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lowest classes
see Chrismation
Holy Communion
Bishop of Rome
Constantine helps:
spread Christianity
solemnity of mary
Organized groups of congregations
Jesus of Nazareth
Born 6-4bc
Son of god, redeemer
The fourteenth-century devotional movement in Greek Orthodox Church that made extensive use of the Jesus prayer, repeated like a mantra with each breath.
Jesus' message was especially appealing to the _____.
Mystical perception of spiritual knowledge, applied to a second-century CE movement arising in Egypt.
head monk in a monastery
God 1 in 3 persons,trinity
All Christians practice
Baptism and Communion
Spread Christianity around the Mediterranean world, wrote letters
7 sacraments
baptism, confirmation, penance, eucharist, extreme unction, marriage, holy orders
spread Jesus teachings after he died
people who die for their beliefs
an overseer, a clergyman having spiritual and administrative authority in a Church
anything that happens by chance without an apparent cause
Vatican 2
1962-1965 Modernized the Roman Catholic Church
where the good goes after death
kneeling in prayer, humility infront of god
leaders of the church; religious officials given authority to conduct religious services
Doctrines taught under the full authority of the church
the scriptures sacred to christians, consisting of the books of the hebrew bible and the new testament
someone who speaks by divine inspiration
• Roman Catholicism
largest denomination; governed under Pope (who is considered as infallible…speaks as god speaks)
Reformation Era
1500-1650; Reforming thw Roman Catholic Church, the dominant church in Western Europe; reformation because it is forcing people to find an identification within the Cath Church
the doctrine especially prevalent in Calvin's form of Protestantism, stating that God has already chosen those who will be saved from sin
John Calvin
most influential mind of the reformation
New Testament
a collection of twenty-seven writings that, by the late fourth century A.D. had been adopted by orthodox Christians as their primary sacred text
Latin America:
1. Diverse Peoples
2. Religious History
3. Innovative MIssion Strategies that originated in Latin America
Involves the official empowerment of a bishop, priest, or deacon for ministry
Catholic ONLY
one of the 12 apostles, "doubting Thomas"- didnt believe that Jesus was resurrected
food that fulfills the requirements of Jewish dietary law
First 5 books of the Hebrew bible
where did the first christians come from?
Stories about everyday life told to illustrate a point.
God is a benevolent and incandescent bring who created the universe.
Catholic Reformation
a revival within Roman Catholicism meant to combat the Protestant Reformation
on of the greatest church scholars, and bishop of Hippo. He combined Christian teaching with Greco-Roman Philosophies
responsible for the massacre of the innocents. ordered death of all children under the age of 2
the liturgical season of the Christian year consisting of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Its liturgical color is purple
a follower of a person or belief.
Exclusion from the church and from Christian rituals.
one complete movement of a threaded needle through a fabric or material such as to leave behind it a single loop or portion of thread, as in sewing, embroidery, or the surgical closing of wounds.
a core Christian doctrine stating that God consists of three Persons- God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit- who are at the same time one God
Papal Power
Papacy gained power over the Church, which had power over society; Popes had more power than did kings
Synoptic gospels
First 3 gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Attempt to represent the life of Christ by only narrating it, not interpreting it. All were written before the third temple
Those who take a secular job in another culture with the intention of being involved in making disciples and planting churches in that culture.
a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches
an act that changes the form or character or substance of something
A Jew from Galilee in northern Israel who sought to reform Jewish beliefs and practices. He was executed as a revolutionary by the Romans. A teacher and prophet whose life and teachings form the basis of Christianity. Christians believe him to be Son of God and the Christ.
5th century advocates of the view that the incarnate Christ was two separate persons, one divine and one human.
Priesthood (presbyterate)
The night before Christ's death, he gathers his disciples and says that the wine is his blood and the bread is his body, and to eat and drink in remembrance of him. Christians continue this ritual down to present day. Priests alone are authorized to distribute bread and wine.
In Roman Catholic Church, priest must be celibate
In Anglican, Eastern Orthodox Church, priest can marry and have kids
the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ
Who conquers the Persians and when?
Alexander in 332BCE
in the A.D. 400s this priest brought Christianity in ireland. He set up monasteries and churches
paul wrote letters, or ___, to groups of believers
The idea that Jesus exists as two persons, the man Jesus and the Divine son of God (Logos) rather than two natures of one person.
The Holy Spirit is the top angel, but not God.
