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secret police
Bell patents telephone
supporters of the constitution
Parliament banned slavery altogether
before the common era
Young Men's Christian Association; progressive organization
Northern transplants who were Republican.
JAMES BUCHANAN (D) 1857-1861
Seven Southern States secede
December, 1860
Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from Sakya, also known as Sakyamuni, Tathagata, Buddha. The Buddha for our era. Achieves enlightenment through his own reflective and meditative efforts.
george eastman
inventor of paper based film
Georges Clemenceau
Premier of France during WWI
Henry Clay
Distinguished senator from Kentucky, who ran for president five times until his death in 1852. He was a strong supporter of the American System, a war hawk for the War of 1812, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and known as "The Great Compromiser." Outlined the Compromise of 1850 with five main points. Died before it was passed however.
- United States politician responsible for the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states (1777-1852)
person who organizes, manages and takes on the financial risk of buisness enterprise
Fight the british for america(with america)
An artificial waterway the connects bodies of water
Members of the National Greenback Party, founded in 1874, who wnated to keep wartime paper money in circulation.
the first battle of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775)
In trading systems, those dealers who operate between the orinigal buyers and the retail merchants who sell to consumers
people who immigrated onto the plateau of land of what is today Zimbabwe and asserted control over local peoples and mining activities, built fortresses, and attained great power
"A true Renaissance man," was a painter, sculptor, architect, and poet. He was influenced by classic art. Painted the statue of David. , Florentine sculptor and painter and architect.
consisted of a series of small kingdoms ruled by a single leader
Populist Party
a group that favored lower transportation coats, the regulation of the railroads, and the coinage of "free Silver"
When Saul died his younger brother took the throne
If you believe in Islam completely, you must go to the city of?
94Who encouraged assimilation of immigrants? (What organizations)
aChurches and schools
The Rose Adagio
Sleeping Beauty; choreographed by Felty
Guang Wu
restored Han dynasty in 25 AD
Richard Arkwright. Using the power of moving water instead of human labor to power a loom. Great for manufacturers, bad for workers.
a member of a former political party in the United States that favored a strong centralized federal government
Civil War
the War between the North and South
True or False: The Nation of Islam advocated black separatism.
interchangeable parts
identical parts that if broken could be easily replaced
Camp David Accords
The first signed agreement between Israel and an Arab country, in which Egyptian president Anwar Sadat recognized Israel as a legitimate state and Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin agreed to return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.
Lay Investiture
the practice by which secular rulers both chose nominees to church offices and gave them the symbols of their office
Paul Valery
French poet, critic. Wrote the "Crisis of Mind."
12th amendment
president and vice president run on separate ballots
Illinois senator who was an advocate of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Stephen Douglass

Thermidorian Reaction
After the execution of Ropespierre, revolution fervor gave way to the TR. named after the month ofthermidor.  Terror began to abate. churches reopened. jacobins shut down. better protection for deputies against mob members.
2 Hermandades were who?
Military associations created by Castilian towns to defend their municipal autonomy
Emily Dickinson:
wrote 1700 poems and only 7 were published when she was alive
King James I
Ruler of Scotland who also took control of England after Elizabeth's death from 1603 to 1625. He chartered the Virginia Company of London, was frequently conflicted with Parliament, and faced the Gunpowder Plot.
the Mason-Dixon line
everything south of this was southern colony
Fur, Fishing, Lumber, and Farming
The Pilgrims economy consisted of:
Peace With Honor
A phrase U.S. President Richard M. Nixon used in a speech , to describe the Paris Peace Accord to end the Vietnam War.
is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts
Annexation of Texas
-annexed by congress from Mexico in 1845
Thomas Alva Edison
Inventor of the electric lightbulb and other practical devices
Lake Chad
Lake in Africa which levels rise and fall due to irrigation projects. Economically important in providing water to the 20 million people that live around it.
August Ludwig von Rochau
-wrote: The Principles of Realpolitik Applied to the Conditions in Germany.- practical policitcs has to do w/ the fact that powere alone can rule.
the male head of a family or tribal line.
