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Interview schedule
about a billion bytes
A special-purpose computer that receives and transmits data across a network.
Can ORACLE_HOME contain multiple installations?
Cost-benefit analysis
identifies the financial risk associated with the project
What expression web features makes words become highlighted when the curser is placed over them?
Unwanted junk or email is called?
statements that have a well-defined structure used to program something
the breaking down of overall objectives into subsystems and modules
Recent statistics show that more than ____% of personal computers purchased today are notebook computers.
The ____ is a third-party standard that defines how to store data on removable media such as DVDs.
Browser Hijacking
when the browser's settings are modified by Malware
Value Chain
A network of value- creating activities.
What is the most popular video-sharing site today?
Databases can have an absolute profound affect on your business; Databases can also profoundly change your:
Best Practice
we assume that people we're attracted to must be similar to us i.e. assume same political stance; acting similar to another, increases their liking toward you i.e. peer pressure
collective information about your customers, your competitors, your business partners, your competitive environment, and your own internal operations that gives you the ability to make effective, important, and often strategic business decisions.
Business Intelligence (BI)
online documentation
provides immediate help when users have questions or encounter problems
Art director
The person responsible for the visual elements of the film is the _____ _______
Most ____ drives consist of a sealed case containing platters or disks that rotate at a high speed.
The width of a table’s border is defined in ____.
LAN administrators
setup and manage the network hardware, software, and security processes
When a number in the reference cell in a formula changes, Excel automatically ____ all formulas that are dependent upon the changed value.
A Computer who copies an application onto more than one computer illegally is participating in this.
Software Piracy
Tax preperation software
available both as packages software and webapplications
Berkowitz's cognitive-neoassociation theory (model of aggression)
any event that produces aversive arousal can cause aggression but only if the aversive arousal first leads to anger
A yellow box that appears when you position the mouse pointer over a toolbar button. The yellow box displays the button’s name.
The set of rules that dictates how databases are designed. it tells you how to organize the data stored in the DB so that not only does the application function properly, but the amt of duplicate and unwanted information being stored is minimized.
the process of drawing a series of increasingly detailed diagrams to reach the desired level of detail
The ____ tab in Task Manager shows all users currently logged on the system.
The ____ tag is used to create anchors for links to another page in the same Web site, to a Web page in an external Web site, within the same Web page, and for e-mail links.
Client/Server Model
what the Internet network is called; a computer on a network that stores Web pages is called the server or host, and the computer on the network tat requests those Web pages is called a client. A computer can be both a client and a server at the same time.
____ is the height and width of the character, measure in Points.
T or F: You cannot connect to the Internet wirelessly unless you're in a Wi-Fi hot spot.
personal paint/image editing software
provides an easy to use interface
this operation ask a question and the next operation is selected on the basis of that answer
conditional operation
is held in a classroom environment and is led by an instructor, more suitable for difficult systems.
Workshop Training
thick/thin client
a thick client design locates most or all of the application processing logic at the client. a thin client design locates most or all of the processing logic at the server
What is the main storage drive used by servers, desktops, and laptops ?
hard drive
What is management level Reporting?
Management level reporting is the level of detail in a report or summarization approcpriate for a certain level of employees regardless of report type.

Reports with consideration to the Hierachy of the business
Data validation
enables you to define a set of rules that guide data entry for a cell or a specific range of cells
allows a
network cable to be plugged in so it can interface, or communicate
with other computers.
Network Interface
Controller Card (NIC)
volitile memory
data that will b e lost when the computer or device is not powered
2 common standards supported by DBMSs for distributed data
-DRDA-Distributed Relational Database Architecture-RDA-Remote Database Access
What are the characteristics of customer relationship management (CRM) systems?
They support business process of attracting, managing, and selling to customers. They also support all direct value chain activities
A keyword or label that you use to categorize your favorite web sites.
tag (Social Bookmark)
What are private class members
They cannot be accessed by programming statements outside the class
OSI (open system interconnection) model
describes how data actually moves from an application on one computer to an application on another networked computer (7 layers)
5 ways to do well in a tough economy
Re-evauate customerAttitudeuncover new marketsstick to fundamentalsthink strategicaly
what does a defragmenting utility do?
Files become fragmented as they are stored in noncontiguous clusters; a defragmenting utility moves files to contiguous clusters and improves disk performance
A small device that enables a user to carry digital information.
Personnel Digital Assistant (PDA) alternatively called a palm computer
DVDs are a form of magnetic media
Which of the following is NOT true about DVDs?
How do you resolve a many to many relationship?
Use a circular reference or an intersecting table
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