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reconstruction of the economy
(Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) - Insurance for people's bank accounts.
Nat'l Recovery Admin- Established codes of fair competition. Shorter hours, no child labor. wanted to interrupt trend of wage cuts and layoffs
economic policy meaning to "leave alone"; let supply and demand control the outcome
bear market
continuous drop in stock market
Public Works Administration. Part of Roosevelts New Deal programs. Put people to work building or improving public buildings like schools, post offices,etc.
Penny Auctions
Farmers gathered together and only offered a penny for property
Gave the farm back to the other farmer
Kind of like farmer union
Buying on Margen
borrowing money to buy stock.
mass consumption
Mass consumption began to enforce uniformity. The identity of one American became much more similar to the identities of every other American as everyone purchased uniform goods.
the practice of making high- risk investments in hopes of getting a huge return
Margin Buying
Buying securities with cash borrowed from a broker, using other securities as collateral.
A belief in the literal interpretation of a religion's doctrine or holy book.
Black Cabinet
group of black leaders who unofficially advised President FD Roosevelt concerning the situation of African Americans
Public Work
projects built by the government for public use
Fireside chats
Radio broadcasts by FDR; served to communicate and calm the nation's fears
Susan B. Anthony
The women that supported womens rights
Sitdown strike
Work stoppage in which workers shut down all machines and refuse to leave a factory until their demands are met.
aid for the aged or impoverished or handicapped
Rise in an economy, followed by a downturn as the economy falls due to items losing value. This is a cycle that the United States economy follows.
work relief
programs that gave the needy people government jobs. xs
New Deal
the new laws that Congress passed during the Hundred Days-and the months and years that followed-the laws and regulations of the New Deal affected banking, the stock market, industry, argticulture, public works, relief for the poor, and conservation of resources
Black Tuesday
(October 29, 1929) day the stock market crashed, signaling start of the Great Depression
how many shares were sold on black thursday
13 million
Dorothea Lange
Sent out by the government to record the Great Depression by taking pictures, she took the picture "Migrant Mother".
Dust Bowl
Area made desolate by a drought and wind storms in the 1930's.
Douglas Mac Arthur-
In 1932, 2,000 WWI veterans approach Hoover to collect wartime/ combat bonus that are due to them in 1945. Of course, the veterans need the money now, but Hoover says No! Veterans then camp out on the mall in front of the U.S. Capitol until they get paid. Hoover orders U.S. Army, led by Douglas McArthur, to remove the veterans by force (tanks and tear gas) and burn their tents
bank holiday
closing of banks for four days during the Great Depression
Court Packing
FDR raised the number from 9-15 with people who liked the New Deal
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Hoover's bill of 1932 passed by congress that could lend up to 2 bilion to businesses, industries, and banks in order to employ (hire) more men
Cause of the Great Depression
factories produced to many unwanted products, uninsured banks, people buying stock on credit
the supreme court supported this in the 1930's
unregulated capitalism and laissez-Faire
Gross National Product (GNP)
total yearly value of goods, services U.S. produces
Uneven Distribution of Income
Managers and bosses made much more than the average person. This is characterized as an _______________.
Second New Deal
a new set of programs and reforms launched by FDR in 1935. (Social Secutiy)
Why is Eleanor Roosevelt so famous?
Eleanor Roosevelt was F.D.R.'s wife who was mainly interested in minority rights. She also went to all of his meetings and conferences and told him everything the American people had to say because he could not go himself because he had polio.
Run On the Banks
When a large number of people withdraw money at once.
SCDA (soil conservation/ domestic allotment act)
paid farmers not grow soil depleting crops. (after AAA declared uncosnt.)
What is a Fireside Chat?
FDR used radio to explain his programs to people and to reassure them; he spoke about 30 times
"brother can you spare a dime?"
one of the most well-known songs in the times of the great depression. became a slogan for those times.
b) firing women usually opened up more job opportunities to men
Which statement about women during the depression is NOT true?
women were generally less likely to be fired than men
firing women usually opened up more job opportunities to men
opposition to women during "men's job" stiffened during the depression
many of the nation's school districts refused to hire married women.
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