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Terms Definitions
la maschera
the plot/story
el cinéfilo
les cascades
une adaptation
saga (f)
il palcoscenico
el homenaje
des reseignements
Kathleen Turner
Barbara Rose
le guichet
ticket window
le tarif
charge, admission
to remind, recall
il produttore cinematografico
un écran
a screen
Virginia Woolf writer
Edward Albee
el papel principal
leading role
en soiree
in the evening
to show (a film)
el dato
piece of information
en bas
at the bottom
Ernst Lubitsch
-first major German director of the postwar era, became the most prominent director of German historical epics
se passer
to happen, take place
la película de risa
comedy film
german expressionism
Grotesque characters, pathological emotional states, fantastic settings and visual distortions are representative of what style of cinema
War of the Roses release date
emphasizes the lives of ordinary people and rejected studio sets, lighting, makeup, and professional actors in favor of location shooting, nonprofessionals and available light.
Tri-Ergon Process
-The Tri-Ergon sound-on-film system was patented from 1919 on by German inventors Josef Engl (1893-1942), Hans Vogt (1890-1979), and Joseph Massolle (1889-1957). The name Tri-Ergon was derived from Greek and means "the work of three."
Blow-Up 1966
Cinematographer- Carlo di Palma
Editor- Frank Di Palma
Music- Herbie Hancock- The Yardbirds
tourner un film
to make a film
Maya Deren
meshes of the afternoon, matriarch
e consigliabile che
it is advisable that
Self-reflexivity films tend to be either comic or didactic
Soldier's Story was filmed _________
Fort Chaffee, Arkansas
stories filmed in segments, to be shown on successive weeks along with the feature- film presentation.
A Corner in the Wheat
1909; D.W. Griffith
Muscala Films
colorful; 3 hours; Panther Panchali represents a break this type of film
Lighting ratios
An indication of the relative intensities of the major light sources illuminating your subject
a building in which films are shown
Assistant director
Responsible for the smooth operation of the set. Communicating the director's instructions to the various technical departments and relating the crew's concerns back to the director. Makes sure everyone on the set knows the order of camera setups and what is needed for each department
Actors with lesser acting ranges are generally considered poor actors
to know (information, fact,to know how to)
Wild sound
audio that is recorded on location, but not simultaneously with the picture.
New Wave
films made about ordinary life that called attention to the strangeness, beauty and emotionally charged passions of the everyday world.
Shot size
Size of your subject in the frame.
Fellini 8 1/2 Production
Producer- Angelo Rizzoli
Writers- Fredrico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano, Tullio Pinelli and Brunello Rondi
Music: Nino Rota-- did music for the Godfather too
Cinematographer- Gianni Di Venanzo
Editing- Leo Cattozzo
Key + fill:fill
The ratio between the primary illumination and the fill light
a book, film, play etc that continues the story of an earlier one, usually written or made by the same person
Objective viewpoint
takes the form of an omnipotent viewer, roughly analogous to the technique of third-person narrative in literature
to be showed (only at movies, lit to be turned)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1919; Robert Wiene; clearly antiauthoritarian if not subversive in its equation of power and madness; the visual world of Caligari became a highly stylized one of exaggerated dimensions and deranged spatial relationships
The Seventh Seal Prize
Special Jury Prize out of Cannes
1/3-2/3 rule
2/3 of the depth range along the z-axis is behind the focus point and 1/3 is in front.
Filmmaker websites
Help get your film out there along with video podcasts and vlogs
all of the above
Primary functions of camera movement include all EXCEPT
A framing in which the scale of the object shown is relatively large
The Student of Prague
based on several versions of the fraust legen and introduced the themes of horror and supernatural
box office
(n) the place in a theatre, cinema etc where tickets are sold .
hand mattied
A film that has frame bars that mask the top and bottom of images are referred to as
Effects of university film studies and film production courses on US film industry
the highly specialized training produced a generation of American filmmakers whose visual and technical sophistication was immense but whose film s were sometimes so painstakingly calculated for effect as to lack spontaneity. All of these extremely talented film-school-trained directors have produced works of distinction-some of near genius. There is at times an almost academic preoccupation with cinematic effect and audience response.
