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lysosomal storage disease
Terms Definitions
cold intolerance
diffuse rash
measles (Morbillivirus)
blue sclera
osteogenesis imperfecta
Achilles tendon xanthoma
Familial hypercholesterolemia
hamartomatous GI polyps
hyperpigmenation of the mouth/feet/hands
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
Kluver-Bucy syndrome (bilateral amygdala lesion)
adrenal hemorrhage
Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome (meningococcemia)
Deep labored breathing/hyperventilation
Kussmaul breathing (DKA)
Positive anterior "drawer sign"
ACL injury
Skin hyperpigmentation
Addison's Disease (primary adrenocortical insufficiency of autoimmune or infectious etiology)
resting tremor
postural instability
Parkinson's disease (nigrostriatal dopamine depletion)
mental retardation
self-mutilating behavior in a boy
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (HGPRT deficiency)
Pellagra [vitamin B3 (niacin) deficiency]
positive anterior draw test
ACL injury
Horner's syndrome (sympathetic chain lesion)
weight loss
Whipple's disease (Tropheryma whippelii infection of the intestine)
painful, pale, cold fingers/toes
Reynaud's syndrome
splinter hemorrhages in fingernails
bacterial endocarditis
Adrenal hemorrhage, hypotension, DIC
Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome (meningococcemia)
Systolic ejection murmur (crescendo-decrescendo)
Aortic valve stenosis
Oscillating slow/fast breathing
Cheyne-Stokes respirations (central apnea in CHF or increased ICP)
Fever, cough, conjunctivitis, coryza, diffuse rash
Measles (Morbillivirus)
Chorea, dementia, caudate degeneration
Huntington's disease (autosomal-dominant CAG repeat expansion)
Hyperphagia, hypersexuality, hyperorality, hyperdocility
Kluver-Bucy syndrome (bilateral amygdala lesion)
growth failure
electrolyte imbalances
Fanconi's Syndrome (proximal tubular reabsorption defect)
calf pseudohypertrophy
muscular dystrophy (most commonly Duchenne's)
Blue bloater = chronic bronchitis (hyperplasia of mucous cells in lungs)
Hypoxemia, polycythemia, hypercapnia
"Blue bloater" (chronic bronchitis: hyperplasia of mucous cells)
Lucid interval after traumatic brain injury
Epidural hematoma
Erythroderma, lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, atypical T cells
Sezary syndrome (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma) or mycosis fungoides
Infant with microcephaly, rocker-bottom feet, structural heart defect
Edward's Syndrome (trisomy 18)
Dermatitis, dementia, diarrhea
Pellagra (niacin [vitamin B3] deficiency)
Café-au-lait spots, Lisch nodules (iris hamartoma)
Neurofibromatosis type I
"Cherry-red spot" on macula
Tay-Sachs (ganglioside accumulation), Niemann-Pick (lysosomal storage disease)
Thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal tumors
Sipple's Syndrome (MEN 2A)
Hypertension, hypokalemia, metabolic acidosis
Conn's syndrome (primary hyperaldosteronism)
Pancreatic, pituitary, parathyroid tumors
Wermer's Syndrome (MEN 1)
Abdominal pain, ascites, hepatosplenomegaly
Budd-Chiari Syndrome (posthepatic venous thrombosis)
Bluish line on gingiva
Burton's line (lead poisoning)
single palm crease
Simian crease = Down syndrome
restrictive cardiomyopathy
exercise intolerance
cardiomegaly in juvenile form
Pompe's disease (lysosomal glucosidase deficiency)
no lactation postpardum
absent menstruation
cold intolerance
Sheehan's syndrome (pituitary infarction)
painless jaundice
cancer of the pancreatic head obstructing the bile duct
back pain
night sweats
weight loss
Pott's disease (vertebral tuberculosis)
deep, labored breathing/hyperventilation
Kussmaul breathing = diabetic ketoacidosis
Dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis
Sjogren's syndrome (autoimmune destruction of exocrine glands)
Continuous "machinery" murmur
PDA (close with indomethacin; open with misoprostol)
Urethritis, conjunctivitis, arthritis in a male
Reiter's Syndrome (reactive arthritis associated with HLA-B27)
Enlarged, hard left supraclavicular node
Virchow's node (abdominal metastasis)
