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pouched animals
Hierachy of taxa
-eukaryotic nonphotosynthetic, heterotroph-multicellular, differentiated, and nonmotile-cell wall of chitin-either saprophytic(grows off dead organism) or parasitic -mushrooms, yeast, lichens
3 phyla of monera
jointed appendeges, chitinous exoskelton, and open circulatory system,,,(insects-6 legs tracheal tubes for breathing,,,,,arachnifd-8 legs and book lungs,,,Crustasceans-varied number of legs has gills)
Absorb energy from the environment
Produces spores and is parasitic
science of classification and nomenclature
jawless fish
-eel like -lamprey, hagfish
-unicellular, single double stranded circular loop of DNA-no membrane bound organelles-cell wall and cell membrane ribosomes
spiny, radically symetrical, water vascular system, regeneration of parts, related to chordates
no clear symmetry
attached to a surface
pores through body
no mouth or anus
ex: sponges
The narrowest level of classification is the
Phylum Prochlorobacteria
Similar to chloroplasts; Kingdom Eubacteria
Fungi (pro/eu-karyotic; uni/multi-cellular except what)
Heterotrophic eukaryotes; all multicellular, except for yeast
What does Binomial Nomenclature mean?
Scientific name
-2 chambered heart and external fert-jawless-cartilaginous-bony
aka blue-green algae that can photosyntheisez via pigments, but still prokaryotic, can handle extreme temperature
What are Platyhelminthes?
Kingdom AnimaliaAKA flat wormsRibbonlike, bilaterially symmetricalThree layers of cellsNo circulatory systemEyes, anterior brain ganglion, pair of longitudinal nerve cords
What are Algae?
Under Kingdom ProtistaPrimarily PhotosyntheticPhytoplankton are important for marine animalsEuglena is an algal protist because photosynthetic. Can also be heterotrophic and move about using flagellumBlue, green, and red algae can be multicellular and sometimes placed in animal kingdom
What do bacteria cells walls have?
most bacteria are classified in which kingdom
Proteins that cause disease by forming protein clumps
Kingdom Eubacteria
Common bacteria; cell walls with peptidoglycan
Classification Divisions
Kingdom, Phyla, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
what is the modern classification technique
evolutionary techniques
What are amphibia?
Animalia, ChordatesLarval stage - tadpole, in water, gills, tail, no legsAdult stage - land, lungs, two pairs of legs, no tail, three chambered heart, no scales, external fertilizationfrog, salamander, toad, newt
What was the original method for dividing organisms?
What are the 3 domains?
Bacteria, Archae, Eukarya.
classification of the coast redwood tree
kingdom Plantae
phylum Coniferophyta
class Pinopsida
order Pinales
family Taxodiaceae
genus Sequoia
species Sequoia sempervirens
Endospore formation
A thick wall encloses the DNA; bacteria can remain dormant for years, allowing it to survive harsh conditions
What is considered non living and a disease causing agent?
What are liverworts?
Belong to division Bryophyta of Kingdom PlantsFlat, horizontal, leaf-like plants with differentiated dorsal and ventral surfacesLower surface contains rhizoids, middle surface for food storage, and upper surface for photosynthesis
Which kingdoms of life are multicellular, eukaryotic?
Plantae, Animalia, Fungi.
The 3 shapes of prokaryotes
Bacilli- rod (bacterium); Cocci- Spheres; Spirilla- Spirals
What is the kingdom monera?
ProkaryotesLack nucleus or any membrane bound organellesSingle celledReproduce asexually
Asexual Fungus reproduction (2 ways)
Formation of spores or fragmentation of hyphae
How are viruses classified?
Viruses are not considered to be alive and therefore are not classified under any of the five kingdoms
What is Taxonomy?
The branch of biology that studies the grouping and naming of organisms.
Why is there a universal system for naming organisms and what is it called?
Binomial Nomenclature; because scientists speak many different languages.
What is the order of classification from most general to most specific?
Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
homo Sapien
Homo sapien
Consisting of many cells.
Bacteria that causes pneumonia
kingdom includes cats, elephants, fish, and people
How many kingdoms are there?
Lions belong to the species ___________.
Which level has the least organisms
placing of similar objects into similar groups
Unicellular prokaryotes that have been on Earth for at least 3 billion years
person who came up with classification system
process by which living things produce more of their own kind
a kingdom made up of complex, multicellular organisms that are usually green, have cell walls made of cellulose, cannot move around, and use the sun's energy to make sugar by photosynthesis
Multicellular Organism
Cells are dependant upon eachother, like a society
The internal skeleton or framework of the body of an animal. Twenty Five of all animals have a endodskeleton. Twisting and turning possible. The muscles are connected to the outside of the skeleton. Born and cartilage and clothed in muscle and skin
binomial nomenclature
The system for naming organisms in which each organism is given a unique, two-part scientific name indicating its genus and species
Which level is always written in lower case letters
are animals not plants; they were once thought to be plants because that have no sense organs and can't move around on their own
The groups are based on the ways in which things are _____________.
What is the naming system developed by Linnaeus?
Binomial Nomenclature
What did he do?
Gave all organisms scienticfic names, with two words, and they were understood by the scienctific community. Both words are underlined, only first word is capitalized
tabular key
Of, pertaining to, or arranged in a table or systematic arrangement by columns, rows, etc., as statistics. Dichotomous key can be set as branches, but also like a table.
E. coli
E. coli is a type of eubacteria that live in your body
5 traits of living things
1. They grow and develop2. Have cells3. Have DNA4. Sense and respond to change5. Use energy
How are organisms composed?
all organisms are composed of one or more cells
what is autotroph and kingdoms are autotrophs
autotrophs are organisms that can produce their own food and sometimes monera and protista are , and always plants
The Scientific name is made up of the _____ and the _______. What is the scientific name for a human?
Genus and Species. Homo Sapien
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