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Terms Definitions
Joseph's father
offense against God
the passover meal
Wife of Moses
Language of Old Testament?
Where David was born
first name of Abraham
ignorant i don;t know undecided
The Hebrew word berît means:
davids bff whom he loved
Hebrew Canon
T: Torah
N: Nevi'im
K: Kectuvim
Woman Abraham had Ishmael with
father of biblical faith.
75 years old, nomadic, no children
always willing to follow God's call, book of genesis, originally lives in Haran. then travels to Canaan.
God asks him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, but ends up only having to sacrifice a goat.
Which prophet speaks about God creating a new covenant between the House of Judah and the House of Israel, in which God will inscribe His teaching upon their hearts?
from persian court, govenor of jerusalem, journal became scripture, rebuilt walls first, made 2 laws: cant do anything on sabbath and no mikxed marriages
southern kingdom with its capital Jerusalem
Apocrypha for Catholics
Deutero-Canonical meaning second canon.
Nevi'im: books
Joshua, Judges, Samuels, and Kings
The 2nd king of the Israelites
Title comes from census. Book where Hebrew people share their stories (travel through desert). Moses. in search of promise land
Family - Soloman
Son of David and Bashiba
man who secretly anointed david and publicly anointed saul
Modern biblical scholars connect the story of Jethro, the revelation at Sinai, and references to God as coming from Mount Paran, Seir, and Teman by referring to the:
Midianite Hypothesis
Hero of the exodus story,born Hebrew raised prince of Egypt
son of Jacob and Rachel (favorite son); coat of many colors; after years in Egypt, forgave brothers and invited them and Jacob to live with him in Egypt. interpreted dreams of the pharaoh that there was going to be a famine.
This person was a blunt, angry prophet
many languages were written in the time of the Old Testament beacuse the empires were always changing their dominions - traditionally spoken by the Jews (in Torah)
city where Abraham and Sarah fist settle. Promised Land
Martin Luther and the 95 these, protestant reformation
the girlfriend of Samson, cuts his hair and betrays him
the prophet famous for his dramatic way of preaching, used wordless preformances. ex) watching broken pottery for months and months
miss translation for God; used in Protestant translations
a person with a special committment to God in the Hebrew Scriptures. cannot drink alcohol or cut their hair
the afterlife of the old world, not heaven nor hell
material world is all that there is (everything)
The Founders of the Jewish faith (i.e. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) are called what?
How many accounts of the creation of the world do modern scholars see in Genesis 1-2?
Jews call the first five books means "the law"
this book has a pessimistic outlook on life
biblical author
a person who has contributed to writing in the bible
gives us rituals and beliefs so we just don't have scripture - living transmission of the Gospel of the Holy Spirit
study of God and God's relationship to the cosmos and to the human community
Literary Tools of Historical-Critical Method
Textual criticism, Historical criticism, Source criticism, Literary criticism, Form criticism, and Redaction criticism
the author that portrays a loving God, with rich imagry, calls god Yahweh
A Hebrew prophet in the Old Testament who opposed the worship of idols.
book that focuses on a plague of locusts ravaging the land
Ephraim & Manasseh
Josephs two sons that Jacob adopted- therefore making them 2 of the tribes
The New Testament
Consists of 27 books; is the fulfillment of the Old Testament and cannot be understood without understanding the Old Testament
God instructs Jonah in God's mercies by using the example of a
Plant or Bush
What happened in 587 B.C.E.?
Babylonian exile (lasted approximately 50 years)
Luther and Tradition
Catholics had two ways to salvation: scripture and oral tradition but Luther eliminated Tradition
a story formatted wisdom book - has a different opinion than proverbs. more about meaning than fact. addresses the problem of evil - why do bad things happen to good people?
antiochus IV
greek king in power in books of maccabees...evil man
What 1947 discovery was a boon to Scripture scholars?
Dead Sea scrolls.
Who was the king of Persia in the book of Esther?
buried corpses
what tobit did that got in in trouble with the king
former prophets
history of the Jews in the land of Israel
Jacob Steals Blessing
Esau and Jacob fight in womb, but Esau comes first. Jacob makes stew, Esau gets birthright. To get blessing, Esau must go hunting for Isaac's food. Rebekah tells him to pretend to be Esau: dress in his clothes, goat skin on arm (hair), Jacob lies says hes Esau, Isaac makes sure hes hairy, get's birthright.
How many years did Jacob have to work for each of his wives according to the Torah?
7 years each
first/second attribute of God
the lord, the lord-the lord is the creator of all tings
what are the themes of the Priestly?
beliefs and practices; everlasting covenant
What did the Trent council announce?
(16th century) ruled that the bible was to be taken literally and not interpreted
Why did Elimelech go to live in Moab with his family?
Famine in his home town
The New Testament:
A: Replaces the Old Testament
B: Is the Fulfillment of the Old Testament
C: Cannot be understood without understanding the Old Testament
D: Both B and C
D: Is the fulfillment of the Old Testament and cannot be understood without understanding the Old Testament
1. When were the exile stories collected and edited into the Book of Exodus?
Time of the exile in Babylon (700 or so years after he exodus took place)
This is Abraham's test. Why did God test him?
Abraham had to take his Isaac up to a mountain and sacrifice him. God tested him because he wanted to see is Abraham was faithful to him
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