Majority World Mission:
In order to track the missionary activity or denominations and mission agencies in what were formerly labeled as receiving countries.
author of all the letters, one of the most influential early christian missionaries
Diet of Würms
The court which asked Luther to recount his ideas of reform
the rising of Christ on the third day after the Crucifixion, the central event of the christian calendar, afterward celebrated as Easter Sunday
"And from the Son"; a Latin word added to the creeds in the Western Church to state that the Holy Spirit arises from both Father and Son. The notion, which was not accepted by Orthodox Christianity, contributed to the separation between the Western and Eastern Churches.
Rome fell, leaving a leadership void in Europe. The Christian Popes filled the void and began to gain political power, not just religious authority
Around 400 C.E.____________________?
Inner-Trinitarian Decree
concept that God, within himself as a triune Go, determined the plan of salvation long before the creation of anything outside himself
Diaspora Judaism's role in spread
they traveled and preached, synagogues were plenty and attracted many people
Catholicism prevalent in which countries
Tahiti, Vietnam, Africa, Mex, Alaska, Asia
They were a group from where?
Persia ( modern day Iraq)
• Zealots (Huston Smith, 321)
sort of like Pharisees (want to reestablish) but they took up arms…small military bands to attack Romans
Hildegard of Bingen
lived from 1098 to 1179; head of a community of Benedictine nuns; charismatic, claimed to have visions, collected in book Scivias; one of the major 12th c. reformers in the Church
His message is to?
Repent because the Kingdom of god is near.
Kingdom of God (Kingdom of Heaven)
When Christ preaches this he is talking about how God's rule is now reestablished and the Kingdom of God is now here. At this point, this is only in political rule, but it is also realized in the renewal/restoration of human life, meeting the bodily/physical needs of the people (clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, etc)
Peter Waldo, John Wycliffe, John Huss
Name three Christian heroes of the Middle ages?
Why did Roman leaders dislike Christians?
The Christians did not believe in the Roman gods and refused to join in the public ceremonies in which the emperor was worshiped as a god.
4. What were some of the topics involved in Christ's early teachings?
The coming of the reign of God, Messiah
People needed to fix up, repent, to enter kingdom.
Rigid rituals and practices of Mosaic Law took away from prophets teaching.
Moral transformation of character through encounter between individual and God
a igreja
Geographic origin
Romanesque characteristics
Professions of faith
Ignatius of Antioch
Last Supper
passover meal
Jesis died in _____________.
eternal destiny is predetermined
"Offiically Accepted" Byzantine Empire's offical church. (BASED OF GREEK HERITAGE)
Protestants is more ________?
Meaning "universal", the name used by the Western Church to show that it represented all Christians.
Through reason, we discover _____________ Revelation.
Short-term Mission:
Cross-cultural mission experiences that lat from a few days up to about two years; some use the label "midterm missions" to describe those experiences that last from three months to two years or more.
group of English Calvinist Protestants, significant during 16th and 17th centuries. wished to reform Church of England from within- their mission has been described as an "errand into the wilderness," which conjures up images of the medieval missionaries, although they saw themselves as latter-day Jews- established freedom of religion in Mass. Bay Colony, not prepared to extend it to others- attempted to reform the Church of England by instituting a "pure" form of worship, based on Calvinist doctrines and free of Roman Catholic rituals and gov. control.
Human beings have a?
sin nature
Simon Peter
cornerstone of developing church
Social Gospel
"Christianizing" institutions of society, Abolition, Missions, Salvation Army, Sunday School
oldest and most excepted christian holiday
rome split into provinces called these
1054 CE
Orthodox Church separated from God
a authoritative formula of religious belief. (Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed)
heresies (heresy)
beliefs that question church teachings
earliest 65-70 CE
source for Matthew and Luke
an intermediate after-death state in which souls are purified from sin.
Protestant movement which arises out of revivalism; cuts across denominations; focuses on conversion
Pontius Pilate
Roman governor who prosecutes Jesus
Agnus Dei
Roman Catholic
the formula beginning with the words "O Lamb of God" recited 3x by the priest in the Latin mass shortly before the Communion
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of monks or nuns, their manner of life, or their religious obligations:
a way of life where religious practices have little to do with life in the community
Joseph of Arimethea
asked permission to burry Jesus
Eph. Purpose:
To declare and promote cosmic reconciliation and unity in Christ
Where did the first split take place?
