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Terms Definitions
Graphical User Interface
computer competency
acquiring computer related skills
Mobile computer
notebook or laptop
tablet pc
Higher-quality memory modules have ____ installed to reduce heat and help the module last longer.
heat sinks
blind carbon copy; distribution option works like the carbon copy except none of the recipients know who else received the same email, or whether anyone other than them received it at all.
Limit access to authorized persons such as passwords.
uslaly contains content to promot produts or services, and allows u to purchase them online
Specialized hardware and software that insures that only authorized personnel within an organization can use the internet
A user plans to run multiple applications simultaneously on a computer. Which computer component is essential to accomplish this ?
The device used to convert photographs and paper documents into digital files is called a ____.
Data Backup

Data backup
Data backup refers to making copies of data, or computer files that can be restored in the event that the original files are lost
what deos ftp stand for?
file transfer protocol
The study pof human factors related to things people use
allows the various devices both inside and attached to the system unit to communicate with each other
communication device
hardware component that enables a computer to send and recieve data instructions and information
Deceptive act or operation designed to trick individuals into spending their time and money for no return
Which server connection method is better for user processes that require a great deal of processing time on the database?
Dedicated Server
the complete definition of a database, including descriptions of all fields, records, and relationships
Check ____ for recorded events that have to do with the printer or the port it is using.
Event Viewer
True or False? Windows 2000 supports the NTFS and FAT file systems.
most powerful type of computer, ex IBM blue gene
A website that is an online personal journal with refelction, comments and often hyperlinks is called a
Collection of VBA macros, or one or more sub procedures stored within a module.
adapter card/expansion card
a circuit board that enhances functions of a component of the system unit and/or provides connections to peripherals
input device
hardware used to enter data and instructions
Three items that you must specify when using Solver: a target cell, the adjustable (or changing) cells, and the constraints that apply to your problem.
Which network naming method uses no naming, but rather a direct connection string?
Easy connect
each file or table contains data about people, places, things, or events that interact with the information system
A ____ device is an input device that inputs biological data about a person, which can be input data to identify a person’s fingerprints, handprints, face, voice, eye, and handwritten signature.
True or False? The lilo.conf file can be found in /usr.
3 best operating systems
windows xp, windows vista, mac osx
a small text file that some web sites automatically store on a client computers hard ddrive when a user vists the site
Some applications are tailored to the needs of a particular company or industry. Software designed for a specific industry is called?
Vertical Market Software
is a GUI element composed of a strip across the top of the window that exposes all functions the program can perform in a single
12 basic types of internets sites
portal, news, info, business/marketing, educational, entertainment, advocacy , blog, siki, social network, content agregator, person
A ___ is an illustration such as a scanned photograph.
6 tips for efficient LOADing
-create indexes before LOAD-perform LOAD tasks in parallel if capable (increases CPU but decreases elapsed time)-plan concurrent LOADS if possible... maybe for different dbs or file groups at same time-consider disabling logging, if possible... make image copy backup after the LOAD to ensure recoverability.-use LOAD instead of a program or multiple SQL INSERT statements-for some DBMSs, LOAD an empty file instead of using SQL DELETE... much faster, especially if logging can be disabled
bottom-up technique
analyzes a large, complex project as a series of individual tasks, called project tasks
Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
An IP addressing method that ignores address class designations and that uses a slash at the end at the end of the dotted decimal address to show number of available addresses.
A ___ is a line or several lines of text that appear at the top of a page just above the top margin line.
Wikis provide an excellent source for what?
Collaborative writing, business collaborations and more.
what is a syntax
rules that must be followed when constructing a program
this is the second part of the SDLC, which involves end users and IT specialists working together to gather, understand, and document the business requirements for the proposed system. There are two parts to the Analysis phase, gathering the business requ
Analysis Phase
A ____ bus port can be used by many different input/output devices, such as keyboards, printers, scanners, and digital cameras.
universal serial
Optical Fiber Cable
A cable made of glass that uses light rays to convert from analog to digital.
Dense WDM vs Coarse WDM:
Dense: More signals through a single fiber optic line.

Coarse: Less """
What is Oracle Clusterware?How does it speed up processing time?
-management tools that support database clusters and computer grids.-Allows long-running tasks to be spread among several databases
What is the user interface?
User interface is what the user sees and can understand/interact with
is a structured step by step approach for developing information systems that includes seven key phases and numerous activities in each. (Planning – Analysis – Design – Development – Testing – Implementation – Maintenance)
Systems development life cycle (SDLC)
In order to publish your web site, you need to know 3 things to get access to the course web server. What are they? or url of the CIS web server
password/id number
what does a bubble sort do?
sorts comparing each item to the one above.
when to create indexes in relation to using LOAD?
before loading data into the table... more efficient (verify this for DBMS and version)
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