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Greek city-state
issac newton
found gravity.
Treaty of Paris
careful watch for danger
Joao IV of Brazil
The _____th Ammendment established Prohibition.
Another addictive substance from Polynesia, that between 1690 and 1790, was widely traded throughout Europe. This substance changed European diets because it gave them something sweet that wasn't honey, but because its addictivity tooth decay became popular Pg. 558
American-born citizens of Japanese ancestry, contrasted with Issei, native-born Japanese who moved to the US
Spanish soldier and ecclesiastic: founder of the Society of Jesus.
_______ Adjustment Admin: paid farmers to cut back production.
was a great general,orator, and statesmen who held office or was active in publiv life.
half way covenant
semi-membership in the church
Famous priest-king; oldest story in the world is the Epic of ??????
a title of various Moslem rulers
Francisco Miranda
Venezuelan patriot, general and traveler considered the "Precursor" to Simon Bolivar's "Liberator."
the heredity right of a monarch
Old immigrants
From northwestern Europe skilled, has family, English
Frederick Douglass
started North Star, escaped from slavery,
Members of a leftist coalition that overthrew the Nicaraguan dictatorship of Anastasia Somoza in 1979 and attempted to install a socialist economy. The United States financed armed opposition by the Contras. The Sandinistas lost national elections in 1990
Unlike Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes believed that the best road to understanding was through ___.
human reasoning
"Phony War" with Hitler in 1939-1940 where Hitler prepared for his attack
Bunker Hill
Colonists controlled bunker hill, a high ground around Boston. Britain attacked three times, finally succeeding on the third time. Although they won, they had their most casualities with over 800 wounded and 226 killed
Kim II Sung
Communist dictator of North Korea.
Nat Turner
a plantation slave in Virginia's Southampton County; organized a bloody rebellion that left many dead; with 50 followers, attacked four plantations and killed 70 whites; was eventually hanged
those who favored extreme change in control among the national conventions first acts
Original records of an eventExamples: Eyewitness reports, letters, speeches, photographs, artifacts
Primary Sources
Who was the Republican candidate for the 1952 election?
Cuban Revolution
1959 Cuban rebellion emerges Fidel Castro as leader, govt as communist and aligned with the USSR
First Opium War
fought between British East India Company and the Quing Dynasty. The British illegally imported opium into China, therefore addicting people to the drug with the motive to have China open trading ports. The war was fought from 1839-1842 and because of the better advancements in technology/ war items Britain won with ease, as a result China opened 5 new trading posts.
Henry J. Heinz
1844-1919- Business leader who helped develop the food processing industry
Marco Polo
Went to china brought glass kites explosives silk to italy/ europe realized there might be free land elsewhere
Whig Party
An American political party formed in the 1830s to oppose President Andrew Jackson and the Democrats, stood for protective tariffs, national banking, and federal aid for internal improvements
the major achievements of the romans were ....
roman law
War hawks
called for war against Britain because they were supplying Native Americans with weapons
Robert Fulton
Father of the steam ship of america
1300 CE
first papal jubilee year- migration to rome by catholics by Boniface VIII
Who led the revolt in Mexico against Spanish rule?
A tribe of Native Americans who lived in the areas of Rhode Island and Massachusetts during the time of the clolonization of Plymouth
denmark vesey
free black man in charleston south craolina. bible and documents of american revolution said that slavery was immoral. commanding oresense among african american, planned a group to flee to haiti.
early 1900's, he believed that blks should do whatever they want. as long as the PUSH factors exsisted, the blks would never achieve economic self worth. He fought for civil rights in the Niagra Movement. There he provided scholarships for blk students.
W.E.B Dubois
neoclassical liberalism
the belief that government is a necessary evil that should do nothing but protect the persons and property of its citizens
a solar deity, regarded as either the son or the brother of Isis and Osiris, and usually represented as a falcon or as a man with the head of a falcon.
A frank acceptance of the benefits of bigness, coupled with the intervention of government to counteract its abuses best describes the philosophy behind:
New Nationalism.
results of WWII
No peace Conference - Allies demanded total surrender; Axis nations were in ruins politically and physically
Germany divided in 2; Japan forced to de-militarize
Deaths of 55-60 million people - soldiers and civilians
Nuremberg Trials for "crimes against humanity"
Creation of international organizations like the United Nations
Decolonization based on a positive use of nationalism
Huge changes for women
Huge need for postwar recovery in Europe and Asia cost of which was taken on mostly by United States - Marshall Plan
Origins of Cold War and a 2 Superpower world
Pearl Harbor
Kingdoms best port, US wanted to build a naval base- refueling for American ships
Nakita Khrushchev
New leader of the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin in 1956
sam houston
the raven; captured santa ana; gov of tx and tn
Comstock Lode
In Nevada. The single greatest mine in US History. Uncovered gold and silver worlth $340 Million. By 1864, Nevada gained enough population to apply for statehood.
14th Amendment
In 1868 the 14th amendment was passed. This law gave birthright citizenship, which meant equal protection under the law for all born citizen. -This was the first time that blacks were considered American citizens and had equal protection under the law as whites did.
region os small sufficient farms & towns dependent on long distance trade
new england colonies
to deprive (a person) of a right of citizenship, as of the right to vote.
Hugh Copet
chosen by nobles to be king of France- established the Capetian Dynasty, centered empire around France
Francis I of france
king, charming and cultivated, son was Henry II, governed through a small, efficient council, issued an ordinance that placed France under jurisdiction of law courts, made French the language, used the sale of offices and a treaty with the papacy to raise revenue
what did tiberius and gaius gracchus want
gave land to poor
Lousiana Purchase
When the U.S. bought the port of New Orleans and much of the Mississippi Valley from the French; double d the size of the United States
Tenure of Office Act
decreed that johnson didn't have the power to remove cabinet members who were appointed by lincoln (unconstitutional but the republicans wanted to limit johnson's power)
Alexander the Great
Philip II's son who took over the role as King of Macedonia after his young death. Alexander's primary concern was expanding his empire, rather than governing it. Conquered Persia while it was under the rule of Darius III. Also conquered Egypt, where he was seen as a liberator and crowned Pharoah, Babylon, Susa, and Persepolis His goal was to conquer India as well when his soldiers begged to turn back from weariness. In Babylon during the spring of 323 B.C.E., Alexander announced plans to organize and unify his empire, but was never able to follow through because of his death from a fever just a few days later.
many village priests were married and had families when marriages were against church rulings; bishops sold positions in the church; kings appointing bishops using the lay investiture
Problems with the Church
division of labor
one person does one small job over and over again
Unique road to Brazil's independence.
The Portuguese Royalty go to live in Brazil and then move back to Portugal, all except for their oldest son (the heir). The Prince as a very strong backing among the local Criollos. The Royal family see an independent future in this boy, but he declares independent authority over Portugal. The son establishes a constitutional monarchy.
Where did the Byzantine Empire take its name from?
The Byzantine empire took its name from the ancient Greek city Byzantium, on which Constantinople was built
(9) The U.S announced the open dooor policy in 1900 to?
insure equal trade for all in china
Did Hitler agree with the Versailles Treaty?
No. He wanted to undo it because it limited the size of Germany's army.
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