The principal church of diocese, with which the bishop is officially associated
Augustine's mother. She was a strong Christian woman who had a powerful influence on the life of Augustine
term first emerged to refer to evangelical Protestants who believed that certain fundamental truths of the Gospel were threatened by modern interpreters; in general, fundamentalist movements in all religions see modernity as corrupting the fundamental truths and practices as they were expressed in the premodern stage of their respective traditions
country divided into smaller states or kingdoms, ruled by nobles
One of Jesus' twelve disciples; any early preacher of Christianity
Great Schism
the 'final' break between Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman Catholic) Christianity, occuring in 1054 CE
external contexts which affects families
historical context
economic well being
developmental context
hereditary context
cultural context
Study of the person and nature of Jesus Christ.
Phil. Theme:
Partnership in the gospel and walking worthy of the gospel
occasional letter
A letter written triggered by a specific event
the execution of Jesus by fixing him to a cross; symbolic of his self-sacrifice for the good of all humanity
in 312 C.E., this person placed a cross on every shield and won his battles
a meeting place for worship used by some Protestants or Mormons.
Benedict of Nursia
480-547 CE
*Rule of monks (Benedicts' order of monks)
*allows monks to drink beer and wine
Council of Niceaea
The first Ecunemical council, called by Constantine himself. Made the idea of the trinity explicit.
a religious leader just below the pope and patriarchs, nominated by pope
St. Sebastian
Shot full of arrows against a tree
Testifies of Christ and is then beheaded
Eddict of Milan
Gave christianity same privlages as other religions
Paschal Mystery
goes more in depth than this but...
Passion, Death, & Resurrection
A movement in England from 1558 to 1660 seeking to 'purify' the Church of England of Catholic influences in favor of Calvinist ones. Before running its course in England, it became a major influence in Congregational Churches in New England.
Totally depravity (in all of our parts sinfull)U- predestination is unconditionalLimited atonement (died only for those saved)Irresistable graceP-perseverance of saints
Analogia Entis
"analogy of being"; process of gaining knowledge about God through rational thought or observation of natural world
Events of Passion Week
: Sunday: Triumphal entry into Jerusalem; Monday: Jesus clears the temple; Tuesday: Jesus' authority challenged the temple, Jesus teaches in stories and confronts the Jewish leaders, and Greeks asks to see Jesus, The Olivet Discourse, Judas agree to betray Jesus; Wednesday: Nothing happened this day; Thursday: The last supper, Jesus speaks to the disciples in the upper room, Jesus struggles in Gethsemane, Jesus is betrayed and arrested; Friday: Jesus is tried by Jewish and Roman authorities and disowned by Peter, Jesus is crucified; Sunday: The resurrection and Easter (the most important day).
The Holy Land
All of Palestine, first described as _____ by Christians.
a deity or spirit in an earthly form (divinity with humanity in Jesus Christ)
a story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the gospels
John Wesley
Founder of Methodism, but he wasn't a methodist
How did Jesus die
Roman rulers threatened by his popularity and sentenced him to death by crucifixion
Edict of Milan
Constantine's decree in 313 CE which makes Christianity first a tolerated religion and then, in effect, the civil religion of the Roman Empire; Constantine set precedents for very close ties between state and church
• Christ / Messiah
Greek / Hebrew terms for “anointed one”
5 major functions of family
protection, education, pass on faith, economic survival and conferral of status
Son of Man
means that Jesus is also human and through him God will fully establish his kingdom at the end of time (Daniel 7), apocalyptic reference
Gospel of luke
Gospel that tried to help his Gentile Christian readers understand that Jesus had come to save everyone, regardless of race or social status
What 3 things does baptism accomplish for a Christian...
baptism-purification of sins, accepting jesus as lord/savior and entry into christian community
Roman Catholic Church
the historic Western church as it has continued under the leadership of the pope, the Bishop of Rome
Christian History: The Reformation
in the early 1500s: when the Roman Catholic split
The Roman people lost there standards
What caused the fall of Rome?
Roman Catholic main argument against contraception
Sex was intended for reproduction, not for fun. But, if one is married it is okay to have sex for fun, but do not be upset if pregnancy occurs because it was meant to happen.
Why do we believe Jesus' ministry lasted about three years?
bc Johns gospel mentions 3 passovers
What did the Romans sentence Jesus to death because of?
They found him guilty of speaking against Jewish laws.
Why did Jesus teachings upset some people.
Because to some Jews, this way of life was wrong and dangerous. And they also worried that Jesus would stir up trouble with the Romans.
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