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define renaissance
The Dream
Invisible Ink
Discus Thrower
Myron, Classical
Mart Cassatt
The Bath
Bird in Space
raft of Meduse
ETRUSCAN TEMPLEItalian PenninsulaEtruscanTemple built to be worshipped insidePodium: stereo/stylobate if it were GreekCellae: The inside room itselfNo figures in pedimentNo colonadeFigures on top
La Montserrat, 1937
Julio Gonzalez
Degas, 1876
Glass of Absinthe
birth of venus
sandro botticelli
vertical channeling, roughly semicircular in cross section, used on columns and pilasters
chavin iconography
via portable media
Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950
sudden gust of wind
jeff wall
Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler
Guaranty Building Buffalo, NY
middle layer of an entablature
from england, scientific background, Calotype (beautiful type/form)
a receptacle for displaying relics
Bronze Doors 1015 Hildesheim cathedral. Hildesheim, Germany.
with relief panels (Genesis, left door; life of Christ, right door), commissioned (and designed?) by Bishop Bernward for Saint Michael's. The Stories of Adam & Eve show nudity and represent a ne
a monotheistic religion originating with the teachings of Muhammad, a 7th century Arab religious and political figure.
***has traditionally been associated with faithfulness.***she is the faithful wife of Odysseus.
emperor of Rome from A.D. 117-138
a large semicircular or polygonal niche protruding from the end wall of a building
the strong consciousness of and attention to the institutions, themes, styles, and forms of the past, made accessible by historical research, textual study, and archaeology Charles Garnier's Grand Staircase, The Opera
Columns set into a wall- ch.6
Khafre, c. 2500 B.C.E., Egyptian Museum, Cairo,Egyptian Old Kingdom Art
makeover done by Napoleon's ministor of the interior. created blvds, parks
the great dictator
-movie that made fun if hitler, americal did not know how serious the problems were in germany, so made fun
The Expulsion of Adam and Eve
Great Sphinx
Sandstone, (Egyptian 3000-1000 BCE, Old Kingdom
A written declaration of an individual's or groups's ideas, purposes, and intentions.
variations of the same hue
monochromatic harmonies
*Haniwa Figure* --Shinto --clay coil figure --400-550 AD
Flying Buttress
external structures used to transmit the force of a vaulted ceiling.
action painting
Style of abstract painting emphasizing the active and spontaneous handling of paint.
Convergence, no. 10
Pollock 1952 painting
heavy layering, lots of red/yellow/black
(have to look up online)
Jasper Johns, "Three Flags", USA, Mid 20th c.
In architecture, an arched roof or covering of masonry construction — made of brick, stone, or concrete.
a particular shade of a given color
Edgar Degas: At the Theater (pastel), 1881
a technique of painting using pigment mixed with egg yolk, glue, or casein that, unlike oil, creates a rather dull (matte) surface; also, the medium itself
An imaginary line passing through a figure, building, composition, etc., about which its principle parts are arranged
a photographic process in which a positive image is made by shining light through a negative image onto a sheet of sensitized paper
a paint consisting of pigment mixed with melted beeswax
an ancient wedge-shaped script used in Mesopotamia and Persia
name, location, culture?
Basilica of Maxentius and ConstantineRomeLate Roman
Romanian sculptor, who spent much of his working life in France. His sculpture represents an attempt to move away from representational art and to capture the essence of forms by reducing them to their ultimate, almost abstract, simplicity.
The male figure as represented in the sculpture of the geometric and Archaic styles (from Greek for "boy").
rose window
A round window, often filled with stained glass, with tracery patterns in the form of wheel spokes.
the small piece of stone, glass, or other object that is pieced together with many others to create a mosaic
Crucifix for S. Domenico (Arezzo), Cimabue
14ft tall, 1275
Incense Burner from the Tomb of Prince Liu Sheng
Arts and Craft Movement
dedicated themselves to functional objects of high aesthetic value for a wide public.(John Ruskin, William Morris and Charles Rennie Mackintosh)
The pulling down and building up anew of streets and cities, as Baron Haussmann remodeled Paris. In 1868, new clubs, cafes, etc.
engraved stone slab used as a grave marker
Hiberno-Saxon Art
Irish English; early middle ages Irish monasteries learning centers for the arts. attention on copying & decorating literary & religious text. combined Christian celtic & Germanic elements
Doric order
Simple, heavy columns without a base, topped by a broad, plain capital
19-30 Diero Velazquez:Las Meninas

*Diego prominent stance, cross indicates knighted, shows his elevated status.
*Not traditional court painting.
*Elevate art of painting
*Strange composition - who is subject?
*Tribute to Rubans on the wall
the art or process of producing a picture, writing, or the like, on a flat, specially prepared stone, with some greasy or oily substance, and of taking ink impressions from this as in ordinary printing.
Las Meninas; Artist; Date; Most important aspects of the work's meaning and/or historical context
Diego Velazquez
King Philip IV
Seurat, 1885
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
International Gothic style
a style of fourteenth and fifteenth century painting, begun by Simone Martini. The style is characterized by elegant and intricate interpretations of naturalistic subjects, and minute detailing and patterning in drapery and color, catering to an aristocratic taste
seven-part vaulting
vaulting where ribs are divided into 7 compartments . Ex: Durham Cathedral.
Vanishing Point
the appearance of a point on the horizon at which parallel lines converge
Hemispherical Domes
A round arch rotated around the full circumference of a circle
Roman. 13 BCE. Contains high relief figures on the outside walls.
Altar of Augustan Peace
The Four Books of Architecture
Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) was the chief architect of the Venetian Republic, writing an influential treatise, I quattro libri dell'architettura (Four Books on Architecture,1570; Due to the new demand for villas in the sixteenth century, Palladio specialized in domestic architecture, although he also designed two beautiful and impressive churches in Venice, San Giorgio Maggiore (1565) and Il Redentore (1576). Palladio's villas are often centrally planned, drawing on Roman models of country villas. The Villa Emo (Treviso, 1559) was a working estate, while the Villa Rotonda (Vicenza, 1566-70) was an aristocratic refuge. Both plans rely on classical ideals of symmetry, axiality, and clarity. The simplicity of Palladian designs allowed them to be easily reproduced in rural England and, later, on southern plantations in the American colonies.
Virgin and child
- it is a silver guilded sculpture
- she has this payful child on her hand. And he is playing with his mother face and is holding an orb
- she is holding a captor "fleur de lils" which is the symbol of French royalty
- her drapery also gives her a graceful look.
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Large Blue Horses, Franz Marc, Die Blaue Reiter
The Execution of the Rebels on the 3rd of May
Francisco Goya, 1808-14
Great Stupa at Sanchi, (Buddhist) India
1 of 8 structures containing Buddha's ashes, was part of a large monastery complex on a hilltop, brick dome (once covered w/ shining white plaster) topped by a square stone railing- symbolizes the domain of the gods atop the cosmic mountain.
A reliquary (Buddha's ashes)
They circumamulate (walking around prayer)
Axis Mundi- connects heaven and earth. center of the world.
images/symbols/stories of buddha. face four cardinal points
what are minoan wall paintings like and compare with ancient egypt?
buon fresco with details in fresco secco. egypt only did fresco secco
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