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Terms Definitions
Regarding Appalachian children, what is the average immunization rate?
Condition Specific
Congenital and Perinatal
Key Points to Consider
Family support extremes
Acceptance of condition or awareness of disabilities
Feelings of jealousy towards siblings
Adolescents need
Respect, Autonomy, Relating
*Involve in decision process
What are cultural traits displayed by Latinos in the workplace?
Social Harmony
Respect for Authority
what is 1 doctor to how many people?
In order to grieve effectively, people need to integrate their __________ into their lives.
What is the main spoken language in the middle east?
In Asian American families, children are?
Highly valued
What is 1 BMI equal to?
what are the monthly rates for premium? in bc
96/2 people
108/ 3+ families
Tasks of Mourning
Accept reality of loss.
Experience pain associated with grief.
Adjust to circumstances created by loss.
Emotionally relocate person who has died and progress with life.
True or False: Patients of Middle Eastern culture prefer to deal with illness and death individually instead of receiving support from family.
Of the following, which are components of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet?
Most restrictive
Includes eating nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods
What are disadvantages of the biggest loser diet?
Rapid Weight loss
Possible yoyo effect
Calories can be low for intense exercise
African Americans have a higher incidence of what:
Heart Disease
Who developed the Biggest Looser diet?
Dr. Michael Dansinger
Which of the following are not a risk for prostate cancer?
What population of Hispanic American Americans living in the US is the largest group?
Mexican Americans
**what are the stages of Change**{essay}
what are the differences between cnd and usa health care
cnd: welfare state: governement is responsible for the welfare of the citizesn
usa: free enterprise: health is treated like any other service.
Common Cross-Cultural Differences
1. Time
2. Activity Orientation/ Environmental Control
3. Use of space
4. Social Organization
5. Communication
6. Poverty
7. Health Beliefs and Practices
When on the detox diet which of the following food(s)/drink(s) should be avoided?
Processed Foods
What phase of the South Beach Diet are most nutritionists concered with?
Phase I
What determines Flexibility?
1. Joint structure
2. muscle elasticity & length
3. Nervous system.
 **define obesity
a more serious degree of overweight
**What are the 3.P.A. Guideline FITTs.**
health-F= 3-5 Days
           I=  moderate
       T= 30 min
T= Large muscles
F= 4-5 days
I= vigorous
T= 45min
T= large muscles
Weight management
F= 5-7 days
I= moderate
T= 60-90min
T= large muscles
what is the % that overweight/obesity can be traced by environment?
Definition of Culture
"The sum of beliefs, practices, habits, likes, dislikes, norms, customs, rituals that we learned from our families"
*Learned not inherited
*Determines how we interact with the world.
Which of the following statements are true regarding a low carbohydrate diet?
Reduce body weight
Lower cardiovascular risk factor
Increase HDL level
On the biggest loser diet, the exercise focuses on?
Cardio and strength training

Feedback (Intrinsic and Extrinsic—
Information about the movement provided on the learner during and after a movement; this information may come from external sources (instructor/video) or internal sources (muscles, joints, through the nervous system)
* what is the overweight BMI***?
over 25 Bmi
What is fat free mass?
water,bones, tendons, and ligaments.
what are the 5 features that need to be in the health care plan?
1. universality - everyone
2. portability - transferable to province
3. comprehensiveness - all services provided
4. accessibilty -- equal
5. gov. admined -- by provincial agencies
All types of losses include....
Sudden (TBI) Primary
Gradual (ALS) Secondary
Anticipated (Cystic Fibrosis) Chronic
Uncertainty (MS) Age
Total (death)
Permanent (SCI)
Temporary (Guillan Barre)
The Zone Diet involves which of the following?
Calculating and eating the recommended number of "blocks" of food each day
Controlling hormones, like insulin, through your diet
Which of the following is true of the Feingold Diet?
The diet excludes many fruit choices
**Define flexibility?
your joints able to move through a range of motion
S.A.**define body composition?
Proportion of fat to fat free mass.
**What FITT would you reccomend for an underweight person?
Muscular Stength
Condition Specific
Acute or Rapid Progressive Disease Key Points
(Example = cancer)
- Sense of Hope
As a PT what are some potential causes for loss
Patient discharge
Decrease in patient function
Referrals and motivation
Money and documentation
Loss of liscense
Loss of coverage
When are you allowed to move from phase 2 to 3?
When you are within 10lbs of your target weight
A pro of the zone diet is?
Does not significantly restrict one food group
Allows a broad range of food
Reduces the risk of heart disease

Novel Learning Tasks—
A movement task with which the subject does not have prior experience; usually simple movements like linear positioning or tracking
**How does overweight impact health?
More chance of the big 3
*** make a chart FITT for the 5 health related components of fitness
        Cre.      Ms.      Me.     F.        Bc.                                                                  F= 3-5  .... 2-3 ..... 2-3.....2-3. all+ded
I= moderate... 80%1rm...40-60%1rm..mild discomfort
T= 20-30min...3sets/2-3min btwn sets....same...30sec
T= lrge muscles..80-10 muscle grps/3-5 reps per set....8-10musc.10-15 reps.....major joints...
How do PT facilitate patient adjustment to loss?

1. Allowing the pt to express feelings
2. Educating & Supporting
3.Managing the patients environment
4. Providing intervention
What is NOT a characteristic of people who can begin with phase II of the south beach diet?
10 pounds or more to lose
what is a hinge joint?
Locks when fully extended, and has limited range of motion.
common methods to  identify Body comp?
1. hydrostatic weighing
2. skin fold calipers
3. Dexa
4 Step approach to Sexual Education
1. Initiate a program of self learning.
2. Raise consciousness of member of team.
3. Become comfortable discussing issues of sex with pts.
4. Document topics discussed and create a plan.
*** what is the Fitt for weight management?
Weight management FITT
f= 5-7 days
I= moderate
T= 60-90min
T= large muscles
***What is non essential fat?
Whats the % for men and women?
-not so importants fat, good to  have to live longer, insulation, protect organs.
men- 15%
/ 54

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