Zoom lenses (variable focal length lenses)
Offer a continuos range of focal lengths in one lens housing. Constructed with movable lens elements. Can offer a wide range of focal lengths in one lens
pudo constatar que la muerte se había producido por asfixia
to verify
he was able to verify that the death was caused by suffocation
Mention 2 films directed by Gurinder Chadha
Bhaji on the Beach, Bend it like Beckham
sexual climax
un spectacle
invented Vitascope Projector
'M' director
Fritz Lang
la bande sonore
Structure of Film Industry
Aleksander Antonov-main sailor
Vladimir Barsky-commander
le jeu des acteurs
showing a film to audiences
"Chamber-Drama" films
German genre of the 1920's
focused on a few characters and their lives
ended by 1924
Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
Audio program
une pièce de théâtre
a play
Subjective or Restricted Point of View
film style that depicts irrational inner-workings of the subconcious
United Artists
United Artists Cinema
Charlie Chaplin
Mary Pickford
Douglas Fairbanks
D.W. Griffith also helped
Progression of incidents in a film
Rossellini films
Roma, Citta aperta (open city)1945
Paisa 46
Germania, anno zero 47
un film de sience fiction
Sience fiction film
the overriding idea that guides a film
sound unit
headed by the production recordist (sound mixer) who records dialogue during shooting
to insert a contrasting camera shot into a take by cutting alternation shots with contrasting scenes to make one composite scene.
This scanning brings in the picture one line of resolution at a time from the top to the bottom
Audio filters
Audio signal processors that digitally alter the audio data, and therefore the characteristics of your sound in some way.
Open City
b.Open City(1945) and the Development of the Neorealist model: conceived by Rossellini and his associates (many were active in the Resistance). Shooting began just two weeks after Italy signed the armistice with the allies.
Minor Characters
A supporting character in a movie. Minor characters have fewer traits than major characters, so we know less about them. They may also be so lacking in definition and screen time that we can consider them marginal characters.
aerial view
photograph or map showing buildings or city scenes from the air
second unit director
films stunts, location footage, and action scenes at a distance from where principal shooting is taking place
George Melies
Made 500 films
wanted to reproduce theater in a fantastic way
Artist- Magician- Films
Tricks- stop motion, dissolves, fade-ins.
His films were the first to tell complete stories.
Reflected light meter
Measures the intensity of light reflecting off a scene. Held near the camera and pointed at the scene.
Call sheets
Sheets for each shooting day; detail what portion of the script is being shot on that specific day, who needs to be on the set and when.
Vertov Camera Techniques (Soviet)
split screen, superimposition, unusual camera angles, with trick stop motion, rapid motion to show the magic of the camera
Obsene Past
something bad that happend a long time ago
copy right issues
cause by Filmmakers began to imitate each other
The Trickster in cinema
Changes social role
Gender maybe is ambiguous
Messenger of imitator of the gods—think of Chaplin's role in the industry
Inverter of the relationship between the sacred and the lewd
Sound that is recorded on set in sync is this sound
Eisenstein's Theory on Montage
1. Montage of Attractions: create SHOCK
2. Intellectual Montage: production of meaning- metaphor- juxtaposition of unrelated images to generate associates in spectators minds
people in a film who have a small part
The Birth of a Mass Medium
The movie could have been used for science, education, family home entrainment, etc. But the emergence of the new social order (modern industry) needed a cheap and distracting form of entertainment for the working class.
There was a flicker problem, but people still loved it.
Ministry of Education and Propaganda (VGIK)
Soviets nationalized film production in 1919 with the creation of the ministry by Lenin's wife Nadezhda
La Grande Illusion- anti-war film
Directed by Jean Renoir; plot less important compared to interactions; focuses on men becoming prisoners to conventions; integrates soundtrack (2 songs French and German) establish leitmotif
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