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la inflación
ability to influence
abolished slavery
13th amendment
5th Amendment
Protection against self-incrimination
Attentive Public
Follow politics closely.
a foreign-born resident or non-citizen
Political Equality
Equality under the law
What amendment freed the slaves?
food stamps
exclusively a federal program
the formal vehicle through which policies are made and affairs of state are conducted
He was our first governor
Edward Tiffin
believe they owe their first allegiance ot their political party
an agreement on anything amongst people
Trade associations usually represent
the business community
one whose beliefs fall somewhere between liberal and conservative views
roe v wade
established national abortion guidelines; trimester guidelines; no state interference in 1st; state may regulate to protect health of mother in 2nd; state may regulate to protect health or unborn child in 3rd. inferred from right of privacy established in griswald v. connecticut
Equal Rights Amendment, would have made men and women completely equal, some people that opposed it said they would have to many benefits women would lose to keep
Minority Leader
persons selected by the political party holding a minority of the seats in the House and Senate
railroad commissioner
3 member, regulate oil and gas
the ruler has complete power, and there is nothing they need to follow(constitution, other officials), Ancient Rome, Hittler
joint committee
Committees that includes members from both houses or Congress to conducts investigations or special studies.
diplomatic recognition:
chief executive can terminate or extend d.r. to foreign governments
elastic clause
anything necessary for congress to carry out powers; stretches to fit
distribute, as in seats in a legislative body.
Congressional Term
2 years (House); 4 years (Senate)
Interest Group
organized group w/ common goals seeking to influence government
Looks for scandals and corruption in politics and business and monitors officials.
Government in which one person or group of people has absolute power
process that extended the Bill of Rights to all levels of government
get involved in their own communities but not in campaigning
An act of approval of proposed constutional amendments by the states; the second step of the amendment process?
unfunded mandates
national laws that direct states or local governments to comply with federal rules or regulations (such as clean air or water standards) but contain little or no federal funding to defray the cost of meeting these requirements
mixed-market economies
Economy in which free enterprise is combined with and supported by government decisions in the marketplace.
sampling error
a number that indicates within what range the results of a poll are accurate
a formal complaint before a grand jury of which charges the accused with one or more crimes
An action taken by Congress to reverse a presidential veto, requiring a two-thirds majority in each chamber.
This is the leaders of the executive departments, who also act as advisers to the president
want things to stay the same, value freedom- wants smaller gov republic
limited government
form of government based on the principle that government should perform only the functions that the people have given it the power to perform. means the govt has only the powers the people give it; it has to obey the Constitution and the people in govt are not above the law
the chamber of congress in which each state has equal representation. each state had 2 senators
policy gridlock
a condition that occurs when no coalitions strong enough to form a majority and establish policy. the result is that nothing may get done.
economic protest
no clear base; emerge in economic discontent and disagree with major parties
supremecy clause
Article VI of the Constitution, which states that all laws passed by the national government and all treaties are the supreme laws of the land and superior to all laws adopted by any state or any subdivision.
Division of Powers
basic principle of federalism; the constitutional provisions by which governmental powers are divided on a geographic basis (in the United States, between the National Government and the States)
satisfaction of a claim, payment by an act of Congress
a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central, or national, government and several regional governments
Pary Organization?
Is a Complex idea to be understood.
popular sovereignty
people hold the final authority in all matters of government
economic freedom
freedom for consumers to decide how to spend or save their incomes
Bedrock Principal
gov has no authority to prevent the expression of an idea simply because it is offensive
a form of government in which power is explicitly vested in the people, who in turn exercise their power through elected representatives
traditionalistic culture
a product of the Old South; uses government as a means of preserving the status quo and its leadership
Who has the power to resolve issues involving national laws?
federal court
Eminent domain
Allows the govt to take property for public use but also requires the govt to provide just compensation for that property
Due Process Clause
Part of the 14th amendment which guarantees that no state deny basic rights to its people
to give in to form an agreement. one compromise in the constititon was called the "Great Compromise" and gave us two houses of congress
Magna Carta
"Great Charter" signed by King John in 1215
- included trial by jury-due process of law-protection against the arbitrary taking of life, liberty, or property
against the absolute power of the king. protectons were only intended for priviledged classes
it is the duty of everyone to follow the rules and regulations formally created by the government
bill of rights
a formal statement of the fundamental rights of the people of the United States, incorporated in the Constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all state constitutions.
Legal Tender
any kind of money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts
North American Free Trade Agreement
An agreement which removed trade restrictions among the Untied States, Canada, and Mexico, thus increasing cross-border trade
Free Exercise Clause
The "free exercise" of religion - The 2nd part of the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom, which guarantees to each person the right to believe whatever he/she chooses to believe in matters of religion
non-discretionary spending
70% of the budget that can't be cut for other spending
cloture (limiting debate)
how to end a filibuster(talking of a bill to death)
checks and balance
limits imposed on all branches of a government by vesting in each branch the right to amend or void those acts of another that fall within its purview.
Federal system of government
a system in which power is shared among state and national authorities
change with the times
the system of fundamental law in our gov't allows the US gov't to "breathe" or ____________
who follows the VP in presidential succession?
The Speaker of the House
What is the sole power of the House of Representatives?
impeach the president
how did the glorious revolution lead to the rise of constitutional monarchy?
when william and mary sighned english bill of rights it help lead to create the constitutional m.because it limited the power
Party Differences in Congressional Voting
A term used to explain that there is a clear difference in the way of which the two parties vote. Democrats vote liberally and Republicans vote conservatively
Importance: This shows that each party doesn't have any discipline, but it is quite clear which party is liberal and which party is conservative.
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