Terms Definitions
means holy
allegorical stories
regret,second thought scruple
coming back alive
compassion, all-encompassing unconditional love
nine part prayer
God is with us.
the virgin mary
jesus' mother
King is called:
The lord
holy spirit
presence of god
Eastern Orthodox
Orthodox churches that make most of their own decisions but are smaller than Autocephalous groups
Usually body parts or clothing
Cyril and Methodius
Successful Byzantine missionaries
the Greek equivalent of "messiah"
christianity is a ___ religion
any amazing or wonderful occurrence
Rapprochement between branches of Christianity or among all faiths
Celebrates the birth of Jesu
"Father/Papa" Was agreed to be the head of the church.
Martin Luther
founded Protestent; believed that faith was salvation alone
(Christianity) a group of Christians with a common religious faith who practice the same rites
practice sacrifice of god
Edict of Milan
Law of religious freedom
religious ritual with a symbolic meaning
Anointing of the sick
Jesus only seemed to have body
one of the symbols of Christ
The Way
what Christianity was originally called after Jesus
confession, priests give you spritiual prayers to atone for your sins. guilt of our sins can get in the way of our daily relationships
roman engineers built roads, bridges, and aqueducts
Roman Catholic term for Christian eucharist
distinctive Eastern Orthodox form of worship: never worshipped literally, but provide concrete tools with which to perceive and relate to the transcendent reality, spiritual realm which is ultimately non physical in nature; function as a window that can help us look through the image to help us relate to them but these images are always two-dimension and abstract; never realistic
Disciple of Jesus, Jesus foretold(at the Last Supper)that Peter would deny him 3 times
Roman Catholic
the doctrine of the father, the son, and the holy ghost as one God of the same substance , yet in three manifestations in a manner that cannot be explained by mortals
five months of the liturgical calendar, in which the implication of the worldwide gospel in daily life are contemplated
color is green
father of philosophy and the principles of doubt
Protestant reformation
a widespread phenomenon in sixteenth-century Europe that resulted in the emergence of Protestantism from Catholicism
A particular and constant regard for the Bible
A convert to Christianity who received instruction in preparation for baptism.
Officials within the early Church who were regarded as successors to the Apostles. They were responsible for overseeing the Church and adminstering the Eucharist
Forcasting the future based on current trends.
plenary indulgence
indulgence remitting all sins, not just temporal indulgence reducing amount of time in purgatory; Luther, et. al., against this
cleansing of original sin, given after birth to remove impurity, one of the sacraments
to speak or write in support of
Contract, the old testament and New testament constitute the Christian scriptures
a screen bearing icons, separating the sanctuary of many Eastern churches from the nave.
The Catholic doctrine that in the Eucharistic service, the bread and wine are miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Christ.
Total Depravity
The doctrine that humanity is incapable of cooperating. Martin Luther starts the Protestant trend away from visiting the confessional booth
A Christian rite admitting a baptized person to full membership in a church.
When is it written?
After Jesus is dead
Insistence on what people perceive as the historical form of their religion
The party in seventh and eighth century Constantinople that fought, ultimately unsuccessfully, to eliminate the use of icons of pictorial images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.
God's assistance to help humans attain salvation.
the quality or fact of being popular.
'witness' those who choose to die rather than violate their religious convictions
YHWH is _______. God loves us. God forgives our sins.
Jesus rises from the grave and spends 40 days walking and talking with people and is then said to have ascended into heaven
Truth Encounters:
Way of delivering gospel content that primarily depends on an apologetics mode of persuasion.
These were the people who became part of the 4th Philosophy known for their violence.
exclude from a church or a religious community
a politician who was induced to become the bishop of Milan
In Germany, a name for the Lutheran Church; in the English speaking world, a description of conservative Protestants with a confident sense of the assurance of divine grace and the obligation to preach it.
Imago Dei
"Image of God". Every human being bears this; that which marks you as loved by God; distinguished from animals, makes human unique, accords human being a dignity
Sermon on the Mount
Teaching of Jesus:
Consistent with Judaism
Subversive nature (beattitudes)
The belief that the world will soon come to an end; includes notion of a great battle, final judgement, and reward of the good
What ritual resulted out of the Last Supper meal?
