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patron god
Father of history
13th Amendment
Freed Slaves
April 1865
the South surrendered
playing the market
stock specualtion
26th Amendment
made voting age 18
Empire whose capital was Constantinople
Which amendment provides women suffrage?
France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Belarus, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzterland, Austria, Albania, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic
John Deere
inventor of the steel plow
Project that disadvantaged indians
Grand Coulee dam
sailing ship capable of long-distance exploration
America First Committee
Largely Midwestern isolationist organization supported by many prominent citizens. 1940-1
an independent country whose policies are controlled by an outside power-Cuba was a protectorate of the U.S.
Dates: 9th c BC
Aryan/Dravidian blend
People were tired of empty rituals.
Turned to meditation, thinking of afterlife, etc.
Reincarnation becomes popular.
Upanishads are a dialogue between a servant and a master.

It teaches:

Brahmin = Universal Soul
everyone is interconnected
Physical world is an illusion.
to formally charge a government official with misconduct in office
a combination of firms or corporations formed by a legal agreement, especially to reduce competition
Eugene Debs
headed American Railway Union, which many involved in the Pullman Strike were in, ignored command to end strike and was jailed.
Social Gospel
movement by Protestant ministers in the late 1800s that applied Christian principles to social problems
Louis XV
Ruled france till 1774
lazy ruler, never dealt with monarcy
financial problems had affair with madame de pompadour
Thomas Jefferson
The Secretary of State under Washington who opposed Hamilton's plans, didn't trust the new government, and pressed for a Bill of Rights. He resigned.
"I think, therfore, I am." regarding his belif in the seperation of mind and matter
What are three types of debris slides?
Henri Bergson
French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941)
A union or agreement among froups working toward a common goal
Forum of Trajan
look at pictures in notes!
T or F
Interest in learning was centered chiefly among the common people
I preached many sermons at Plymouth.
Elder Brewster
John A Macdonald
-helped form the liberal-conservative party
-acted as co-premier first with Etienne-paschal Tache then with George-Etienne Cartier, between 1856 and 1862. great coliltion, unification of canada east and west.
articles of confederation
first form of government, before Americans had independence
A form of government in which the state has total power, it even intervenes on personal matters such as how many children a person can have and where that person will go to school and what kind of job that person will have.
Voltaire (5)
- exemplified the spirit of the Enlightenment.
- wrote clever and stinging satires on the French monarchy, the nobility, and the religious controls of the church.
- He was imprisoned twice in the Bastille, and fled to England.
- He was especially critical of intolerance and the attempts to suppress personal freedoms.
- In his book "the Philosophical Letters" he stated he was also impressed by the British government.
Wrote Spirit of Laws, believed in 3 branches, balance of power, Checks and balances, Wrote Humorous Pamphlets
concurrent powers
powers retained by federal and state governments; laws, roads, defense, parks
Panic of 1819
Economic panic caused by extensive speculation and a decline of Europena demand for American goods along with mismanagement within the Second Bank of the United States.
A written agreement frm 1215 that limited the English King's power and strengthened the rights of nobles
people who belong to a religious order are commonly reffered to as
giving in to a country's demand in order to keep the peace.
____________ was an industrialist who worked with oil refineries and horizontal integration and bought out his competition, and then used vertical integration. He created a monopoly. (not the board game)
John D. Rockefeller
Which former hero of World War I formed a government, assumed dictatorial powers, and signed an armistice with Germany and Italy in France?
pearl harbor
japan bombed US. Made US join WW2
munich pact
the pact signed by Great Britain, France, Italy, and Germany on September 29, 1938, by which the Sudetenland was ceded to Germany: often cited as an instance of unwise and unprincipled appeasement of an aggressive nation.
House Of Representatives
The lower legislative branch in many national and state bicameral governing bodies, as in the United States
new tech in ww1
machine guns, mustard gas, tanks, zepplins
life after death that was the focus of Egyptian religion
Silks and Porcelains
Mainly a Chinese luxury product that was manufactured and traded for silver.
bill of rights
list of rights and freedoms considered essenial to the people
Winfield Scott
A leader at the battle of Vera Cruz
Advised the United States to stay “neutral in its relations with other nations” and to avoid “entangling alliances”
George Washington’sFarewell Address
William Clark
army friend of Lewis; in state militia and the US army ;skilled artist
War between natives and US government. Fought in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory. Lieutenant Colonel Custer made his infamous Last Stand during this war at the Battle of Little Bighorn when he fell to Chief Sitting Bull.
Indian war: Sioux
Important Start of Unification of Colonies
colonies forge links b/w themselves w roadways, travel, trade, etc.
whole eastern seabord (from Charleston up to NY)
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
A policy that the Germans announced on January 1917 which stated that their submarines would sink any ship in the British waters
The supreme court decision in the Brown vs. board of education of Topeka, Kansas dealt with
segregation in public schools
Belgain Revolution of 1830
Belgium ruled by Dutch; Dutch are Calvinists, Belgium is Roman Catholic; Dutch wants Belgium to pay tarriffs; Dutch dont want Belgium to have independence; Poland rose up instead of Belgium causing worse problems; Belgium got independence and are neutral from any wars
The North came to the brink of war with ________, when that nation built powerful cruisers and ironclad "rams" for the Confederate Navy
Great Britian
Washington's view of political parties
was that they would split the nation
Most of the settlers brought to Texas by W.S. Peters and Associates came from
Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois.
what what did president lincon want to do?
reunite the the nation.
James II revoked the charter of Massachusetts in 1684 because
the crown viewed Massachusetts as taking too much authority into its own hands.
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
they were not like by the people so they went back to Paris
How did his adventure turn out?
He mapped a lot of land, 1st white guys to see buffalo, named a lot of Mexican stuff...New Mexico and Colorado
What resulted from John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry?
made John Brown a martyr in the north, raised the greatest fear of southerners (slave rebellion), convinced many southerners that secession was the only possible response to these actions, caused the death of eight of Brown's men, led to the arrest and execution of Brown by hanging
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