Vomiting blood following esophagogastric lacerations
Mallory-Weiss Syndrome (alcoholics and eating disorders)
Hamartomatous GI polyps, hyperpigmentation of mouth/feet/hands
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (genetic benign polyposis can cause bowel obstruction; increased cancer risk)
Weight loss, diarrhea, arthritis, fever, adenopathy
Whipple's disease (Tropheryma whippelii)
Conjugate lateral gaze palsy, horizontal diplopia
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia (damage to MLF; bilateral [multiple sclerosis], unilateral [stroke])
Green-yellow rings around peripheral cornea
Kayser-Fleischer rings (copper accumulation from Wilson's disease)
Dysphagia (esophageal webs), glossitis, iron deficiency anemia
Plummer-Vinson Syndrome (may progress to esophageal squamous cell carcinoma)
Small, irregular red spots on buccal/lingual mucosa with blue-white centers
Koplik spots (measles)
No lactation postpartum, absent menstruation, cold intolerance
Sheehan's syndrome (pituitary infarction)
chronic exercise intolerance with myalgia
painful cramps
McArdle's Disease (muscle phosphorylase deficiency)
small, irregular spots on buccal/lingual mucosa with blue white centers
Koplik spots = measles
dark purple skin/mouth nodules
Kaposi's sarcoma (usually AIDS patients; associated with HHV-8)
enlarged, hard left supraclavicular lymph node
Virchow's node (abdominal metastasis)
Necrotizing vasculitis (lungs) and necrotizing glomerulonephritis.
Wegener's and Goodpasture's syndromes (hemoptysis and glomerular disease)
Male child, recurrent infections, no mature B cells
Bruton's disease (X-linked agammaglobulinemia)
Painful blue fingers/toes, hemolytic anemia
Cold agglutinin disease (IgM) (autoimmune hemolytic anemia caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae or infectious mononucleosis)
Polyuria, acidosis, growth failure, electrolyte imbalances
Fanconi's Syndrome (proximal tubular reabsorption defect)
Situs inversus, chronic sinusitis, bronchiectasis, infertility
Kartagener's syndrome (dynein defect affecting cilia)
Rapidly progressive leg weakness that ascends (following GI/upper respiratory infection)
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (autoimmune acute inflammatory demyelinating polynephropathy)
Rash on palms and soles
Secondary syphilis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Fat, female, forty, and fertile
Acute cholecystitis (bile duct blockage)
Dilated cardiomyopathy, edema, polyneuropathy
Wet beriberi (thiamine [vitamin B1] deficiency)
male child with recurrent infections and no mature B cells
Bruton's disease (X-linked agammaglobinemia)
cherry red spot on macula
Tay-Sachs (gangloside accumulation) or Niemann Pick (lysosomal storage disease)
pancreatic, pituitary, and parathyroid tumors
MEN 1 syndrome (Wermer's syndrome)
swollen gums
mucous bleeding
poor wound healing
spot on skin
Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency; can't hydroxylate proline/lysine for collagen synthesis)
Ulcerated painful genital lesions with exudate
Chancroid = Haemophilus ducreyi
Streak ovaries, congenital heart disease, horseshoe kidney
Turner's Syndrome (XO, short stature, webbed neck, lymphedema)
Smooth, flat, moist white lesions on genitals
Condylomata lata (secondary syphilis)
Vasculitis from exposure to endotoxin causing glomerular thrombosis
Shwartzman reaction (following second exposure to endotoxin)
Painful, raised red lesions on palms and soles
Osler's nodes (infective endocarditis)
short stature
increased incidence of tumors/leukemia
aplastic anemia
Fanconi's anemia (often progresses to AML)
Fibrous plaques in soft tissue of penis
Peyronie's disease (connective tissue disorder)
Child with fever develops red rash on face that spreads to body
"Slapped Cheeks" (erythema infectiosum/fifth disease: parvovirus B19)
big toe extension/fanning upon plantar scrape
Babinski's sign (upper motor neuron lesion)
Child uses arms to stand up from squat
Gower's sign (Duchenne muscular dystrophy: X-linked recesssive deleted dystrophin gene)
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