Cinema Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
to dub
foregin film
to direct
Horizontal dimension
le metteur-en-scène
sous-titre (m)
to check
to be on
Faye Dunaway
Evelyn Mulwray
le plateau
movie set
un acteur
an actor
to tell, narrate
la cinepresa
movie camera
une place
a seat
The Player release date
la mise en scene
Asian film and eros
Locates and coordinates props
Un film storico
historical film
un amateur de cinéma
film lover
Robert Flaherty
-First Documentary Filmmaker
-"Nanuk of the North": feature-length documentary film (1922)
la musique du film
the soundtrack
(n) film has cartoon characters
The Director, Cinematographer and Production Designer collaborate in the creation of the overall visual design of a film
War of the Roses director
Danny DeVito
style of camerawork that smoothly moves through a set or location
Douglas Fairbanks
-Founding member of United Artist
-United States film actor noted for his swashbuckling roles (1883-1939)
-Founding member of The Motion Picture Academy
-Married to Mary Pickford...couple became Hollywood royalty
Carlos Ponti
Producer for Blow Up 1966
faire la queue
to stand in line
la película de cienca-ficción
science fiction film
farsi un tatuaggio
to get a tattoo
louer une vidéo
to rent a video
Dynamic range
Range of different loudness levels. whisper to scream
The major form of classical Japanese drama that includes music and dancing. Its important because many people in Japan watch it
Mauritz Stiller
Finnish actor, screenwriter and silent film director, who was mostly active in Sweden. Discovered Greta Garbo. Brought to US by MGM, eventually went to work for Famous Players-Lasky.
Becomes infatuated with Adolf Hitler and later is ashamed
Ingmar Bergman
Measure of electromotive force of the electrical current in a system
someone who controls or manages a company .
luminance slider
under the color wheel in TWCC
Cahiers du cinema
french journal that described directorial dominance in film art- auter theory
Frequency range
Range of detectable pitches for a given apparatus
a concept crucial to the definition of the self; recognition of what one is by differentiating oneself from the others
Canted angle
Tilting the camera laterally so that the horizon of your composition is oblique
Blow-Up 1966 Production Staff
Producer: Carlos Ponti
Screenplay: Antonioni, Tonino Guerra, Edward
Chinese lantern
Specialized soft light rig that is used exclusively as a fill light
the place where something is or where something happens, and the general environment
Casting for type
Casting someone because they seem naturally right for the part in some way, whether they look the part or behave just like your character in real life
iris in/out
closing and opening the aperture if the lens can also be used to transition
Voice over Narration
spoken commentary to display a characters thoughts
Single system
1 machine needed to record image and sound
G. W. Pabst
most celebrated German director of the mid 1920s, his The Joyless Street (1925) is the most widely seen of the street films
Peeping Tom 1960 Production crew
Director- Michael Powell
Producer: Nat Cohen
Writer- Leo Marks- famous cryptographer during WW2
Telephoto Lens
Long lenses. Enlarge the size of the image and narrow the angle of view.
Balance indicator
Starts at the middle of each color wheel by default
A reference in a film to another film or filmmaker is called a(n)
Long shot
framing in which the scale of the object shown in small
The Student of Prague
1913; Stellan Rye; first prewar German film to break with stage conventions; atmospheric lighting and many effective photographic illusions
a secret plan by a group of people, to do something harmful or illegal
the audio visual design of a film
Film structure refers to
Imaging plane (target)
Aka. target, is the face of a CCD chip. In a video monitor, is the inside face of the tupe
Hollywood's response to advent of TV
at first Hollywood attempted to enter television business by applying for station licenses in major markets and by innovating large-screen television in its theater circuits. But, the studios were out-maneuvered politically by the dominant radio networks, and NBC, CBS, and ABC moved directly into TV broadcasting. Moreover, theater/subscription television simply could not compete with the "free" programming provided by the networks. Many studios contractually restrained their stars from appearing on television. This stimulated the new medium to develop start personalities on its own. By 1949 the American film industry was seriously threatened by television. Hollywood adapted, counterattacked, and survived.
me lo ha puesto a huevo
tener huevos
he gave me a clue
to have guts
Why is Xala considered to be a satire?
it satires the ongoing effects of French colonialism in Senegal
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