Where jesus's home was. he left his home and began preaching
is the punishment of a group because of its beliefs
The belief that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are different modes, or aspects of one God as perceived by the believe rather than three distinct persons in God himself.
Macedonian Call:
A call for Paul, already a missionary, to begin evangelizing in Europe.
A person sent to convert others to a particular doctrine or belief
New Testament
A collection of 27 writings that, by the late fourth century AD, had been adopted by orthodox christians as their priary sacred text
Great Schism (1054)
The Latin West (Roman Catholic) and Greek East (Eastern Orthodox) differ in opinion, political issues, theological differences, differences in practice. These distinctions become more and more apparent until finally there is a rupture-- communication between the two churches begins to break down. The pope of Rome issues a condemnation to the chiefbishop of Constantinople, who condemns the RCC back
What is the Trinity?
Father, Son/Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
Immaculate Conception
The doctrine that the virgin Mary was herself conceived without sin, defined as Roman Catholic dogma in 1854
lyric poetry
In ancient Greece a lyric was a song for accompaniment on the lyre;in modern times a lyric is any fairly short poem expressing the personal mood,feeling,or meditation of a single speaker. it is the most expensive category of verse
Revelation of John
The final book of the new testament, known as apocalytic literature
Syllabus of Errors
issued by Pope Pius IX when opposition to perceived secularization of culture reached a high point in 1864, condemned most of dominant modes of modern thought- caused furor in liberal circles, identified "errors" of time, in political and social thought, ethics, regarding Christian matrimony, primacy of Roman pontiff- eighty assumptions that came under condemnation- some already accepted, some on way to acceptance
Spread of Christianity began
With the instruction of Jesus's final words
papal infallibility
A doctrine that holds that the Pope is infallible when he speaks about issues regarding morals and dogma.
What 2 types of diffusion were used in the spread of Christianity?
contagious and hierarchy
Personal Involvement in God's Global Purposes:
a) Invest your mind.
b) invest your prayer team.
c) Invest your resources.
d) Invest your heart.
What is a disciple?
a person who helps spread word of the religious teachings of another
How did Paul's work help spread Christianity?
He tried to convert people to Christianity and built new churches.
List the six petitions of The Lord's Prayer and explain:
1. Hallowed be thy Name- prayer that God will enable us and others to glorify him through all which he makes himself known. 2. Thy Kingdom come- kingdom of darkness destroyed, Kingdom of Grace advanced, Kingdom of Glory hastened, we remain/preserve/within. 3. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven- By God's grace enable us to know, obey, submit to his will as angels do. 4. Give us this day our daily bread- enjoy the good things of life/blessings, enable us to make good use of ordinary means. 5. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive our trespassers against us- to pardon our sins and enable us by the grace to forgive others. 6. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us when tempted- keep us from being tempted, support and deliver us when tempted.
study,pore over,scrutinize
Catholic Christianity
Matthew's Audience
hevan or hell
union with God
followers of Christianity
official church teaching
created the Hypostatic Union.
story of Jesus' birth
0 AD
Jesus was born
Role of the Will
Eastern Orthodox
Constantinople sacked by Crusaders
The actual split between the eastern and western Christianity
Who Jesus is for us.
"Straight opinion" (greek); correct belief.
Revolt. Denial of one's beliefs.
what was Christianity influenced by?
Ordered Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
strongly biblical
emphasis on the cross
personal conversion
commitment to evangelism
What trade did Jesus take up?
didnt accept jesus as divine; arians
In the Christian Bible, letters written by discipels
referring to the hierarchy and councils of the Eastern Orthodox Church (like, where the Western Church has "ecumenical councils," they have "[BLANK] councils")
people are incapable of saving themselves
means good news (old english), matthew, mark, luke, john
-grew out of quaker mvmt
-English woman "Mother" Ann Lee created it
-preached celibacy
-included devotional dance
-found communities dependent on farming
14th century
*seen as punishment from god.