Reasons for Colonial Opposition
1.) denied the rights of Englishmen, including representation in Parliment and trial by jury 2.) issue of sovereignty
Judiciary Act of 1789
law providing for the Supreme Court with 6 justices, 3 circuit courts and 13 district courts
The main goal of the Congress of Vienna is the_________ that preserved peace and the idea that no great power was stronger than the other.
Balance of Power
Marx believed that the Revolution would begin in an industrialized nation (such as ____-_______, ______ or _________)
Great Britain, France or Germany
He wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History. He argued that control of the sea was the key to world dominance.
Alfred T. Mahan
Social Democratic Party (SDP)
most of the members of this socialist party came from the ranks of urban workers; Bismarck at first tried to weaken them with a campaign of repression but when that failed he tried a new approach; he decided to grant many of the reforms the socialist proposed; Germany thus adopted a pioneering program of government-directed social programs
God will reward them for hard works.
What did Brahmin priests believe?
The charter and crappy water.
What was a major reason for the struggle of Jamestown?
Smith Act of 1940
This act made it a criminal offense to advocate violent overthrow of the government or to organize or be a member of any group or society devoted to such advocacy. After World War II this statute was made the basis of a series of prosecutions against leaders of the Communist Party and the Socialist Workers Party.
Why couldnt many blacks in the south vote?
Couldnt afford it, failed the test
What the Dead Sea Scroll help Scholars learn.
how the Jew live 2000 years ago.
what role did the revival of the Silk Road play on the Byzantine economy?
Opened up new trade routes for the Byzantium economy and helped Constantinople establish itself as center of trade and commerce
Big Three
easily wicked; scandalous
first college/university ever built
the way of life
Thomas Hooker
Who founded Connecticut?
Letters of the viking alphabet
Daniel Ellsberg
revealed the pentagon papers
Gerhardt Riegner-
sent the Riegner Telgram
Elected officials
Elect officials from different districts - first representative democracy
Ottoman sultan Selim I, advanced against the Safavids in Persia and won a major battle near Tabri, could not maintain area-Ismail regained this area
22) Anti-Semitism
hostility toward or discrimination against Jews.
The stabilization of Italian city states such as Venice and Florence and of monarchial rule in Portugal and Spain allowed for a period of Mediterranean economic and cultural flowering that we now call ..........
“Self-Reliance” (1841)
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s popular lecture-essay that reflected the spirit of individualism pervasive in American popular culture during the 1830s and 1840s.
American author and invenor--was ambassador to France during the American Revolution
Benjamin Franklin
Francisco Pizarro
1532... invaded Inca Empire (Peru)Incan ruler: Atahualpa
Italian banker, statesman, and patron of art and literature.
A moniker for southern whites who supported Reconstruction following the Civil War
Double-blind Procedure
Both the research participant and research staff are blind about whether the research participants have received treatment or placebo
Justinian's top general who was sent with a fleet of ships to Northern Africa in 533, captured it, and restored it to the empire
Haym Soleman
Jewish banker who helped prisoners escape and loaned $600,000 to the Continental Army which was never repaid
opponets of the Cavaliers in the english civil war; mostly Puritians from the middle class
Chief Red Jacket
conservative Seneca who condemned Indians who accepted white ways and beliefs and demanded returning to old ways.
Rig Veda
most famous; well preserved Indain text
William Lloyd Garrison
Abolitionist leader who began publishing The Liberator
Fort Sumter
Located in South Carolina, shots initiating the Civil War were fired here, battle of Fort Sumter -
Ruled the Roman empire during the middle 6th century; was the last emperor to attempt to reunify the empire; he built Constantinople's cathedral, the Taj Mahal, into the largest church the world has seen; supressed the "Nike" Revolt; fought a war on three fronts: plague, Persians, Ostrogoths; he also set up the Justinian Code of justice
During his rule we begin to see the beginnings of a division of Europe that will eventually lead to the armsrace that will give Europe an advantage over other civilizations in the world. He was successful in keeping alive the eastern roman empire.
A scuttled Union vessel called the Merrimac with iron plating. Was used at the Norfolk harbor to challenge Union blockage
a flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with anchovies, sausage slices, mushrooms, etc.
