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"high city"
alternate company, secret
Jefferson Davis
president of south
Making people join Navy
boys called all older men
sun is center of universe
american forces enjoyed considerable success in the early phases of the revolutionary war.
We must preserve Republican ideals
Philosophy of limited government with elected representatives serving at the will of the people. Republicanism says that the only legitimate government is one based on the consent of the governed.
The preliminary shift away from agriculture economy in Europe; workers become full- or part-time producers of textile and metal products, working at home but in a capitalist system in which materials, work orders, and ultimate sales depended on urban merchants; prelude to Industrial Revolution (p. 539)
the principle of complete and unrestricted power in government
Christians fight to take back Jeruselem
Who invented the assembly line?
Henry Ford
First satellite launched into space (by Soviet Union). 
Patriot Act
The Act dramatically reduced restrictions on law enforcement agencies' ability to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eased restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States.
development of jobs other than farming, new areas of expertise
the fourteenth amendment
guaranteed citizenship to african americans born in the unitedstates
allowing voters to remove an elected official from office
separation of powers
Constitutional division of powers among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, with the legislative branch making law, the executive applying and enforcing the law, and the judiciary interpreting the law
The English scientist who wrote the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals
powere held by only federal gover.
enumerated powers
movement to restore Jews to their homeland and restore Jewish soveriegnity in the "land of Isreal" (Middle East)
john marshall
supreme court justice. credited with ensuring equal branches of government
legislative branch
to make laws
branch in the government
Grandfather Clause
law to disqualify African American, Native American, and some white voters by allowing only men whose fathers and grandfathers voted before 1867 to vote
He was assisted by Friedrich Engels
Karl Marx
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
-Unemployment relief
-Provided work for jobless young men in protecting and conserving the nation’s natural resources
-some projects : Roadwork repair, flood control, national park improvements, reforestation
-Conservation of natural resources
one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the 16th century.
Judicial Restraint
Belief to respect precedents and not make policy in decision. Using 10th amendment, they believe that you can't change separation of powers, so courts should not make policy.
charlotte corday
a girondist supporter sneaks into the bathroom of marat and assassinates him
a quarter of the Mongol empire, ruled by Chinggis' descendents (sons) (after Chinggis' death, the Mongol territory was divided into four Khanates)
name 2 new ship improvements
trianngular sails, rudder position
Akkadian empire
The Akkadian state was the predecessor of the ethnic Akkadian states of Babylonia and Assyria; formed following centuries of Akkadian cultural synergy with Sumerians, it reached the height of its power between the 24th and 22nd centuries BC
Grand Banks
a shallow region in the Atlantic Ocean
Eli Whitney
invented the cotton gin in 1793, keeping slavery alive in the South
western civilization
culture of european origin, greak and roman empires
A theologian and the bishop of Hippo in North Africa. He was skilled in pagan rhetoric and philosophy, and was a defender of Christianity.
Leaders/Groups Involved 

Johnston – US president, Diem – President of South Vietnam,
Ho-Chi Minh – North Vietnam leader
RCC monk who sold indulgences near wittenburg
Johann Tetzel
In this colony there was no slavery
North Carolina
a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purpose
Panic of 1819
caused by over speculation of the fronteir lands; Bank caused farmers' farms to be forclosed; Economic fall; first since Washington's presidency
Wounded Knee
The last batten between the Nez Perce and the U.S. Army. 300 People Killed in 1890.
T or F: Robert Fulton was the first person to create a steam locomotive.
act of freeing slaves at the will of the owner (Virginia)
Ulsses S. Grant
laid siege to import town of viskburg
The Gulf War
in 1990 Iraw invited Kuwait to controll its vast oil feilds and gain great acess to the persian gulf, to hte united states, this was a threat to their oil resource, so geroge bush sr foarmed a coalition of middle eastern nations to drive Irawq out of kuwait. the US was sucessful
What is humanism?
The applications of the principles of humanistic education, particularly philology, to the documents of Christianity. It resulted in a program of reform through better education.
who is Hera?
~sister-wife of Zeus, and queen of the Olympian gods.~played an important part in Greek literature
Henry Hudson
English sea captain who, in 1609, in the service of Holland calimed the area around the Hudson River valley for the Dutch. Settlers arrived from Holland to colonize the area. However, in 1664, the English captured the Dutch holdings there, during the Navigation Wars, and that included taking over the Dutch city of New Amsterdam which subsequently became New York.
long hair was worn by spartans to
show they were warriors
Epic of Gilgamesh
- The great epic poem of Mesopotamian literature
- Like the story of Noah
- Utnapishtim = Noah
According to the terms of ___ treat, the Am gained free navigation of the river. This agreement was called the ___ __ ___.
Right of Deposit
sustainable development
A pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for future generations
Battle of Antietam
one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, September 17, 1862, in western Maryland. Confederacy lost chance for recognition from Britain or France. Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation
the federal farm loan act is good for ____
bankers and farmers
Crystal City High School Walkout
The protest marked a culmination of discontent over discrimination against Tejanos and the generally low opinion that Anglo teachers and administrators displayed toward their Hispanic students.  Though the school offered college preparatory classes to the Angelo students (who made up 15% of the schools population), none were offered to the Hispanic students.  The curriculum had no Mexican American elements, nor did the school teach any courses in bilingual language.  Teachers and administrators discouraged the speaking of Spanish that they often hit students with rulers if they uttered any Spanish words.  This was brought to a breaking point turned out to be a dispute over the school's established policy of setting a quota of one Mexican American cheerleader out of 4 total slots.  When many students and their supportive parents galvanized by MAYO activists they mimicked a form of direct action already being utilized by Mexican American Youth  by simply walking out of their classes. While picketing students continued to demand access to college prep courses, bicultural and bilingual educational opportunities, more Hispanic counselors and teachers, and open student body elections for all cheerleader slots and studen government positions.  The students received harrassment, termination for part time jobs. Walkout was effective when the local school board suffering from reduced state appropriations caused by low student attendance reached a settlement and conceeded most of the students demands.
Tell about the politics of ancient Greece.
~Lived in independent city-states~In the late 3rd century B.C.E. it played a prominent role in the centralized empire.
few conflicts.. Indians... Pennsylvania
Because of this, there were _ _ with the _ in _. (use '...' in between if necessary)
Looking for the right power.
What drove the native peoples of the \"Half King\" from the eastern lands?
According to Van Buren, what did Jackson's agenda include?
-Destroying the Second Bank of the United States -Moving the Indians West of the Mississippi River -Stopping the federal support of the internal improvements -Ending abuses related to internal national improvements
What did Cultural Feminism give rise to?
Women began to work more though in traditional women forces (social workers), began to go to college, use of Birth Control, and there was a stereotype of these women "flapper"
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