*caused by fleas that infected rats
*didn't impact muslims as much because of their ritual washings.
the doctrine of salvation by knowledge
Manuscript Illunication
Celtic scripts
Copies of the Bible
Roman emperor who first persecuted Christians in 64 CE
MOved Roman capital to constantinople and divided into East and West
refers to the system of church government which is overseen by bishops
four weeks of sundays before christmas, spiritual preperation for coming of Jesus, purple, wreaths, candles
DNA structure
-theres an identity structure between DNA and protein
-an intelligent cause would have had to have produced DNA and protein (a greater force)
-DNA is a system of information that pre-supposes our minds ( a message)
4 Characteristics of Evangelicalism
Conversionism, activism, Biblicism, and crucicentrism
a clergyman in Christian churches who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites
called by god and promised countless descendents
Acting on behalf of other people without their permission, often creating dependency.
Thomas Merton
Trappist monk and widely influential 20th century writer, wrote New seeds of mediatation
Mark, Matt, Luke, and John-The story of Jesus' life and teaching as told by four of Jesus' disciples
a person who dies for a cause
Image, religious painting on wood as used in the orthodox Church
a Jewish preacher and healer, prophet; Christ
95 Theses
Document that Martin Luther famously nailed to Whittenburgh church door, which outlines his theology. This catches the attention of people in Rome, who called him in for a council in which he was condemned. Luther would have been killed, were it not for some political authorities of the time, who secretly took him away because they disagreed with what Rome was doing as well.
Sacred Christian Text
Bible divided into:
1. Old Testament-39 books similar to Hebrew bible
2. New Testament- 4 gospels, Acts, writings of Paul, Peter, John and other epistles
Jesus Christ
Jesus of Nazareth, where Christianity gets it's name
Hagia Sophia
Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world.
Orthodoxy vs. heresy
right belief' vs. 'wrong belief'
one architectural form of a church building, with nave or main hall separated from side aisles by columns and with transepts producing a cross-shaped floor plan, and a rounded apse containing the principal altar at the end opposite the main entrance
People who, because of their pious lives, can intercede with God.
the state of being fully developed or complete
Vatican I
Said "God... can be known with certainty by... human reason."
Pontius Pilate
Roman Governer who sentenced Jesus to death
Mass Evangelism:
Communication of the gospel to large numbers of people at the same time.
king of the Franks who unified Gaul and established his capital at Paris and founded the Frankish monarchy
justification by faith
Luther's idea that Christians are saved only by a total and unconditional faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and redeemer of humanity.
Council of Chalcedon
Expands on the doctrine of incarnation. Jesus Christ has 2 natures, human and divine, found in the same person. These 2 natures are not confused, and he loses no divinity on account of being joined by the person
the perfect sharing of life and love with the Trinity; an eternal relationship of oneness with God, of communion with him
the idea that wine is actually the blood of christ and that bread is the actual blood, and it is 'transformed' by a priest
prescense of body and blood of Jesus in bread and wine of communion
Gospel - 100 C.E.
nothing like other 3
Also wrote book of revelation
Uniate Churches
Churches in the Eastern Orthodox world and farther east with which Roman Catholic Church established relations, recognizing their distinctive rites in Eastern languages and their marries clergy.
"I believe" - title of portion of Latin mass which contains Nicene confession of faith
messianic jews
early jews; accept as messiah but not as divine
what are the sacred texts?
Islam: The Koran
Judaism: Torah
Christian: Bible
Edict of Milan (313)
Christianity is tolerated as a religion
3rd major group of christianity and how many ppl
protestant 550 million
Ecunemical Councils
There were 7 councils in which an emperor or major eclesiastical figure would say that people needed to gather and fight off a certain heredical teaching that was damaging the Christian faith and hammer out exactly what it is that they teach so as to maintain unity/ conformity of the Christian faith
a type of execution in which a person was nailed to a cross
and from the son, a latin word added to the creeds in the western church to state that the holy spirit arises from both father and son. the notion, which was not accepted by orthodox christianity, contributed to the separation between the western and eastern churches
Before he was a disciple, Matthew was a:
Tax Collector
what will man-centered greek philosophy do?
