria for determining whether an organiztion or firm should register their employees as lobbyist
Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Service
-Supreme Court ruled that same-sex sexual harassment is a form of discrimination protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
-Reversed the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that federal law's prohibition against sexual harassment does not include same-sex sexual harassment,
67. Minor Party-
A small political party that rises and falls with a charismatic candidates or if composed of ideologies on the right or left, usually persists over time; also called the third party
term limits
legal limits on the number of terms a person can serve.
Indirect tax
paid by one person but passed on to another
General Welfare Clause
Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution that authorizes Congress to provide for the common defense of the country and for the general good, described as the "general Welfare."
Necessary and proper Clause
Gives Congress the powers to pass all laws necessary to carry out their constitutional duties; "elastic" clause (Art. I, Sec 8, clause 18)
What tendency of Americans did the nineteenth-century writer Alexis de Tocqueville identify as distinctive of our democratic culture?
the tendency to form associations
The United States House of Representatives
The House of Representatives is the other part or house of Congress. The amount of members depends on the population of each state. The more people a state has the more representatives it will have.
Kennedy vs. Nixon Debate
Kennedy looked better on TV so he won, people that heard the debate on the radio thought Nixon had won. Political candidates become less tied to their political party organization
The main purpose of a city's charter is to
set out the city's basic laws
what are the methods of voting for the senate?
voice vote, standing vote (division vote) and roll call vote.
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