Executive Branch
the section of a country's government that is responsible for enforcing and administering laws
Free Soil Party
political party dedicated to stopping the expansion of slavery
A person of mixed European and Native American Heritage
Mother Teresa
Indian nun and missionary (born in Albania) dedicated to helping the poor in India (1910-1997)
Filipino who led a violent revolution against Americans for independence
Emilio Aguinaldo
president who was shot and killed by an anarchist in Buffalo in 1901
complex set of ideal that knights were expected to live up to. § Code demanded that knight fight bravely in defense of 3 masters: his earthly feudal lord, his heavenly Lord, & his chosen lady. § Should aid the poor & defend the weak.
Tsar Alexander I
Russian ruler whose mediation proposal led to negotiations ending the War of 1812
Cuban Revolution
refers to the revolutionary war in Cuba culminating in the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista’s government on July 26, 1959 by the 26th of July Movement and other revolutionary elements in the country. The Cuban Revolution also refers to the ongoing implementation of social and economic programmes by the new government since the overthrow of the Batista government, including the implementation of Marxist principles.
Freidrich von Steuben
German officer trained Americans in Valley Forge.
Lowell Girls
-Lowell Mass. Tiny village within 20 years became a huge industrial city
-"Lowell Girls" worked in the factory
*Paid slightly better, worked 70 hours a week, 2-3 dollars a day
-A factory Girl: propoganda to get girls to work in the factories. Loving sister who wants to work in the factory to send her brother to school
-Stigma was increasing about women working out of the house
-Many women worked for the money and sometimes for the freedoom
-Painting of a man and woman asking to be married at breakfast because they slept together last night
-Most women workers were immigrants
Clara Barton
Best known woman volunteer who had been a government clerk and knew a number of congressmen. Organized nursing and distribution of medical supplies
Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia)
*Nazis invaded on September 15, 1938 *After this, France and Great Britain call a conference to discuss Germany's actions
The Achean Eon
3.8-2.5 BYA. ROcks forming on Earth's surface as the crust develops. The oceans form from A LOT of rain. The atmosphere begins to form as a nasty very low-oxygen mix.
International Market
Buying and selling things all over the country
Acropolis (Greek)
Greek fortified area on top of a hill
Republic of Turkey
introduced many reforms, most of which were kept even after Kemal's death.
Chief Joseph
chief of Nez Perce, led tribe to Canadian border only to be captured
town charter
) is a legal document establishing a municipality such as a city or town. The concept developed in Europe during the middle ages.
Christopher Columbus
Hired by Spain to find route to indies. Found America
where did the rebublicans campaign during the election of 1856?
only in the north
protective tariffs
a tax on imported goods that raises the price of imports so people will buy domestic goods
Bleeding Kansas was given to which territory?
The Nebraska Territory
Muhammad Ali
a man who in 1805 that seized all power in Egypt and established a separate Egyptian states
Peace of Paris (1783)
Arranges the borders of America (East of the Mississippi, north of Florida, and South of great Lakes), establishes that the US is independent, that they are absolved from all debt to Britain, and that loyalists cannot be persecuted.
affirmative action
programs to try to make up for past discrimination
heliocentric theory
theory the at the sun is at the center of the universe
a vault in the shape of a half circle that rests on a circular wall.
"If women are not prepared by education to become the companion of man, she will stop the progress of knowledge and virtue..truth must be common to all"
Mary Wollstonecraft
Argued society is best served by women who are allowed to express their desires and reason in the public sphere, rather than being held down by husbands
What project did Hoover do to try to stimulate the economy?
The Hoover dam.
end of the war 1918
germany last ditched effort in war- 40 miles from paris.
second battle of the Marne - pushed germany back to 1914 progress
Central Powers begin to Quit
-bulgaria september 1918
-turks october
-austria-hungary November 3
The Kind of Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel II was an ideal choice for a unification leader because
he wanted to expand Sadinian territory
the new deal of country immigration
Each of the following gains were made for minority groups EXCEPT:
a. rise in salesb. lack of capital ($)c. not a large market for manufacturedd. South didn't want industry there
Name 4 reasons there was little industry in the South
Attempt to solve problem of the Great Depression by spending money.
What was the New Deal and how did it try to pull the U.S. out of the Depression?
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