often it will lead christians astray
kingdom as here and now/realized eschatology
these are the end times
Anointing the sick
when someone is dying the preist hears their last confession and helps that person along spiritual journey
Who were the Persians led by, when, and who did they conquer?
cyrus,539, babylon.
ends exile
to bring into or join in a close union or whole; unite:
Bible (New & Old Testament
The sacred writing of the Christian religion
Philippians 1:21-23
But what i do desire is to depart and be with Christ, for this, to be sure is far better.
the teachers of Islam are based ultimately on the Korran, and secondary
The Sunna of the prophet Muhammad
apart from jesus what other four main reasons were given by the jews to roman occupation?
Sadness Essenes mealots pharisses
does Paul wish other people have the gift of singleness like he did
yes, because being single they would have more time to serve God and others
Where was Jesus arrested and what for?
on mount of olives in the garden of gethsemane charged with blasphemy and sedition.
jewish patrioch
Apocrypha (book)
Hidden away
body of knowledge
Roman Catholic Church
Original church
miportant for religious ceremony
spiritual teacher and leader
good crusificxion
stabbed in side
Name of the Holy Book?
The Messiah
Anointed one, promised leader
What happened in 1517
Protestant Reformation
sacraments of church
baptism, confirmation, cummunion
bad crusifixion
left to hang, days
landowners of the Middle Ages
converted from Judaism to Christianity and taught the teachings of jesus
sect that includes baptist, methodist, episcopal, etc.
How long did Jesus preach?
3 years
Holy Trinity
Father, son and holy spirit
orgins of islam
from abrahm through ishmael
the discipline that describes and explains God and his relationship to the world. Theology is a formal, reasoned explanation of the beliefs of faithful people of a religion
Jesus was put to death by ____.
the book of sacred writings for christians which includes the Hebrew Scriptures (old testament) and the christian scripture (new testament); the Bible is a collection of many smaller books,
Communion or Eucharist
ritual remembering Christ's last supper when congregants share bread and wine
stories that Jesus used to cast important moral lessons within the language and circumstances familiar to the common people
number of nations god offered diving law to
kosher foods
animals killed and treated properly, dont mix meat and milk
Mystery Religions
Greek religions that practiced secret rites guaranteeing initiates immortality.
means "in the year of our Lord"
Twelve men who followed Jesus and (w/ the exception of Judas, who was replaced) became leaders of groups of early Christians.
brief statements of faith to which the Christians should follow
Paul's gospel message
Christ died, buried, raised in accordance w scriptures
letters written by the Pope to the people, address modern conflicts
king solomon
built first temple, great temple in jerulsum
men who kept the Bible safe from invaders, kept themselves from the world and promised to live a life of poverty and never marry and also wrote out copies of the Bible by hand
What was the dispersal of the Jews called?
The Diaspora
Pontius Pilot
Ruled from 26-36 AD, acted as governor (prefect)
Two incidents earlier: actions disregarded the Jewish laws and they rioted, got the Jews back under control but was warned by Caesar not to upset the Jews again
Ordered by (Tiberius) Caesar to follow all religious and political laws of the Jews
martin luther and place
tacked up 95 questions in germany
Sadducees vs Pharisees
Sadducees- were rich and part of the aristocracy
Pharisees- lawyer-like and enforced the rules of the Jewish religion, Could punish at this time but not kill
buddhism like christianity
words of buddah not written until 400 yrs after death
Kingdom of God, Jesus referring to?
God's intervention to right the wrongs
What are some of the beliefs of someone who is a Roman Catholic?
7 sacraments
Virgin Mary: virgin whole life, ascended bodily into heaven, venerated (not worshiped)
Immaculate Conception
Virgin Birth
Communion of Saints
Hierarchy of Church
Which of Jesus' ideas were taken from Jewish tradition?
Monotheism and the principles of the Ten Commandments
As a result of the Church's influence in the late Middle Ages, what were some of the beliefs that reflected this power?
Purgatory (lots of time to be cleansed before heaven)
Unam Sanctum
Jubilee Year
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