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kills Medusa
god of wine
Symbol is hearth/home
Ares Roman name
God of love
Symbol is butterfly
Aphrodite's Roman name
husband - Epimetheus
Phaethon's Roman name
Often pictured with Demeter
Pictured with a vulture.
Pictured with bow and arrow
husband - Hephaestus (_________ cheated him a lot). Son - Eros (Cupid in roman)
Titan (ancestor to the gods)
Brothers - Hades and Zeus
Distributed each mortals destiny and bowed only to Zeus's will; Clotho (Spinner), Lachesis (distributor of fortunes), and Atropos (inflexible); Spun the thread of each mortals life, measured the thread of each life, and cut the thread of each mortals life
Bore Cronus 6 children, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus; Saved her last two children from being eaten by Cronus
Zeus' brother, rules the underworld, wife is Persephone
wife - Aphrodite; ___________ showered he with gifts and loved her very much (even though she was unfaithful)
King of Argos; Grandfather of Perseus; Attempted to kill Perseus and his mother for fear of Perseus overtaking him; Eventually accidentally killed by Perseus
In the beginning there was only emptiness. Mother of Gaea, Tartarus, and Eros
Son/Husband of Gaea; Father of the Hundred-Handed Giants, the three Cyclopes, and the Titans; Hated by the Hundred-Handed Giants and the Cyclopes for confining them to the Underworld
Youngest of 13 Titans; shrewdest of all of them; introduced the concept of justice; personal ambition scared the gods; Hated his father, Uranus and eventually killed him; Ruled the universe by force; Consumed his children; Given the name 'Father of Time' by the Greeks; Fought the gods for 10 years
head god, uses thunderbolt, rules Mt. Olympus
Hades kidnapped Persephone one day and took Persephone to the underworld to be his wife. ________ was so upset that she wouldn't let anything grow. Eventually Hades let Persephone go up on earth but because Persephone had eaten seeds when in the underworld, Persephone was forced to return there for half a year each year. This explains the seasons.
Pictured with helmet and spear; Symbol is owl
Human: most beautiful boy in the world
Nephew of Daedalus; Said to have had more talent than Daedalus; killed by Daedalus by being pushed off a building; Athena caught him mid-fall and changed him into a partridge; Eventually avenged Daedalus by being there when his son died
Son of Zeus and Alcmene; Killed two serpents as an infant; Had a quick temper which caused him to do many abnormal things; Had to perform 10 labors for Eurystheus; compleated all 10 but had to repeat 2; eventually earned immortality
Queen of the Amazons whose belt was needed by Hercules in order to complete his ninth labor; willingly gave Hercules her belt, but was killed because of a misunderstanding
Son of Zeus and Leto; One of the three major Olympian deities; birthplace was the moving island of Delos; Remained the protector of his mother; "Mouse God"; has the ability to heal and bring to sudden death; Mighty archer with silver bow who was thought to cause deaths from illness, accident, and natural causes; had Oracular power and established himself at Delphi; advocate of the principle 'know yourself'; most intellectual and spiritual of the gods;
Demeter: Mother Earth
As the goddess of growing things, she watched over the planting and harvesting of grapes and grains. Her symbol is a bundle of wheat. One day, the Earth opened up and Hades kidnapped her daughter to be his wife. Heartbroken, Demeter wandered the Earth looking for her daughter Persephone. In the meantime, no crops grew on Earth. Her brother (Zeus) forced a compromise: Two-thirds of the year, Persephone would live with her mother; during that time, crops would grow and the Earth would bloom. One-third of the year, she lived with Hades; during that season, the land would be barren. The Romans called her Ceres.
the ancient Greek god of war, a son of Zeus and Hera, identified by the Romans with Mars.
Apollo: Truth and Light
He ruled the sun, bringing both spring and summer. A golden-haired boy, he represented the ideal of good-hearted, handsome youth. He could not tell a lie. He spread happiness and good health with his music and poetry. Often a warrior, he fought the forces of evil in the world. Of all the gods, the Greeks loved him the most! He was adopted by the Greek city of Delphi. There, the Oracles of Delphi (a priestess) spoke his words to the people. He could fly in his chariot. The Romans called him by the same name.
defeats the Minotaur
famous Trojan Warrior
Hermes' Roman name
Athena's Roman name.
Poseidon's Roman name
Hestia's Roman name
Hades' Roman name
Zeus' wife and sister
very mischievous and merry
Daughter of Chaos; Earth mother; mother of Uranus, Pontus, and the Sea; Married her son, Uranus, and together they became the parents of the Hundred-Handed Giants, Cyclopes, and Titans; Eventually helped plan revenge on Uranus; Mother of the Furies
Child of Tartarus and Gaea; monster who was stronger, larger, and more terrifying than any of Gaea's other children; 50 dragon heads emerged from each shoulder, in each head, reptile tongues flickered fire and smoke, and each spoke with strange voices; Winged body, but godlike legs with snakes around them; One hand reached far to the East and the other far to the West; challenged the right of Zeus to rule the Olympian gods and the universe; removed Zeus's tendons and immobilized him; buried eternally under Mount Aetna (Volcano)
Daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia; Tied to a rock to be killed by a sea monster; Saved by Perseus and married to Perseus
Nemean Lion
The 1st of Hercules 10 labors; offspring of Typhon; huge beast that could only be killed by hand; had skin that could not be torn by spears or rocks; Killed by Hercules by squeezing the life out of it; Skin was salvaged by Hercules as a trophy
Parents are Gaea and Uranus; Each had one huge wheel-shaped eye in the middle of their forehead; First immortal craftsman; Hated their father for chaining them and throwing them down into the Underworld;
Said to be the King long before Hercules so Zeus made a deal with Hera that when Hercules was old enough he would perform 10 labors for this King; became jealous of Hercules fame and strength; Decided all of Hercules 10 labors
The dread hound that guarded the gates of the underworld; a monster that had three dog heads, the tail of a dragon, a snake heads growing from its back; Hercules caught this creature from pure force
Had been a beautiful maiden; had long, golden hair that was said to equal Athena in beauty; Athena turned her hair into long, scaly dragons that spit fire, her teeth became huge and curved, and she had grown a pair of wings, in other words, a Gorgon; Killed by Perseus; Mother of Pegasus
Hundred-Handed Giants
Parents are Gaea and Uranus; Scariest of all their children; each giant had 50 heads and 100 strong arms; Confined to the underworld in complete darkness by their father; Hated their father with a passion, Rescued from the underworld by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
Ares: war
He was the god of war. A hateful, violent warrior, he loved war because he enjoyed being cruel to people. He often started wars between people. Though brutal in bloody conflict, he often lost wars through his own cowardice or stupidity. His parents (Zeus and Hera) could not stand these ugly qualities. He had four sons named Terror, Dread, Panic and Fear. The Spartans, who loved war, loved Ares. They made human sacrifices (their prisoners of war) to Ares. The Romans called him Mars.
Athena: Warfare and Wisdom
Athena was a warrior who loved peace. She defended goodness in the world. She fought evil in the world. Never losing a battle, she turned her enemies to stone. She used her magic shield to protect the innocent. She created the olive tree, making the olive branch a symbol of peace. The owl, a symbol of wisdom, accompanied her everywhere. Legend says she sprang full grown from the head of Zeus. The people of Athens built the Parthenon (a temple) to honor her. The Romans called her Minerva.
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